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Each class has a prime requisite, the stat which affects and modifies their capabilities the most. Type HELP PR in game for more information. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Fain on February 02 2007 20:23:48
Great great work guys... it's nice to see Avatar get the site it deserves.
Kariya on February 02 2007 10:01:52
better get used to the word Hula, beauty. As you will have to wear a skirt with that word in it soon enough. Muhahaha
Beauty on February 02 2007 01:05:16
woot! I conquered the internet demon and got on the site..... I win! Dang kids and their hula-hoops and pacman video games..
Skyrider on February 01 2007 18:37:46
Tomorrow, the evil Groundhog shall arise from the Earth and seek his Shadow. Beware if these twain should meet, lest Midgaardia endure perpetual winter! Muhahahahahahaha!!!
Kerdor on February 01 2007 18:17:17
I am selling something!
Ibn on February 01 2007 17:45:50
Bundle it with a bag of licorice whips, and offer to gift wrap.
Skyrider on February 01 2007 16:26:29
Any tips for us on selling one's soul in a buyer's market?
Pulse on February 01 2007 10:28:34
My souls is already gone *sigh* and cheap too.
Kyandra on February 01 2007 10:09:39
Someone sell something!
Avanindra on January 29 2007 11:56:31
Snoochy boochy! Now to wait for the live help highest (minus prc's)...oh, that's right! I'm coding it!
Boss on January 27 2007 15:52:47
I definitely dig! Tasty stuff! Looks like it will work very well when accounts get put in too!
Cerdwyn on January 27 2007 13:05:14
Glad you all like it!
Gallahad on January 27 2007 01:13:52
wassup! nice looking site guys keep up the good work! AV...Ohyah! muah >
Elfira on January 25 2007 00:08:47
What's up! The new site is hot! <3, Elfira
Hylaeus on January 23 2007 18:20:33
Site looks good, I look forward to the additions to the site Congrats to all involved
Ogrolius on January 23 2007 15:15:48
This has a great look to it. Well structured. A great job by all who contributed.
Granthus on January 23 2007 04:02:24
Sweet - nice deal all, I like the new site
Lizardry on January 22 2007 22:32:45
looks nice
Skyrider on January 22 2007 21:55:13
You know you make me want to SHOUT! Kick my heals up and SHOUT! Throw my hands up and SHOUT! Throw my head back and SHOUT!
Riviat on January 22 2007 17:08:27
Excellent work
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Mar 28 2019 13:20
full link to Avatar on TMC: https://www.mudconn

Mar 28 2019 13:19
the sidebar button to vote for Avatar on TMC gives a server error page. the Avatar page on TMC does exist however, and votes can still be placed there: https://www.mudconn

Nov 18 2018 19:35
Looking for an imm to help fix Loso. Please let me know when one of you is available.

Jul 18 2018 19:08
Service provider outage currently ongoing, check status at https://status.lino

Jan 21 2018 12:28
We're back now! Sorry all, there was an outage on our service provider side (it seems) and that caused everything to go down.

Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
May 20 2019 16:08
Statler successfully morphs from Hero 501 to become Lord Statler.
May 19 2019 19:10
There is a disturbance in the realm as Shadowlurk fails to become a Lord at sublevel 360.
May 19 2019 16:47
There is a disturbance in the realm as Smask fails to become a Lord at sublevel 345.
May 18 2019 16:15
Fubu successfully morphs from Hero 417 to become Lord Fubu.
May 18 2019 15:43
There is a disturbance in the realm as Shadowlurk fails to become a Lord at sublevel 306.