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Do you want the boon days to occur on Fridays, on Saturdays or on Sundays?
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Fridays (Aug. 8, 15, 22, 29)
Saturdays (Aug. 9, 16, 23, 30)
Sundays (Aug. 10, 17, 24, 31)

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What is the best new area?
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Your favorite grandfathered area?
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Best Quest Event?
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Which of these is the best mob to die to?
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Best Immortal to be stuck with on a deserted island?
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Best new feature/code?
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Which of these is the best mobprogram?
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Best line that you see when you wear an item?
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Newbie Tip
Seek out an infirmary to help you regenerate faster - for a small fee. HELP INFIRMARY gives more details. - Locqui
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Welcome to the world of Avatar - a constantly evolving, dynamic and fun world which offers possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net. As you progress, the challenge increases so that even veteran power mudders are never bored for long.

Our staff has been working on our system for over 11 years, and have continued striving to provide a superior gaming environment which is appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Want to connect? Fire up your favorite telnet client (or MUD client) and connect to avatar.outland.org port 3000, or just follow this link.
Races - Behind the Scenes (Aka Malaclypse Can Typing!)
Web NewsEver wondered what goes on behind the scenes with races or what options are available (or potentially available) to the builders and players? Here is a quick look at where we are and what is to come.
The Elves regain control of Midgaard!
Quest NewsThe Elves won - with a bit of sneaky trickery - and have again taken control of Midgaard.

The gates stand open once more. Aelmon has returned.

(Qust note: Midgaard will be rebuilt from scratch, as it is currently in rubble. But due to RL, this will not begin until the end of July. Please note the Midgaard Patrol Quest references old events and will for a bit.)
Hero quest is scheduled for Sunday (tomorrow) at 3PM EST
Quest NewsThe most popular option was Sunday at 3PM EST so that is when the quest will occur.

Prizes have not been fully decided yet, but:

1. Prizes are the same for either side, provided your participation is high enough. You are fighting to see who will control Midgaard after.

2. There will be participation QPs plus additional things (loot and/or insignias, undecided). As usual in my quests, you can decide to have the QP on a different Hero alt.

3. There will be pvp, but again, see #1.
Final reminder for Midgaard poll voting
RevelationsThe poll will close tonight at 23:59 PM EST. For those who need to know an exact time for the quest due to real life obligations, there are two options left that are more popular: Saturday at 12PM or Sunday at 3PM. At the moment Sunday at 3PM EST is slightly in the lead.

Please vote if you have not done so yet. I will post a final note about the exact time after the poll closes. Note will be posted in about 9-10 hours.

Please vote if you have not!
Active poll for scheduling the final Midgaard quest
Web NewsPlease note there is an active poll going on (through Friday at 23:59PM EST) to determine the best time to schedule the final quest for Midgaard. This poll can be accessed on the left side of the screen (scroll down) or by visiting MAIN > POLLS. Unfortunately you probably have to be logged in to see it.

Here is the information in a bit more readable format:

With the narrow win by the Elven/Wildwood supporters, the time is nigh for the final battle for control of Midgaard - and fittingly, you can choose the time this weekend (28-29th).

Please vote if you can *probably* make it at that time. This is not for support so do not vote if you will not be there.


1. You need an outland account to vote. If you do not have one, read HELP WEBACCOUNT.

2. If you do not want to vote using your outland.org account you can email Zahri (a t) outland dot org as an alternate option or you can use board 2. Please tell me whether you are:

a rogue supporter, an Elven/Wildwood supporter, or undecided

whether you prefer Saturday at 12PM EST, Saturday at 4PM EST or Sunday at 3PM EST, or any time works for you.

3. This quest will feature partial player versus player (provided the code works appropriately in testing). However the prizes - for the most part participation based rather than success based - will reflect this added element.
Hero Battle quests for Midgaard this Sunday at 2PM
RevelationsSUPPORT UPDATE: The support for Elves/Wildwood versus Rogues is about even, though the Elves have a slight edge here. Support your faction today!


This Sunday there will be two concurrent battle quests at 2PM EST: one for the supports of Elves/Wildwood and one for the supporters of Rogues. In each case you will be attacking the defenses of the other side.

The quest type is battle - killing is the main goal.
The quests are for heroes.

1. The prizes are participation based and equal for either side. i.e., it does not matter who you support or how much you die, provided you have participated in a majority of the quest. There will be quest points awarded (amongst other things), so keep a group list.

2. Two group leaders will be needed...

3. The quests will take place in two separate area and will not interact (during this quest).
The destiny of Midgaard is in YOUR hands
RevelationsIn the run up to the remaining two battle quests, we have made some ways in which you can support either the Rogues or the Elves/Wildwood.

For a while you are able to support either side (although it is really counter productive to do so). Once the permanent insignia is visible, you cannot support the other side.

Please note this is a roleplay based quest which gives you the power to help one or the other side - choose carefully, for they might just be ruling Midgaard for the next few centuries...

Questions and comments to my email please: simply use my immortal name at the outland.org domain.

Click 'read more' to see how and why to support each side.
Treachery in the dark
RevelationsA thin black cat darts through the alleys of Midgaard, effortlessly avoiding the muddied puddles in its way even in the dark. It pauses momentarily, back erect but still. Its ears twitch as it gauges where a particular sound came from... Voices.

On the other side of the stone wall, two men eye each other wearily before the one lowers his hood, light gray eyes trained on the master thief before him.

The thief eyes the man, letting the silence hang in the air. After a moment, the gray-eyed man clears his throat uncomfortably before speaking. "They have arrived at the Willows and have spoken with Duchess Saerba..."

"Saerba" the thief corrected, harshness behind his words. "She is not a duchess. She does not rule anything useful." The other man pauses, considering his words for a moment.

"Yes... In any regard, I led them to her, and was able to hear the plans." He paused to let this sink in, but the thief merely waited, calculatingly, for the next bit of information.
The Wildwood Commander presses forward, seeking support
RevelationsNot to be deterred, Commander Dorne rested his men only long enough to make sure exhaustion would not be the death of them along the journey. He accepted Lord Audis' offer of fresh horses with a slight begrudging - but knew enough to keep his mouth shut.

A few hours before the break of dawn, they left the Villa and rode back northward. It was foolish to ride in near darkness, especially near the forest, but there was no way to get to his destination without taking the southwest trail around Midgaard. Hence, the cover of darkness.

One shortcut they could take, however - through the untamed lands of Heather Flats. One glare at the gathering Orcs sent them scurrying - for now. He declined the halflings' offer to have his men rest at Cottage Row, however, preferring instead to keep riding and hope his men could seek shelter for the night further on.

And then - there they stood - their feet solidly on the fabled 'Dwarven Trade Route'. For most of his men, this road was an unknown place, entirely new. The Willow Bridge stretches out before them, unmoving in the breeze. They bow to a watching Willow guard, and ask for an audience.

Amid the boughs of the Willow Tree, traveling downward to the Elven gardens, north through a clearing - the Spiriel Hall. The keeper of Elven knowledge and history...
The Wildwood Commander asks Lord Audis for assistance
RevelationsWithin 12 hours of the death of King Amalric, the Wildwood Commander Jarst Dorne was told the news. Knowing what it might mean to have the Rogue's Guild in open rebellion so close to Cathracharraig, he wasted no time in preparing horses to seek out help. Against the judgement of his aides he led his men, fearing that without his presence his plea for help would surely be doomed.

Within 30 hours of Amalric's last breath, he and his troops arrived. The horses' hooves galloping onto the Villa Road, he first encountered Portho, the high servant of Nikoli, son of Audis.

"And? What do YOU lot want?" he sneered.
Dorne replied "To speak with Lord Audis. It is a matter of utmost importance."
"Aren't they all?" Portho countered.
"The warden of this villa sees five of your kind every day, I reckon." Ignoring Portho's snort, Dorne waves his hand, commanding his men to follow.

They are quickly intercepted by a grounds guard who listens to their "request" (or demand). "Please dismount and wait in the Atrium. Someone will be along shortly to collect your horses."
The "coronation" of Amalric
Quest NewsWere you a witness to the "coronation"?

King Amalric was felled by an arrow, his own guards turned traitor.

Moordenaar bows, mockingly.
'A rogue's revenge always finds its target. Three times revenge.'

'Midgaard is ours!'
'All races must bow down to the Rogues Guild!'

'Beware the shadows...' he says as he exits, leaving the ceremony attendees to their doom.

But news travels fast - expect others to take exception to this hostile takeover... later this week.
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Jul 22 2014 15:46
Congratulations to Dream, Jachid and Spriggs on beating the Ultimate Dragon today!

Jul 14 2014 21:48
Doxbot updated. Tell him thorn or mid to swap between sanc dw and thorn ee

Jul 11 2014 12:36
Seems to be an issue at the moment - it is being looked into. Hopefully back up soon.

Jul 01 2014 07:05
Impromptu HoG going on.... *grin*

Jun 30 2014 14:53
12th on TMS? Great job everyone!

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