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See a race or class that wasn't available to you at creation and wonder how you get hold of one? Read HELP PRESTIGE and HELP REMORT for more information on how. - Riviat
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Glasmau Iruaristyr Halimer Crimange
Ganaym Usgaryk Zirosia Turllast
Mochliss Beglind Glewryk Tespelax
Yorliond Haverothe Semywa Isum
Trululth Preme Jerenloth Rafireva
Carmomm Strenive Varinirin Kuskresh
Bunlast Whirugal Witraeld Rasessar
Tomoura Quenias Xurlari Churenla

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Jul 05 2015 01:37

Jun 15 2015 02:27
We can help you find forgotten alts and passwords, by the way.

Jun 12 2015 05:24
I haven't played this game in a very long time. Oh how I miss it. I think I'll be making a comeback.

May 31 2015 11:08
... you would like us to run again this summer, do please send us a note or email.

May 31 2015 11:08
This summer marks 20 fabulous years of A.V.A.T.A.R. We are already plotting a month of delights for your amusement. If there are any quests or events that you fondly remember from years past that

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Game Updates
Jul 06 2015 16:58
Ton has become a Bodyguard.
Jul 06 2015 16:29
Echin successfully morphs from Hero 440 to become Lord Echin.
Jul 06 2015 16:29
There is a disturbance in the realm as Dradis fails to become a Lord at sublevel 389.
Jul 06 2015 06:47
Cassiel successfully morphs from Hero 367 to become Lord Cassiel.
Jul 05 2015 21:19
Fave successfully morphs from Hero 515 to become Lord Fave.