Lord Builder Contest 2012
Posted by Mimir on November 26 2011 18:50:00
Avatar has a rich backstory full of people, places, and events that none of us have directly experienced. Up until now, we have only been able to learn this history through stories, memories, and ancient tomes. By completing this quest, you will give our players a chance to relive some of the mythic stories of Avatar's past. This quest is open to all players, staff, angels, and imms of Avatar that have experience with the lord tier.

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Extended News
If you're interested, please submit a brief description of your proposed lord quest area to mimir@outland.org no later than Dec. 15th. The primary purpose of this proposal is to ensure that your submission will not conflict with any of Avatar's established history. It should answer the following questions:

When and where does your quest takes place?
What story does your area tell? (A short summary is all I'm looking for)
What figures from Avatar's past will you incorporate?

Some guidelines:
* Please carefully limit the scope of your creation. You will not be able to adequately recreate the Second Great War in a small quest area. Recreating a pivotal battle of this war is a much more reasonable undertaking.

* While you are expected to involve established personalities from Avatar's past, you are also encouraged to weave new characters into this fabric.

* You're welcome (but by no means required) to explore alternate histories with your creation. The precedent of Arcadia and Noctopia both existing simultaneously is a prime example of this. If you decide to pursue this path please provide some in-game justification as to why this separate version of our world exists.

Check out the following resources if you need some inspiration:
Abbaye Du Livre also contains a wealth of information.

More guidance will be given as the contest progresses. Please contact me if you have any questions. A note on board 2, a tell in game, or an email to mimir@outland.org are all fine.