Defenders Graveyard
Posted by Ferrix on August 07 2008 01:58:00
Strange happenings are marring the final resting place of those who helped to build and defend Midgaard's Great Wall. Be sure to visit and pay your respects, but beware of the evil taint that is taking hold of the area.
Congratulations to Izanagi for his great work on the Defenders Graveyard. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to let him know.
Extended News
The Great Wall was built to protect the lands west of the Wild Wood from the dangers which lurked in those dangerous lands. The king of Midgaard declared that those men and women who had given their life defending, building and maintaining the Wall's security, and hence the security of the realm itself, should be honoured with a special resting place of their own. So Defender's Graveyard came into existence, a final resting place for those who died to keep others safe, in the shadow of the Great Wall itself. In recent time though, a taint has begun to insinuate itself into the cemetery, and not all the dead rest as they should.