Player and Imm Conference - May 27 2012

Monday, 18. January 2016 19:13:25, by Xiphoid


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(Kariya) it's what his title says.

(Merdin) ah

(Merdin) that makes alot more sense now

(Thranxie) Izanami!!

(Thranxie) ;)

(Zahri) so much green!

(Cerdwyn) snicker

(Kariya) It's not easy being green!

(Zahri) I miss cyan. Someone please demote me. *blink*

(Thranxie) hahahaha

(Kerrinth) grin Zahri

(Izanagi) Hmm... What colour am I?

(Sauron) yellow

(Sauron) dark yellow

(FAiL) we can trade zahri

(Merdin) hmm rank dependant colours for imms huh

(Thranxie) yerrow

(Zahri) you're almost at the cyan stage, but not yet ;)

(Sauron) lol ZAH

(Malaclypse) hi

(Thranxie) Good afternoon, everyone. :)

(Zahri) don't forget to type $help if you are new to these things.

(Cerdwyn) good advise Zahri

(Mimir) sorry, was iaw. lord builder contest :) should be done Real Soon Now.

(Zahri) and turn off the evil aliases and triggers. *wink*

(Kariya) Yes Merdin. Basically, when you're starting to see red, that's well..because we're talking too much.

(Cerdwyn) muhahah

(Thranxie) Red = bad?

(FAiL) triggers?! doesn't everyone still use telnet?

(Redline) red is good

Ferrix has entered the conference.

(Riviat) Whatever you type will show up

(Thranxie) Including equals signs!

(Ferrix) Hi all!

(Merdin) yes and you can use equal signs

(Kerrinth) Hey Ferrix

(Thranxie) Yay!! Ferrix is cyan!

(Riviat) Usual rules on permissible language apply

(Merdin) because this is a different user interface

(Zahri) woot. I missed the cyan. :)

(Noltano) hello

(Riviat) Hello

(Cerdwyn) say it's just 2 system, we'll give another minute for people to get here

(Sauron) how would i exit?

(Thranxie) type $quit

(WinterRose) so far mroe imms than players.. hmm..

(Calp) there gonna be a log of tihs posted somewhere?

(Thranxie) or something

(Sauron) intresting

(Riviat) Yes Calp

(Kariya) ?

(Zahri) it's actually $exit. try $help

(Sauron) KARYIA!!

(Cerdwyn) there will be minutes and a log of sorts yes

(Calp) thx

(Thranxie) should be either :P

(Sauron) the $quit worked....

(Thranxie) oh. it's both.

(Zahri) Cool. ;)

(FAiL) well $quit works too

Calp emits a long and loud Booooooooo!

WinterRose obviously doesn't like that idea... Hissssssss!

Thranxie applauds loudly!

(Tammo) does it bother anyone that villain is misspelled

(Sauron) how do u emote

(Riviat) You don't

(Riviat) :)

(Merdin) you dont help

(WinterRose) type $help

(Merdin) use $help rather

(Merdin) brb should actually read the rules >.>

(Sauron) like i said.... the hater hall of fame -_-

(Thranxie) haha. villain is misspelled

(Cerdwyn) Filte ag gach duine - Good Day and Welcome Everyone.

(Riviat) Oh you mean the clapping :)

(Thranxie) or is it mispelled?

(Cerdwyn) Before we get started I want to remind everyone of the rules published on the immortal board and some basic conference etiquette

(Cerdwyn) Before we get started I want to remind everyone of the rules published on the immortal board and some basic conference etiquette

(Cerdwyn) ack

(Cerdwyn) First and foremost, all triggers must be turned off. There will be no exceptions. If one person's trigger fires everyone will be warned. Second trigger will be asked to leave the conference. This includes us immortals too. There is nothing more annoying than triggers or client aliases spewing spam into a conference.

(Cerdwyn) Even more important, everyone must be polite and respectful to everyone in the conference, whether you agree with their opinions or not.

(Cerdwyn) The conference will last from 60 to 90 minutes. If we get close to the 90 minute mark, a notice will be sent out 5-10 minutes before it is over to allow everyone to wrap up their ideas.

(Laazarus) aff

(Cerdwyn) Some questions were submitted by email. Those will be answered first by our guests, Kariya and Riviat. There will be an open question and answer session after these are addressed. Please hold all questions until then.

(Cerdwyn) glare laaz

(Cerdwyn) Questions will be kept in a queue. If you have a question use the $raise command and then pretype your question in notepad or wherever works for you. That way, when you are called on, you do not have to type everything in which can waste precious time. If someone else asks what you wanted to ask, don't shout out to remove you from the queue. When your turn comes, just say that your question has been answered.

(Cerdwyn) One question per entry in the queue. If you have more than one, let a few other people raise their hands and then raise yours again.

(Cerdwyn) If things get too rowdy and it is only one person they will be removed from the conference. If it is multiple people a warning will be given first but if it is not heeded, the conference will end and will be closed.

(Cerdwyn) One question per entry in the queue. If you have more than one, let a few other people raise their hands and then raise yours again.

(Cerdwyn) If things get too rowdy and it is only one person they will be removed from the conference. If it is multiple people a warning will be given first but if it is not heeded, the conference will end and will be closed.

(Cerdwyn) Everyone's questions and everyone's opinions are important. Please do not laugh or make fun of a question just because you do not feel it was important enough to ask. This includes in all official means of communication after the conference is over - forum, mailers, and message boards.

(Cerdwyn) mutter copy and paste, you all may point and laugh

(Snakeyes) kill ch

(Snakeyes) look

(FAiL) fyi light red on black background is pretty bad

(Snakeyes) ew

(Cerdwyn) snakeyes triggers off please

(Snakeyes) leave

(Snakeyes) how do I leave?

(Riviat) Please type $help

(Cerdwyn) type $help for a list of conference cmomand

(Cerdwyn) s

(Cerdwyn) Thank you all for coming and let's get started.

(Sahal) gr

(Sahal) oops

(Cerdwyn) reminder turn off all triggers and aliases now please

(Cerdwyn) Question 1 - When can we expect racial projects/expansions such as elemental giants to be implemented?

(Riviat) I'm going to be giving the update on this

(Riviat) We've spoken with Makalu, unfortunately due to real life circumstances, he doesn't currently have the time to continue work on this so we will be passing it to another coder to complete.

Redline raises a hand - a question?

(Riviat) Redline?

Sauron raises a hand - a question?

(Redline) What is being done, if anything, to try and bring more players into avatar

(Cerdwyn) leave that sort of questions to the end please

(Redline) I apologize

(Riviat) Sauron?

(Sauron) it was in line with redlines ill abstaine for now.

(Cerdwyn) no problem, we have several pretyped questions and answers from email to go along with

(Riviat) thanks - we'll get to other questions afterwards

(Cerdwyn) say i'll add you to the queue to the end

(Riviat) Makalu will be handing over his progress so far and explaining the logic of what he has done to whichever coder takes it on.

(Riviat) If no one else picks it up, Pulse will work on this when he has finished working on his current code project on quest journals which will allow improved tracking of completed quests. He hopes that this will be within the next month or so.

(Riviat) We are looking to increase the amount of active coders but due to the level of knowledge and trust required, this often takes longer than recruiting a non-coder Immortal.

(Riviat) Bringing on coders also has a temporary impact on established coder productivity as new coders are mentored by a senior coder.

(Riviat) Senior coders are happy to do this but it needs to be recognised that their time will be split between tutoring new coding and working on their own code projects.

Falkor raises a hand - a question?

(Warsteiner) help conference

(Warsteiner) lord ack

(Lyssa) it's $help

(Cerdwyn) falkor is it related to this comment?

(Riviat) type $help for help on conference commands

(Falkor) yeah

Lyssa raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) okay, falkor

(Falkor) Do you already have people you're looking into for coder positions?

(Riviat) Yes

(Cerdwyn) lyssa

(Lyssa) what kind of opportunity might there be for additional player input into the ele giants and what kind of timeframe rough ballpark might be looking at for completion?

(Riviat) Pulse will answer this

(Pulse) We will review current status and how to take it forward when the new coder takes it on. I expect that there will be some chance to get involved, but we have progressed pretty far already

Warsteiner raises a hand - a question?

FAiL raises a hand - a question?

(Pulse) completion - hard to say. I would not want to give an eta before I have gotten my head around fully.

(Pulse) done

(Cerdwyn) queue is kariya, Warsteiner, fail

(Cerdwyn) kariya

Merdin raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) question has been answered.

(Cerdwyn) queue is Warsteiner, fail, autolykus - remember this is only about that question

(Cerdwyn) warsteiner

(Autolykus) save

(Warsteiner) wait - only about that question? sorry... I just wanted to ask whether a transcript of this conference would be posted somewhere

(Riviat) type $help to see what commands work in the conference - all others don't :)

(Riviat) It will :)

(Cerdwyn) say yes, it will

(Cerdwyn) auto?

(Autolykus) yes?

(Mimir) skipped fail

(Cerdwyn) say sorry fail

(FAiL) has any profiling of the code or impact analysis been made, its only anecdotal but it seems the mud is a bit more sluggish than 10yrs ago from what i can remember

(FAiL) kind of offtopic i'm a software engineer type question

(Kariya) For the record, you don't need to type 'say' in conferences :)

(Cerdwyn) can we save that for open questions at the end?

(Cerdwyn) and stick only to questions about design and giants?

(FAiL) ok

Merdin raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) I like the question btw, Fail.

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

Redline raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) say auto?

(Autolykus) yes?

(Cerdwyn) queue is laazarus, medin, winterrose, redline please pretype your questions when ever possible

(Cerdwyn) you were next on the queue

(Merdin) Sorry to interrupt but auto did not use $raise he joined after I did

(Merdin) I think you may have misread cred

(Autolykus) really? oh, i dont have a question, just here to listen:)

(Cerdwyn) say i must have misseen then

(Cerdwyn) after the queue here, we will move on and save rest to the end

(Cerdwyn) laaz?

(Laazarus) what other racial expansions/projects are in the works besides elemental giants?

(Riviat) Pulse?

Lyssa applauds loudly!

(Pulse) lets finish one ;) - Giants was meant to be the test project and the next was to be dragons

Tammo whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Pulse) done

(Cerdwyn) Medrin queue is nterrose, redline please pretype your questions when ever possible

(Merdin) My question is close to laazarus's, but what sort of priority is the racial-expansion project being given as far as the implementation queue?

(Pulse) it is next in implementation queue as far as I am concerned. However; there are current projects to finish.

(Cerdwyn) Winterrose queue is redline please pretype your questions when ever possible

(WinterRose) Question answered, thank you.

(Cerdwyn) redline

(Redline) Real quick, forgive my ignorance - will these elemental giants be creatable races, or stem off existing giants? Or both?

Snakeyes raises a hand - a question?

(Pulse) branched evolution from existing at lord level

(Cerdwyn) snakeyes, will add you to the queue at the end so we can move on

(Tammo) i think we've been told in the past they would be rebuilds?

(Kariya) unless Snakeyes' question is how to look at commands. which is $help

(Pulse) same thing in a way

(Tammo) nods

(Snakeyes) Nope UC

(Cerdwyn) okay on to emailed question two

(Cerdwyn) okay at the end snake

(Cerdwyn) Question 2 - What is the action plan for fixing immortal/staff absence?

Kariya raises a hand - a comment?

Calp raises a hand - a question?

Merdin raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Never mind. I got overruled..

(Kariya) Continue as planned.

(Riviat) I'm fielding this question also

(Cerdwyn) we will entertain no more than 5 questions after riviat answers, rest will go to the end

(Riviat) I've got a number of points to make/raise so please wait till I say done before raising questions as I may answer them in what I'm posting :)

(Riviat) We acknowledge that activity has been and is an issue.

(Riviat) And we are committed to fixing this.

(Riviat) We've been contacting those Immortals who haven't been active recently to find out if this is only temporary and if not returning to activity soon, we will be setting to retired status.

(Riviat) Makalu and Myrdan have already been retired.Expect to see more retirements in the near future.

(Riviat) We're actively working on recruiting additional talent into the Immortal team. Further updates will be announced at the appropriate time.

(Riviat) We've also polled the active Immortal team to get a better idea of everyone's availibility/visibility and this revealed certain things

(Riviat) Just about all of the Immortal team are either studying or have a day job and these have varying impacts on their availability as Immortals. Also a number of Immortals have parental duties. These factors all impact our availibility at various times.

(Riviat) A number of Immortals are active but are often offline or working invisible to mortals to prevent distractions or are on test ports.

(Riviat) This tends to be Immortals who are Builders, Coders, working on Requests or rule-breaking investigations where there is significant research required, or do system administration work on the server, databases, mailers and website.

(Riviat) The next main point was

(Riviat) Less motivation to be online and visible as often as possible when there is repeated negativity towards Immortals.

(Riviat) We appreciate that part of the reason for negativity is frustration at perceived/actual levels of Immortal/Staff inactivity.

(Riviat) But this is something that both sides can help each other with i.e. players be less negative and Immortals be more active and visible.

(Riviat) I'm done with my pre-typed text - Questions on this specific topic only please

(Cerdwyn) queue is calp, merdin

(Cerdwyn) calp

Musui raises a hand - a question?

Tammo raises a hand - a question?

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue is merdin, musui, tammo, winterrose, queue is closed

(Cerdwyn) is calp typing?

(Calp) with imms so strapped, is there any way that the qpcat and questpoints can get automated so we can give the quest team more time to work on quests

Kariya raises a hand - a comment?

(Riviat) Kariya :)

(Kariya) More on that later ;)

(Pulse) [ -

(Calp) thx

(Cerdwyn) Merdin - queue is musui, tammo, winterrose, queue is closed

(Merdin) It is common for coders and other imms who do not handle a public area to simply remain in the background unknown to the playerbase. However, changes are made and some are still active. Is there any plan in place to generate some sort of perhaps quarterly report that specifies the changes (at least in a general sense as some of these wouldnt make sense without code knowledge) that were made and ongoing project

(Merdin) sorry theres more its too long

(Merdin) second

(Merdin) progress? My thought is that conveying that sort of information to the playerbase may be helpful and also allow for player recognition of the coders ect that are not often visible that we just really wonder what exactly they do.

Kariya raises a hand - a comment?

Snakeyes applauds loudly!

(Cerdwyn) kariya want to comment to this?

(Kariya) This was discussed following the thread that started this all a month ago.

(Kariya) We were already doing a somewhat irregular update on what things we did and what things we do.

(Snikt) I forgot how slow people type.

(Kariya) So we started thinking about a newsletter or whatever you wanna cal lit.

(Tammo) we had a newsletter for a while

(Snikt) And without a filter between my brain and my hands (or mouth) it makes responsives very rapid.

(Kariya) Well yeah...

(Riviat) This is seperate to the Gazette

(Kariya) Anyways, it's format is being looked at. Don

(Merdin) I like the idea, I just think that more information being passed along to the playerbase will help fix the incorrect perception

(Riviat) The plan is to give more regular updates, yes :)

(Cerdwyn) musui - queue is tammo, winterrose, queue is closed

(Kariya) Don't wanna freak out the coders by asking them to keep a log for us. Don't wanna bore you with code. (done)

Pulse raises a hand - a question?

(Musui) Regarding the perceived activity of immortals and staff - are most working on long term projects like areas, quest chains, or things like the morgue?

(Riviat) There are all sorts of things

(Riviat) say All of the things you mentioned

(Riviat) Plus additional code

Pulse raises a hand - a question?

(Riviat) Also we may be working on requests

(Snakeyes) areas and quest chains are not so much long term projects as coding new races finding ways to implement and balance them with the existing, comparatively

(Riviat) Pulse?

(Cerdwyn) depends snake, with progs and such, they get just as hard

(Snikt) Pulse types slowly too

(Snikt) see?

(Riviat) We may also be working on investigations relating to rulebreaking

(Snikt) it's all that pond latency

(Pulse) pfft. Ok, wanted to refer to requests too.

(Riviat) which can be time consuming if events happened a while ago

(Snakeyes) I think this would all be most easily solved with a bbq at snikt's house

(Snikt) Snikt has to have a house to do that

(Riviat) and if we need to go through logs etc

(Pulse) sankeyes, don't interrupt

(Riviat) We also have things like helping Angels and Trackies with issues

(Riviat) Does that answer your question sufficiently?

(Pulse) anyway, let's move on. There are long term prohjects and there are ongoing tasks. requests are ongoing, we added morgue code to remove some of the ongoing tasks. we added remort options to remove other of ongoing tasks to free up time for new projects.

(Cerdwyn) tammo - queue is winterrose, queue is closed

(Pulse) done

(Tammo) part of the frustration players have with some immortals, at least from what i can see and have experienced, stems from immortals taking action independently from any prescribed rules or handing out punishments based on their own opinions. what can we do to prevent this from happening in the future?

(Snikt) Nothing Tlara

(Snikt) oops

(Snikt) wrong channel

(Tammo) snicker

(Riviat) Well one obvious things is not break the rules in the first place

(Cerdwyn) $applaud

Vaylin applauds loudly!

(Kariya) rofl

(Tammo) sometimes that line is hazy riviat

Merdin raises a hand - a comment?

(Tammo) which is why i'm asking

(Riviat) Nod understood

(Snikt) may I Riv?

(Riviat) Of course, glorious leader

(Snikt) snort

(Snikt) wrong channel again

(Snikt) anyway Tammo, we shoot for consistency

(Snikt) the rules for the Imm team are pretty complex and sometimes frustrating

(Snikt) to the Imms and to the Players

(Snikt) however

(Snikt) over time, the unspoken rules are recognizable

(Snikt) just not totally codified

(Snikt) we've been trying since way back with Dizzy to put them into place

(Snikt) so that they are interpretedd by the :p

(Snikt) so hey are interpreted by all players and all imms alike

(Snikt) parrdon, I'm getting spammed

(Snikt) anyway

(Snikt) they aren't interped by everyone the way *I* meant them to be

(Snikt) or Riv or Kar or Cerd

(Snikt) so you end up with personalization

(Snikt) people (at least this used to be) knew that they could get away with DAMN on channels

(Snikt) if I was there

(Snikt) who in there right mind would do it when Dar was speaking on channels?

(Snikt) or rofl, Mendek :p

(Snikt) so

(Calp) tecnically u can get away with alot latley but thats just my opinion

(Snikt) the aptempt at consistency is the goal

(Snikt) codifying it is th3e goal

(Snikt) grrr

(Snikt) but the practice is subject to personality

(Snikt) does that make sense?

(Snikt) yes/no Tam

(Snikt) 3

(Snikt) 2

(Tammo) it does make sense but i don't think that makes it any less frustrating when it happens to you specifically :p

(Snikt) nod

(Snikt) true

(Snikt) and I humbly apologize for that

(Snikt) we do and are and have been trying

(Riviat) We do aim to be as consistent as possible and we are seeking to improve on this

Snakeyes whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Kariya) Tammo. Keep in mind that in RL even judges (who get paid for that stuff) make different calls too.

(Snikt) Riv is far more consistent than I

Merdin applauds loudly!

(Snikt) Kar, passing floor back to you

(Tammo) thanks snikt

(Snikt) sure

(Kariya) If you see something that's way out of line you can contact us. From all sides.

(Kariya) I mean, sides as in players and immortals.

(Kariya) done

(Riviat) We can't be on all the time or we may be busy with multiple issues so sometimes we just miss things in the spam.

(Cerdwyn) winterrose, queue is closed after this we move on to question 3, remaining questions will need to be asked at the end

(WinterRose) There was a recent "bimonthly" mail where we got to see what was currently going on. Can this mailer go more often - monthly perhaps, even if nothing changes - just to remind people what is currently in the works or recently completed? Also maybe make public imm/duty connections?

(Riviat) I have a bit more to add on previous topic, sorry

(Ferrix) yep

(Snikt) : test

(Snikt) - test

(Snikt) ()*@#&()*&@()*&!@

(Cerdwyn) Ferrix you want to answer that one?

(Ferrix) Sure

(Calp) isnt riviat still workin on last question

(Ferrix) I think our initial reluctance at doing the updates more frequently was that they might not always be full of news

(Cerdwyn) sec calp

(Riviat) I'll wait till Ferrix is done :)

(Ferrix) and that less frequent but more fullsome updates would be better received

(Snikt) no Cerd, it's SIC Calp

(Snikt) geez

(Calp) hiss

(Riviat) An american lecturing someone on proper spelling? :P

(Ferrix) if people would prefer more frequent but perhaps less fullsome updates I'm happy to do so

(Snikt) roll @Riv)

(Ferrix) done

(Cerdwyn) Riviat

Warsteiner applauds loudly!

(Riviat) Just wanted to add a small bit about previous topic.

(Riviat) Sometimes it's that we just didn't see the rulebreaking immediately, not that we don't care.

(Snakeyes) we need a $laugh command

(Jadu) ?

(Jadu) oops

(Riviat) So letting us know is good.

(Snikt) try $help

(Jadu) ty

(Riviat) We do investigate reports but sometimes it takes a while

(Riviat) Dependent on what it is we are looking into

(Riviat) Part of this is for the person being accused's protection as we have had false, malicious reports in the past.

(Snikt) I think Tammo brings up a good point though in terms of ascending Imms. No one is really going to be surprised by your or Cerd's reaction at this point. ImmZ though hasn't been around long enough

(Riviat) So we do care but it can take time to do properly and when we're doing this sort of thing, it impacts on ability to do other more fun/productive

(Snikt) that people know what his/her response will be

(Snikt) I'll shush again

(Snikt) for a bit

(Cerdwyn) i'll sit in the corner and sharpen my sword

(Riviat) Thanks, I'm done, I just wanted to do give more of an explanation.

(Tammo) i just feel like tailoring those sort of outburts could go a long wya toward improving player/imm relations which is why i brought it up

(Riviat) I hope that helps understands

(Snikt) if you email us tammo, cc me?

(Riviat) Thanks for bringing it up

(Tammo) okay

(Cerdwyn) okay on to the 3rd emailed question

(Snikt) I would like to better understand the circumstances especially given you have history with everyone

(Snikt) er, not history, but rather longevity here

(Snikt) bleh, either

(Tammo) nods

(Cerdwyn) Question 3 -What is behind the lack of will to form a quest team that hosts events? again no more than 5 questions before we go to open Q &A

(Cerdwyn) Kariya

(Kariya) Ooh my turn again ;)

(Kariya) It is not a lack of will. It's a change of course in direction. The past two years have been a constant repeat of moves where the dedicated quest imms+trackies ran quests only to find themselves without time/inspiration/motivation. Adding new members no longer fixed this it seemed.

(Kariya) I feel that when we have an automated quest system it will benefit the players more. Everyone can play at any given time. There are no planning issues, less problems with having to adjust the quest for whatever reason (We can use sneaky mobprogs to make sure that only 5 players can go along, etc etc

(Kariya) The implementation is not a very distant thing. We are already working on several small quests. As we get more acustomed to the system and get feedback we will know how to implement bigger ones. I expect to have a bunch running before the end of July.

Merdin whistles and cheers in appreciation!

Snikt applauds loudly!

Finfangfoom whistles and cheers in appreciation!

Musui raises a hand - a comment?

Tammo raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) You heard Riv said earlier that Pulse is working on the last bit of code we need. Yay :)

Lyssa applauds loudly!

(Kariya) However, implementing the full thing will not be done over night. In fact, it'll be on going. But it should lead to more entertainment at all tiers. My focus will be on hero and lord tier. Zahri has some trackies doing lower level quests right now.

Laazarus applauds loudly!

(Kariya) While this might lead to new players, it is also meant to give you all something fun and new to do.

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) In the mean time, we are not planning on sitting idle and not running events. It is just that our main focus will be automation. This because even when you have limited time (such as myself these days, to my shame) you can usually work on them without being online.

(Cerdwyn) queue is musui, tammo, please pretype all questions and you will be called on in the order your raise was recieved

(Kariya) Later this year the quest team will almost definitely request new people. But I feel hiring folks while we are rebuilding can be counterproductive. We will also look into the options of having players design and write them for us, sort of like building contests only on a continuous basis (so not a contest but you just help out with writing them)
Though we have to ponder the details on that still.

(Kariya) As for quest events; Consider this an informal pre-announcement that we plan on making a quest month for this years Anniversary in August. Not throw as much as we can in 1 week, but spread things out to allow diversity in the events and hours and just have a lot of fun with it.

(Kariya) first the questions, then I'll continue with the qps and qp catalog

(Cerdwyn) queue is musui, tammo, winterrose please pretype all questions and you will be called on in the order your raise was recieved

(Cerdwyn) musui

Snakeyes raises a hand - a question?

(Musui) As an off-peak player (non-US/UK), I am pleased to see more automated quests being added to the MUD.

(Snikt) there are non-US players???

(Riviat) Yes

Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Musui) I have seen negative comments about it from US players.

(Snikt) because our arrogance is legion

(Kariya) THanks ;) We'll make sure you get first pick in the quests and the prizes *evilgrin*

(Vaylin) :snickers:

(Musui) done

(Cerdwyn) tammo queue is winterrose, snakeyes please pretype all questions and you will be called on in the order your raise was recieved

(Snikt) don't worry Musui, we still <3 you

(Snikt) tell cerdwyn who is Musui???

(Tammo) buddy >> 1 sec please still typing

(Cerdwyn) tell snikt no clue *wink*

(Cerdwyn) blink tammo

(Tammo) i feel like the implementation of the qp catalog was not very well thought out and prizes compared with qp required (and frequency of obtaining qps) are a pale shadow of the sorts of quest prizes we used to receive on any given quest. i feel like this sort of situation makes players only care about the qps they can gain from a quest and contributes to hostilities

(Tammo) when a player can only gain x quest points from 4 hours of questing or whatever. we used to win twinked out items and stuff and if you compared those items to the current catalog system, they are thousands of points. i think this contributes to why people aren't so excited about quests any more and why imms don't feel passionate about runnimng them.

(Kariya) Good point. Though tbh the twink prizes haven't been given out since my early days as quest imm (2003?)

(Kariya) We've introduced the qp catalog since then and for a while it was good.

(Kariya) But we didn't stay with the times. And over the last few years QP rewards have slided too.

(Snikt) slided?

Calp raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) ESL. bite me.

(Snikt) grin

(Tammo) well for example i remember a halloween quest where all participants got a base upgrade to one armor item, i dont remember what yeasr it was

(Tammo) but i,agine how many qps that is :P

(Kariya) Yeah, halloween and stuff are considered special events.

(Cerdwyn) long long time ago

(Kariya) But yeah, I know what you mean.

Mimir raises a hand - a comment?

(Kariya) So finding a balance is hard.

(FAiL) when playerinfo was imp'd there was a prize for having the best *twinked gear* think imm was jar-something *sorry for interupt*

(Tammo) a lot of the people still playing are old players from the times you guys are referencing

Vaylin applauds loudly!

(Cerdwyn) mimir have a comment for here?

(Kariya) To fix this, on one side we'll have to raise the rewards a bit. on the other side of that is that i am currently looking at the catalog.

(Mimir) Personally, when I run a quest, I try to include a couple extra nice items, and QPs for everyone else. I think it's a good way to balance it out.

(Mimir) that way everyone gets at least some reward for their time, but a couple people get something memorable.

(Kariya) revamping it. partially thanks to input i had (unsolicited btw. high5) from a player.

Lyssa raises a hand - a comment?

(Kariya) So yes, change is coming. During this summer. I'll be good and have you guys shoot at it for huge flaws.

(Kariya) Can't fix the past..until Marty McFly gets back to me that is.

(Cerdwyn) FYI for the record queue is winterrose, snakeyes, calp, queue is closed please pretype all questions and you will be called on in the order your raise was recieved

(Kariya) HOpe that answers your q a bit.

(Tammo) yes thank you

(WinterRose) Will the automation ever include UD and similar? What is the extent of these quests?

(Kariya) UD. I dunno. UD has always been a stranger as we considered 'not quest, not area' if that makes sense.

(Zahri) It's also DaWiz's, so any changes are run through him.

(Kariya) Extent. Erhm. hopefully at some point it'll be stuff you start at lvl 1 and you get your true reward at lvl 50 (and minor things along the way)

(Kariya) Or I am trying to figure out how to make it work for groups. basically defending castles and such. If you have ideas, let me know via email. :)

(WinterRose) Nods, thank you

(Snikt) -elevator music-

Lyssa obviously doesn't like that idea... Hissssssss!

(Tammo) haha

(Noltano) *pat Snikt*

(Merdin) *cricket*

(Riviat) I wanted to make a short comment

(Riviat) pun intended

(FAiL) viat!!!

(Riviat) We won't be entirely relying on automated quests. Imms will still run quests from time to time.

(Riviat) For instance, when things calm down a bit for me, I'm hoping to start running regular trivias again.

(Riviat) Kariya has kindly agreed to allow me to give small amounts of qps per trivia.

Merdin whistles and cheers in appreciation!

Vaylin applauds loudly!

(Riviat) I'm sure that other Imms will also come up with various quests.

(Cerdwyn) snakeyes queue is calp, queue is closed please pretype all questions and you will be called on in the order your raise was recieved

(Vaylin) I miss the trivia :)

(Snakeyes) 2 parts-

(Riviat) But if we're working on those then we can't work on other things so understanding about that is appreciated.

(Snakeyes) one is a project question one is a suggestion

(Riviat) Done

(Snakeyes) Can I finish and submit the quest I started writing for the contest earlier this year and send it in anyway for use another time, it's really awesome, I just got too tied up with school and my new company to finish polishing it up, I'd really like to still deliver on it, I won't need a test port to run the mprogs until the final

(Snakeyes) stage of development, I'm not seeking any prize or reward for doing it other than allowing others to enjoy my work, I was pretty excited about its implicated use in delivering the implementation of the elemental giants and has respectively been much more work than I initially anticipated, containing the quest to the limited vnum slots has been tricky, I might suggest a second part

(Snakeyes) part 1 complete

(Kariya) Yes- send it (tho I'm not sure what contest you mean, we can always use stuff at some point if it's good)

(Mimir) if you're talking about the lord builder contest: if you get something to me (even late) I'll do my best to get it into the game. email me when you get a chance.

(Snakeyes) Second is a suggestion for the legend tier and questing, since we are currently only permitted one legend per alt list, could we implement some kind of elective PVP quest where teams are assigned at the time of the quest instead of preassigning teams based on attendance and have rewards be a boon or a level for the winning team

Pulse raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Pulse.

(Snakeyes) so teams are placed based on active attendance instead of inactive lists

(Snikt) grumble

(Pulse) Legend is potentially changing quite a bit.

Tammo whistles and cheers in appreciation!

Snakeyes whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Pulse) But, that depends on player input. We have concluded that the best way to move it forward is to make it an open source part of the game

(Pulse) note that this is a MAJOR change from current policy. We will query the feasibility of this approach with you. Non-legend parts of the game will not be shared.

(Pulse) so, yes, it is probably possible, but we will see.

(Tammo) what do you mean by making it open source

(Pulse) code for legend will be open source, which works for a pvp part of the game.

(Pulse) players can contribute, there will be some staff control over direction, i.e. Snikt will eat you if he gets unhappy.

(Tammo) nod

(Snakeyes) It just seems to me the current team assignment makes playability extremely limited because there is a large number of inactive members of the tier and the system automates assignment based on membership and not activity

(Cerdwyn) let's move on a bit and take the last question about the quest team, not legend

(Cerdwyn) get back on track

(Kariya) Let's wrap up the quest team questions first? :)

(Cerdwyn) calp

(Snakeyes) sorry

(Calp) is the idea of adding questpoints and bound items to an altlist, instead of individual alts feasible. as one of us who have been playing for 10+ years and have 50+ alts, i wouldnt mind the idea of having an "account" for special items, instead of having to play certain alts to enjoy the benefits if my years of playing

(Kariya) That's an annoying question...;)

(Calp) i know

(Kariya) because we've toyed around with accounts for a few years. Never moved forward. For various reasons I don't even remember. It's really mostly a code(r) matter.

(Calp) qptransfer is silly to begin with, and bound items get transferred if u annoy the right imm anyway, so why not get rid of preferential treatment and make it fair

(Pulse) it is a coder question to a certain point, but not so for bound items.

(Kariya) So even if we do do accounts in some way, we'd have to make sure it gets priority somehow.

(Kariya) Bound items..qp transfer. Send me a short list of issues and I'll look into it and such.

(Calp) thank you

(Tammo) maybe altof

(Kariya) yw. Let's move on before Cerdwyn kicks us out!

(Cerdwyn) okay

(Riviat) There are established rules about what can be transferred and can't. We can ensure that Imms are reminded of these so that such requests are handled more consistently :)

(Cerdwyn) open question and answer

(Cerdwyn) Queue is redline, sauron, fail, snakeyes

(Cerdwyn) redline

Tammo raises a hand - a question?

Vaylin raises a hand - a comment?

(Falkor) raise

Falkor raises a hand - a question?

Sahal raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) please pretype your questions, it saves valuable time

Lyssa raises a hand - a question?

Laazarus raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) Queue is sauron, fail, snakeyes, tammo, vaylin, falkor, sahal, lyssa, laazarus

(Cerdwyn) sauron

Redline raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) Fail

(FAiL) is the extent of code additions to the mud and how they affect efficiency ever been quantified/tested/profiled, seems like the mud runs a bit sluggish now-a-days?

(Cerdwyn) i'm moving on if people don't ask

(Cerdwyn) fail can you repeat it please

(Snikt) ?

(Pulse) no, it hasn't.

(Pulse) certain additions are known to be tricky

Falkor raises a hand - a question?

(FAiL) so no simple optimizations have really been made to the mud code?

(Pulse) e.g. some database interactions. We have optimised those, but issues remain

(Snikt) um

(Riviat) The code has been checked for memory leaks in the past

(Snikt) you mean since Ironhand's time?

(Snikt) IH and DW have worked exhaustively

(Snikt) Dw read a book

(Snikt) and then recoded the mars rover

(Snikt) so yes, there have been optimizations

(Snikt) IH did a lot of the original recoding

(Riviat) Database optimisations have also been done

(Snikt) but Dw did a LOT of the hardest work

(FAiL) so is there a max amount of players the mud can hold or server realistically or is that more of a bandwidth than cpu issue

(Snikt) and Dw loves his SQL

(FAiL) *cpu/IO*

(Snikt) it was based on how much consumer routers can handle

(Zahri) we once got 700+ open connections, btw

(Riviat) We've had over 700 players on at one time but it did lag a bit :)

(Snikt) we've done 750ish

(Pulse) recently Cuen redid a whole set of functions related to prompt code output etc. But no, no coherent optimisation has taken place. However; the most sluggishness we experience is during backup times, not actual mud running

(Snikt) but we hit limits depending on the carrier we are on

(Riviat) We also have daily maintenance tasks

(Snikt) more on that at the end of the meeting however

(Cerdwyn) okay moving on

(Cerdwyn) Queue is snakeyes, tammo, vaylin, falkor, sahal, lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor

(Cerdwyn) snakeyes

(Snikt) btw, at one point, one of the vendors told me more than 30 connections was IMPOSSIBLE

(Snakeyes) I know there has been some expression on the part of staff as to the difficulties in hosting a UC, and I've actively polled many members of the player base for interest, there is still a significant interest in holding a UC, I understand that quite a few members of avatar are local to my region, also as the owner of a prominent entertainment company I have access to suitable venues in the area to both house a

(Snakeyes) ok too long

(FAiL) 640k of memory

(Kariya) lol

(Snikt) Snake, are you the guy over near six flags?

(Resetus) wa

(Resetus) full Kensei

(Resetus) c fort

(Resetus) sl

(Snakeyes) yes I'm santa

(Cerdwyn) Resetus first warning

(Riviat) Please turn off triggers and aliases

(Snikt) nod, we can talk about that later

(Kariya) btw, UC is not a mudmeet.

(Snakeyes) attendees and host entertainment in the fashion of an electronic festival, I'm uncertain as to the availability of internet at the place I had in mind, but I'm certain it would be rather inexpensive to order an activation of high speed internet for a short time period in this location, also many modern cell phones

(Snikt) my personal life has precluded me hosting meets OR UCs lately

(Snakeyes) have mobile internet connections which can be used to establish internet connections even where there is no landline, would it be feasible to host some kind of event to entertain the players and give us an opportunity to hang out IRL in celebration of being avatar players and friends?

(Snikt) Yes

(Snikt) is the simple answer

(Cerdwyn) okay snake you and snikt talk later ok?

(Snikt) but since Riv would drive on the wrong side of the road

Pulse raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Build it and we will come? ;)

(Snikt) nvm, Cerd says later

(Snakeyes) I would be willing to reserve this venue provided the dates established could coincide with a schedule that did not conflict too harshly with my own and provided it was arranged far in advance then blocking a weekend of time would not be an issue

(Snakeyes) okay, awesome

(Snakeyes) sorry

(Cerdwyn) Queue is tammo, vaylin, falkor, sahal, lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor, pulse

(Snikt) yup yup

(Snakeyes) had to get it all on there

(Cerdwyn) tammo

(Tammo) are there any plans to rebalance existing classes to take morgue into account? for example - bzk now gets the free cr they were always denied. and psi weapons now at minimal risk. i'm sure there are other examples...

(Snikt) tell Pulse I thought we were pulling Bsk after I got rid of psi?

(Snakeyes) again looking for a $laugh command

(Tammo) good thing i'm a sor then :p

(Pulse) we will look into it, however; the main point will be to

(Gaunt) *waits for a comment about sprites*

(Pulse) increase the amount of gear loss taking place on a regular basis so that morgue is not seen as a cheap way out.

Calp raises a hand - a question?

(Tammo) i see

(Pulse) we builders can now actually use things

(Snakeyes) morgue also affects the risks of eha

(Zahri) as a builder I shy away from det/etc because we didn't have morgue

Kariya whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Snakeyes) *cough*

Sahal raises a hand - a comment?

(Resetus) raise

(Pulse) however; issue of reduced risk noted and needs to be checked

Resetus raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) Queue is vaylin, falkor, sahal, lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, closing queue,

(Cerdwyn) vaylin

(Vaylin) Just want to give a shout out to the IMMs. Coders, and Angel for donating their time for our enjoyment of the game. Thank you. Done.

(Kariya) Thank you too! (bow)

(Zahri) thank you

(Cerdwyn) Queue is falkor, sahal, lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, closing queue,

(Cerdwyn) falkor

Jadu whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Falkor) Has any thought been given to how track heads should better handle their tracks? i.e Hiring and firing imms/trackies. Also, thoughts on how the rest of the imm staff can better deal with inactive/ineffective track heads? My point is, getting new and more available/active imms is fine, but what is being done to help prevent it from getting to this point again?

(Kariya) ponder

(Kariya) It's been given thought. and as everything it's mostly best effort. We have some rules and agreements and all that.

(Kariya) But you cannot always work around RL absence and such. so yeah it's hard.

(Kariya) We try to have side kicks, assistants and what not. But it doesn't always work out.

(Tammo) i can glow

(Kariya) But again, following the last discussion, we've looked at the our weak spots, and improving communication within teams and between teams to help one another out.

(Kariya) I mean, we talk obviously..but not always say "help" ya know? :) Our rescue command isn't auto triggered

(Riviat) And also as mentioned before, we're going to improve imm to player communications which we hope will help with this. So if there is an issue, you're more aware.

(Kariya) Hope that gives you some answer at least ;) next?

(Cerdwyn) Queue is sahal, lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, queue is closed,

(Cerdwyn) sahal

(Sahal) what if anything can or has been done to deal with issues such as botting and specifically soloing at lord? as currently lord soloing is against the rules but no one enforces them?

(Zahri) We are reviewing 'help lord groups' on the Imm mailer atm.

(Snikt) I have an idea for that

(Tammo) is it against the rules?

(Snikt) and will discuss it with Pulse

(Zahri) it's not - just no soloers or duoers write notes about their xp gained anymore.

(Snakeyes) I did

(Sahal) it was considered a loophole as far as I was aware, so that it could be closed by no one actually closes them

(Tammo) i used to but it got tedious :p

(Merdin) sorry to interrupt

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) s

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) se

(Merdin) e

(Merdin) u

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) s

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) d

(Merdin) u

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) nw

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) n

(Merdin) u

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) se

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) w

(Merdin) s

(Merdin) s

(Merdin) nw

(Merdin) ugh im sorry

(Snikt) uh oh

(Merdin) aliases were off

(Resetus) lol merdin

(Cerdwyn) Merdin first notice

(Merdin) i thought

(Kariya) lol

(Riviat) I'm lost now

(Snikt) isn't that second notice?

(Snikt) and you got the Hobbit lost :(

(Cerdwyn) his first

(Kariya) at least you said "sorry to interupt"

(Kariya) Ok, anyways, Sahal. It's been looked at right now.

(Vaylin) :LOL:

(Mimir) I definitely loled at the "sorry to interrupt"

(Sahal) ok

(Merdin) was supposed to be a meaningful comment

(Merdin) zmud betrayed me :P

(FAiL) should of used telnet

(Tammo) this is one of those hazy areas riviat :p

(Riviat) I wanted to quickly say about the boting mentioned

(Riviat) Botting even

(Riviat) It is something that we investigate but often such investigations are lenghty to do and severely impact on ability of imms working on them to be online/visible

(Riviat) All Imms have multiple different things they work on

(Riviat) So we sometimes have to juggle different tasks etc

(Sahal) I understand that perhaps having an imm whose sole job to look into that? since it is a rampant issue?
(Kariya) lol. won't work. that's a NO FUN job.

(Cerdwyn) that person would burn out quickly

(Snikt) actually

(FAiL) fun? i thought we were mud'ing?

(Cerdwyn) and it would need to be someone with high enough access to do it

(Snikt) I could do that.

(Snikt) it's a witch hunt right?

(Snikt) I used to be good at that

(Riviat) Used to be

(Snikt) meh, I bet I still am

(Riviat) But yes we will/do investigate such things

(FAiL) more bounties less QQ

(Cerdwyn) because of time crunch, i'm going to move on

(Cerdwyn) Queue is lyssa, laazarus, redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, queue is closed,

(Snikt) you'll all refer to me as being "exuberant" in my findings

(Pulse) no Snikt, no pfile eating for you.

(Cerdwyn) lyssa

(Tammo) throw them in a pool weighted down with rocks and if they dont drown theyre a witch

(Lyssa) First, thanks for all the good work and personal time invested, and second, do the imms have a long-term plan guiding game balance and game play that considers the intersecting effects of changes that are implemented and also what kind of play will keep players interested and attract new players for the next ten years - is there literally a Plan that guides change decisions?

(Resetus) Yah we should totally find reasons to ban our player population of 50.

(Riviat) Well if they aren't breaking the rules, they have nothing tto worry about :)

(Snikt) oh

(Snikt) that's no fun then

(Cerdwyn) Pulse can you address lyssa's question?

(Snikt) I can make it look like they were breaking the rules...

(Pulse) NOt really, within any reasonable timeframe.

(FAiL) it was an accident

(Snikt) Lyssa, I can't see into next month atm

(Pulse) that is a whole conference topic.

(Cerdwyn) Lyssa can he reply to the log on that one?

(Lyssa) sure

(Cerdwyn) Queue is laazarus, redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, queue is closed

(Cerdwyn) laaz?

(Laazarus) is there any possibility of making demonic intent available to all/more classes? perhaps via a quest or something. this would help racial evil races playing any class other than sor/shf.

(Tammo) i think that would expand rp a bit in general

Artificial applauds loudly!

WinterRose applauds loudly!

(Pulse) it has come up as an idea and is on the list.

(FAiL) putting identify and demonic intent at hero 1 hlist would be very useful

(Redline) uhh..

(Pulse) the list is long.

(Falkor) help qpcat10 :p

(Redline) anyone else not seeing anything?

(Kariya) we see everything.

(Riviat) It's working fine for me Redline :)

(Snikt) hello Redline, we see your typing.

(Finfangfoom) not for helram

(Cerdwyn) need to make the responses for the next ones quick

(Cerdwyn) Queue is redline, falkor, calp, sahal restus, queue is closed

(Cerdwyn) redline left so falkor

(Laazarus) ok, i would love to see it avail to all.. just wanted to offer for consideration

(Falkor) As far as building, why not make available the builders guide to everyone(not sure if it already is) and accept submissions thoughout the year. I know story lines and race/class lore is important and we don't want these getting wonky from random areas. I think utilizing the building and tester tracks to comb through area submissions on test ports is something that could help get more new areas implemented o

(Falkor) or extra areas that would be available for the quest team.

(Zahri) You can contact me if you want to build or help with progs, and I will consider it.

(Snakeyes) I agree with falkor

(Zahri) I have a mortal building a test area for me right now.

(Zahri) but no - the guide will not be released publicly

(Cerdwyn) Queue is calp, sahal restus, queue is closed

Pulse raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) calp

(Calp) pulse, with the addition of insignias its easy to track who remorted mir, and remorted to something else for whatever that reason was, how come those old mir, who attemped to play ur good concept, get punished for remorting to something else instead of waiting around for a fix that u promised for years

(Snikt) because you use the word "u" and "ur"

(Tammo) ur mom

(Redline) my conference just bugged out, anyone elses?

(Cerdwyn) no we're good red

(Snikt) no Redline

(Redline) oh, weird.. anyways is it my turn yet

(Snikt) It's not a punishment Calp

(Cerdwyn) i had to put you at the end, but you'll get there

(Redline) buddy {R-} blast

(Juan) bl

(Calp) many of us spent time as a mir, and remorted to something else, to continue to play the alts we enjoy, why dont we get any consideration

(Pulse) it was discussed, but we decided not to expand to miraar that changed in the past. If you can expand on your thoughts and send me an email I mayu review, but at the moment it stands.

(Cerdwyn) Queue is sahal restus queue is closed

(Cerdwyn) sahal

(Sahal) is there a possibilty of making leadership holding skills more accessible perhaps through gold training or something, currently at lord there are minimal leaders for runs and its problem that I can't hold the amount of people who want to follow at peak times, because of the speed at which I can acrue leadership points?

(Resetus) I've noticed that a few of the issues discussed here were about help files and current policies conflicting, I've also noticed several typos (such as the dicarded apple core), I've also noticed that lots of info goes into notes and gets left out of helps. Are we going to update the helpfiles or is all that info mentioned for vets and board readers only? also chain lightning on several classes skill list witho

(Kariya) lol

Snakeyes whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Kariya) FIrst sahal's question

(Resetus) I'd be willing to volenteer

(Snakeyes) sahal

(Resetus) sry

(Pulse) not through gold.

(Snakeyes) group limits seem cumbersome more than helpful

(Pulse) if you have thoughts that involve gameplay, submit them

(Tammo) is there a plan for leadership ability to affect gameplay at some point besides being just an annoyance?

(Snikt) Yes and Yes

(Zahri) they keep area difficulty down a bit, too.

(Snikt) but Pulse said no to gold.

(Snikt) email me

(Snakeyes) would be nice to have something else to spend my lps on

(Snikt) I will review with you, submit to Pulse

(Snikt) others with input are free to email me also

(Snikt) except Calp

(Cerdwyn) Riviat will reply to the last question

(Snikt) <3

(Riviat) Calp email me and I'll forward to Snikt :P

(Resetus) I've noticed that a few of the issues discussed here were about help files and current policies conflicting, I've also noticed several typos (such as the dicarded apple core), I've also noticed that lots of info goes into notes and gets left out of helps. Are we going to update the helpfiles or is all that info mentioned for vets and board readers only? also chain lightning on several classes skill list witho

(Tammo) redline also

(Cerdwyn) and then snikt needs the floor for 5, the cieling too

(Calp) high5 riv

(Cerdwyn) did he make it back again?

(Snikt) sni Calp

(Resetus) ut are cute

(Decept) i am here

(Kariya) Riv is typing for your question, Resetus.

(Cerdwyn) ok

(Snikt) oh, yea

(Resetus) ugh without lightning bolt are cute

(Snikt) he's spell checking for "colour"

(Riviat) I was waiting for him to finish typing :)

(Snikt) who?

(Kariya) lol

(Snikt) oh Resetus is done

(Snikt) I never am

(Riviat) we know, trust me :P

(Riviat) Yes, Resetus we do still work on them

(Snikt) btw, I might have ADD

(Snikt) just saying

(Riviat) The out of date helpfiles are usually from years ago

(Vaylin) we know snikt

(Snikt) Xiph!

(Xiphoid) Snikt!

(Cerdwyn) shhh, let riviat answer please

(Xiphoid) apologies for my tardiness :)

(Snikt) yea... shhh

(Riviat) When we change policies now, we usually make sure helpfiles are updated

(Resetus) exactly thats years they havent been worked on. cant someone do something about them sometime?

(Riviat) Can I finish please?

(Snikt) of course

(Resetus) sorry

(Riviat) We do go through them

(Riviat) But it's another of those mind-numbing tasks which burns you out if you do them all

(Riviat) So we try to split the work on them

(Resetus) I'd like to get burnt out working on them

(Cerdwyn) there are two parts to it, the writer part is the easy part

(Resetus) at least putting the board info onto the helps

(Riviat) I've registered your interest following your tells yesterday.

(Cerdwyn) when i did the host part of it, i would have weeks worth of work queued up after the person doing the writer part worked only a few hours

(Snikt) due to syntax testing Cerd, right?

(Riviat) But yes, we will seek to improve on updating them more regularly

(Cerdwyn) because if i didn't follow dawiz's rules he'd eat my pfile

(Resetus) I'd like to discuss the details of what makes it so lengthy sometime cerd.

(Riviat) We'll get back to you soon

(Cerdwyn) red last question

(Mammon) l

(Decept) My question has been answered. I was just concerned with the overwhelming decline of player base. It's drastically low (lowest I've seen over the 10 years I've been here)- but I think new race implementation will help - and quest development. I also think mail updates will help a bit - as they give insight to what's happening.

(Decept) But just to note, however much legend might suck right now - it's nearly impossible for players w/o legends to get there now with the steep troika requirement.

(Tammo) we are the 1%

(Snikt) We can take that offline Decept

(Finfangfoom) steep reqs?

(Snikt) I would reconsider reqs

(Merdin) he is refering to the ritual numbers

(Zahri) perhaps because most already have a legend, so it's harder to find the other two folks.

(Cerdwyn) nod

(Resetus) I'm wondering if requiring lords to have logged in recently to be put on a team might help

(Zahri) there was like 35 lords on today, so the numbers to cast aren't the issue I HOPE.

(Snikt) I can discuss after this.

(Cerdwyn) most that want one

(Decept) I am referring to the number it takes for ritual

(Zahri) eek. sorry.

(Sahal) its getting the 18 people for it

(Pulse) we can review that

(Cerdwyn) thank you pulse

(Decept) 35 on, 25 idling

(Resetus) yah most are bots

(Zahri) < at least 20 shifted ;)

(Eecyla) but there was a troika today

(Cerdwyn) okay i need to give the floor to snikt for 5 mintues, please be patient and let him say what he needs to say without interruption please

(Pulse) we wil lreview the number.

(Kariya) like he did with us! :)

(Snikt) Snikt is moving

(Cerdwyn) the main part of the conference is over

(Snikt) so that means the mud is

(Snikt) Xiph is migrating us to a new host

(Snikt) speaking of cpu/mem/disk/connection

(Snikt) he's doing it

(Snikt) 3

(Snikt) 2

(Snikt) 1

(Snikt) okay, monday

(Snikt) or friday

(Xiphoid) heh

(Riviat) When he gets time :P

(Snikt) or sometime in between

(Xiphoid) I don't know when you move yet :)

(Snikt) not Monday

(Snikt) so we can use the new host once Dw and Xiph are ready

(Snikt) and we'll be stress testing it :)

(Xiphoid) I thought I had until Thursday? *toe*

(Snikt) sure

(Snikt) If we migrate after I move

(Snikt) there will be downtime

(Snikt) so hopefully it'll be before :)

(Xiphoid) that's something I'm trying to avoid ;-)

(Snikt) if we migrate after the movers shift most of my stuff into storage

(Ferrix) apb? website announcement?

(Snikt) there will be downtime

(Xiphoid) so when are they doing that?

(Snikt) if the kids run that damn RC car into the server again * STOP THAT *

(Snikt) there will be downtime

(Thranxie) LOL

(Snikt) movers are coming tomorrow at 9

Resetus whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Snikt) for most of the rest

(Snikt) and then a third time on Friday

(Snikt) but I don't yet have where I'll be staying

(Snikt) just that I'm not going to be here

(Xiphoid) ok

(Snikt) and seriously, the movers are unlikely now to shift the server

(Snikt) as I moved it off the balancing boxes it was on

(Snikt) I don't think anyone even noticed

(Xiphoid) I'm hoping to be finished by mid-week but it will be tight

(Snikt) nod

(Snakeyes) let me know if you need a hand moving stuff when you get up here

(Resetus) I did, my soul shivered slightly snikt.

(Xiphoid) a little frisson never hurt anybody ;-p

(Snikt) I think the "C" pfiles are in danger

(Cerdwyn) snicker

(Snikt) especially "Ca..."

(Calp) forsure

(Snikt) back to you Cerd

(Cerdwyn) snikt, you eat my pfile, and i'll get on my broom

(Riviat) Basically, we're going to do our best to minimise disruption

(Snikt) yea

(Snikt) I was just going to surprise everyone

(Riviat) And will let you know when plans are finalised

(Snikt) but your Imms made me announce it

(Snikt) and plan this out

(Cerdwyn) We, the immortal and executive teams, want to thank you all for coming.

(Snikt) I hate planning

Resetus whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Cerdwyn) I will gather the logs later and see what I can do with them

Snakeyes applauds loudly!

(Vaylin) why do I always start playing again right when Snikt moves

Artificial applauds loudly!

(Snikt) Your janitorial team appreciates it too! now pick up your trash!

(Zahri) snicker Vaylin

(Riviat) Thanks for being so understanding :)

(Cerdwyn) Feel free to continue discussion on the mailers when the log is posted,

(Falkor) maybe snikt moves because you start playing again

(Resetus) because he moves alot

(Xiphoid) on the plus side, the new host seems to be about twice as fast as the current one

(Vaylin) thank you all for this

(Cerdwyn) let's try to keep it on one mailer

(Snikt) twice? really?

(Cerdwyn) for everyone

(Kariya) Thank you for coming.

(Snikt) I was hoping for more

(Riviat) Forum is probably best

(Cerdwyn) bow

(Snikt) but it's all good

(Juan) exit

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