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Great were the magicks and mighty were the battles during the wars between the High Elves and High Drow. Engines of destruction and massive armies fought battles the sight of which have not been seen since. It was during these times, that a young High Elven commander, a direct descendant of Adrial Skythain, came upon a young Drow woman bereft of her kin and thus was the Realm of Midgaardia forever changed.

Sickened by the massacres being commited, the atrocities rationalized and all of the gruesome slaughter of wartime, this young commander, who's name has been lost to the sands of time, took pity upon the Drow woman before him and sheltered her from the ravages of the Elven armies. For a week they stayed hidden in the caverns of Reveria V'alsi, stealing food from the many storehouses of the High Drow, ever watchful for patrolling bands from either army. During this time, the young Drow woman, ever hateful of the other races of Midgaardia, began a campaign to seduce this young and compassionate High Elf.

Sadly, the commander gave in to her subtle ploys and seductions and in a night of passion lost the first and only battle of this war, never having thought to put up a fight that might have saved pain for all of the Realm. At dawn of the next day, the commander awoke to find the young Drow gone, all of his equipment having been stolen and only one small sapphire left by his side.

Upon her abandonment of the young High Elf, Ma'laan Zy'terias, for that was her name, quickly sought refuge in the last bastions of the High Drow. She hastened to report her conquest of the guileless High Elf and offered appropriate sacrifices to her own ancestor, the Dark Queen Zydarielle. Soon enough, she had her answer and gave birth to a half-elf, half-drow son who's destiny was foretold in the entrails of a thousand dead elfs.

Skorn she called him, for that was all he would receive from the hands of his Kin, both elf and drow. The unholy union of Adrial Skythain's descendants and those of Zydarielle brought forth unto the realm a power who rose ascendant. Never would he find a place amongst either of his ancestor's races, forever would he be alone, forever would he be despised.

When the Drow were obliterated during the Second Giant-Ent War, Skorn stood apart and watched this destruction with a knowing grin. All of his hatred and bitterness at being ridiculed was now avenged. Forever would he be denied the true power of the Fae, but in it's absence, he found his own path to power. One that required a full knowledge of the lands and its people, his own unbending honor, a small appreciation for the truly ironic in life and above all else his abilities to bend the planes and realms of Avatar to his will.

In this, he had some assistance from an unlikely source. The Master of the Darkfire, Kariya, brought him forth from the masses of the magical and mighty and drew forth from him the last of his compassion and kindness. In unholy rites that stretched for months on end, Kariya baptized him in the Darkfire and drew forth solemn pledges to work for the betterment of the realm, at the sacrifice of a few mortal lives. To these ends Skorn works now, evermore to be at the beck and call of his Dark Master, never to know the kinship of the mortals, happy to be the cause of the slaughter.