Wednesday, 29. October 2008 01:21:06, by Halari


The gods were playing and created a monster. It started out cute and then it changed...and changed...and changed. with horns... now with a pointed with big with bat-like wings. Whatever should they do? They're out of control and coming your way.

This is an evolution race. You start as a Verbit and rebuild to each stage of your life.

Note: Evolution for Verbit is no longer possible. All Verbit, and evolved forms, may rebuild into an Imp, and continue their evolution.

The evolutionary chain for Verbit is as follows:

1Verbitracial-wimpy, racial-nosun
Hero 1Verburgracial-armorleather
Hero 500Verbullracial-armorleather, racial-infravision
Lord 1Varbinracial-infravision, racial-armorleather, racial-movehidden
Lord 250Varsilracial-infravision, racial-movehidden, racial-armorleather, racial-fly