New Hero Area - The Rim
Posted by Zahri on February 10 2013 08:01:22
How much time has passed since mankind struck ground on their first settlement, Keresh? Thousands of years? Tens of thousands? Or how long since they first wandered the land as nomads, adrift in the wilderness with Ascilese still fresh in their minds? How many gods must have risen, died, and faded from memory since that time?

Excerpted from an ancient compendium:

These were the days when gods walked among mortals. The ways of the
world, that put man and deity on different planes, were not yet decided; or maybe nobody chose to follow them. ...

Extended News
However it happened, these were the days when the gods could look you in the eye when they collected the offerings at the foot of their totems. All the tribes and towns had their patron gods; and for those that survived the lash of age, their patron gods still stalk the lands. The island cultures held especially fast to their deities, and the seas brim with gods and demons of bygone eras.

So perhaps, if you travel far enough from the Realm of Man, you just might find yourself face to face with one such faded memory. Perhaps you should seek out THE RIM of the Sea of Strayed Hopes... but how?

Start by finding practitioners of old island traditions, for one. Do note that since ordinary travel to the Rim is so perilous, you may have to do some work to even secure passage, but the task should prove more or less trivial to anyone capable of surviving brushes with... well, you'll see.

Your faithful thought experiment,