New hero area by Izanagi
Posted by Zahri on March 12 2011 20:56:08
The area and text below are both written by Izanagi.

*An excerpt taken from a hand bill purportedly from a circular by the name of
'Cavern Crawlers Crier'*

"...scent of decay and rotting matter is not unique, but never the less is
particularly recognisable for anyone who has ever travelled east of the Steps of
Durr. It is a sure sign that one is heading in the right direction. If the Hall
of the Mountain King has beenreached, you know you have gone too far.

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Extended News
"Seemingly a peaceful race, myself as well as other Guild investigators have that
the Fungal Forest is a safe haven for Crawlers, despite the slightly odd ways of
the natives. A thorough study of their ways would be most informative and no
doubt well received in Gloaming Delve. One thing can be stated with some degree
of certainty though, is that the mushroom folk have prodigious memories. When I
introduced myself to their head shaman, it promptly asked if I was any relation
to Karga Hammertoes - my great grandfather! Apparently, old Karga still owed the
shaman an amount of money, a reference to which I found in the very same journal

That's right folks, a new hero area is in. Quest related spoilers are kindly NOT
to be put onto the wiki until October 2011. Other information is welcome. If in
doubt, please feel free to send me a note on board 2. The same goes if any bugs
are spotted. Note: Getting turned into compost and having fungi infest your
corpse is NOT a bug.

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