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What is your favorite anniversary event?
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What is your favorite anniversary event?
Please vote for your favorite anniversary month event.
1) Hand of God - 23 votes, 74%
Hand of God
2) Daily Boons - 3 votes, 10%
Daily Boons
3) Push Your Luck - 1 votes, 3%
Push Your Luck
4) Trivia - 0 votes, 0%
5) Scavenger Hunts - 2 votes, 6%
Scavenger Hunts
6) Host Quests - 0 votes, 0%
Host Quests
7) Objects of Power - 0 votes, 0%
Objects of Power
8) 20 Questions - 0 votes, 0%
20 Questions
9) Hot Potato - 1 votes, 3%
Hot Potato
10) Battlequests - 1 votes, 3%
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Aug 13 2019 13:36
Glad to see everyone enjoying the anniversary events. We have more planned during August!

Jul 18 2019 08:43
if anyone with control over the wiki reads this, the wiki needs help. File upload broken, new member registration broken, voting link for Mud Connector (TMC) broken.

Mar 28 2019 13:20
full link to Avatar on TMC: https://www.mudconn

Mar 28 2019 13:19
the sidebar button to vote for Avatar on TMC gives a server error page. the Avatar page on TMC does exist however, and votes can still be placed there: https://www.mudconn

Nov 18 2018 19:35
Looking for an imm to help fix Loso. Please let me know when one of you is available.

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Game Updates
Aug 22 2019 20:31
Narli successfully morphs from Hero 547 to become Lord Narli.
Aug 22 2019 15:14
Xaatu successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Xaatu.
Aug 22 2019 14:13
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Aug 22 2019 13:57
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Aug 22 2019 12:47
There is a disturbance in the realm as Maxy fails to become a Lord at sublevel 451.