The 2012 Winter Holiday HoG schedule:
Posted by Riviat on December 22 2012 00:13:00
Please note that all times are system time (Eastern Standard Time)

12/21 11PM-Midnight - Cerdwyn
12/24 11PM-Midnight - Cerdwyn
12/25 7AM-8AM - Riviat
12/25 10AM-11AM - Dalthane
12/25 4PM-5PM - Dalthane
12/25 8PM-9PM - Dalthane
12/26 10AM-11AM - Dalthane
12/26 8PM-9PM - Dalthane, time approximate
12/31 6PM-7PM - Cerdwyn - time approximate
12/31 11PM-Midnight - Cerdwyn
01/01 1PM-2PM - Ayanna

Details of which tiers, whether the Imms running the hogs will be providing CRs or Sends will be provided nearer the time.
Extended News
Each Host+ immortal that runs a HoG sets the rules for their HoG(s). Some may do CRs. Some may do immsends for lords. Some may do neither but allow others to do so.

Some may announce there will be no immortal or angel CRs.
If nothing is posted, feel free to ask, but do not be disappointed if the answer is no.

Unsure what a HoG is, read help HoGathon.

If you do not wish help, change your title to no CR.

Rules about Angels doing CRs on lord planes and EHA areas are still in effect. Die there and Angels cannot help you.