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Ogres are huge humanoids, with ugly tempers and voracious appetites. They are fond of treasure, and are often employed as mercenaries by evil races in particular. They tend to have yellowish hides, are covered with wart-like bumps, have black teeth and talons, and purplish eyes with white pupils. Ogres are exceptionally strong and hardy, but are known to be extremely dim-witted and lacking in wisdom. They are excellent in melee combat, but are extremely limited when they attempt to utilize magic.

They also have a natural ability to cut fine fillets out of corpses.

Ogres are capable of the following: racial-butcher, racial-claw, racial-hardheaded.


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Jan 16 2020 01:33
flap flap flap

Oct 22 2019 23:21
shadow @ busk

Oct 08 2019 08:57
Yay! We are back!

Oct 08 2019 08:06
yup, MUD appears to be down again

Oct 07 2019 06:10
hope whatevers going on with AV can be rectified, for the greater good of the community

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Feb 17 2020 23:36
Enthil has remorted into a Elf Sorcerer.
Feb 17 2020 19:16
Sigilo successfully morphs from Hero 453 to become Lord Sigilo.
Feb 17 2020 18:04
There is a disturbance in the realm as Tsukino fails to become a Lord at sublevel 300.
Feb 17 2020 16:29
Enth successfully morphs from Hero 575 to become Lord Enth.
Feb 17 2020 15:05
Grav successfully morphs from Hero 400 to become Lord Grav.