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Newbie Tip
HELP HELPCARD lists the main commands that you need to know to play AVATAR. Type HELP <command> for more information on each of them. - Riviat
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Welcome to the world of Avatar - a constantly evolving, dynamic and fun world which offers possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net. As you progress, the challenge increases so that even veteran power mudders are never bored for long.

Our staff has been working on our system for over 11 years, and have continued striving to provide a superior gaming environment which is appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Want to connect? Fire up your favorite telnet client (or MUD client) and connect to avatar.outland.org port 3000, or just follow this link.
The Heartwood
Revelations@>--The Heartwood!--<@

Who has not heard of the Heartwood? Well... probably not so many of you, being as it is a new hero level area.
But if it HAD been around, who would not have heard of the Heartwood? Who would not have walked along its shady trails? Well... Come to think of it...
Increased Chance for Random HoGs to appear....!
Quest NewsFor the weekend of January 2 - 4 and this weekend only, a series of unannounced HoGs will happen rather frequently!!!

Check back closer to the date for more information!
Revamp of Typhus
RevelationsWe will now commit the old area of Typhus to memory, as it has been replaced by an expanded area - featuring many of the old mobs and gear, but also a host of new additions, and if you ignore the Order's propaganda, some actual challenges should you decide to test yourself against the jailhouse's demonic residents.

While the common past time of farming the Typhus' staff is still very much an option for superheroes, the area is now more open to regular xp groups, and should provide sufficient entertainment for all hero groups past their low hero phase.

Furthermore, we have began implementing gear based on racial traits. This means that the area should contain a certain something that not everyone will be able to use. As more areas are revised and new ones built, more of specialised gear will become available.

-- I, Tyrant.
Christmas 2014!
It's December and Christmas is on its way!

This season, we have some fun quest events lined up for you!

It is a busy time for everyone, so we'll be updating the schedule below (click Read More) throughout December.

Please pop-by and check it from time to time to get the latest event dates and times.

The staff at Avatar MUD wish you all the merriest of times this winter holiday!
Thanksgiving 2014
Quest NewsBe sure to log into AVATAR on the 27th of November! We'll be running a few quest events to keep you entertained. Read the Quest Board (board 3) in-game, or check out Facebook and the Forum mailer for news of upcoming quests!
Avatar emergency contact procedure
RevelationsLuckily Avatar is available for your adventure cravings most of the time.
But there's always ther chance that we have some issues (crash, hanging mud, network issues)

Usually players are the first to find out, and together we manage to fix it quickly.
However, to streamline this process we've written a short procedure to make sure detailed info reaches the IMM team as fast as possible.

Click to read what you, as Avatar player, can do to help resolve issues quickly.
And no worries, there is also an Immortal version that helps us figure things out quickly,
and most importantly, communicate this back to everyone else.

EpiphaniesOn behalf of the entire Immortal team, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for your
recent efforts in helping to make Avatar a welcoming place for everyone,
whether new to the game or a long term player.

It is wonderful to see both new players learning to play and becoming our
friends as well as seeing old and treasured friends rejoining us after an

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Jan 08 2015 07:34
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a nice New Year. It's time to work off all those holiday calories by long hours of running the MUD! *whip*

Dec 26 2014 18:10
Lord Restore-a-thon for 30 minutes from 20:00 EST today. Log in and enjoy! I hope you have enjoyed all the HoGs and restore events this season!

Dec 13 2014 19:22
Acilesemany, Theristide, Merringhandfast and The Great Conjunction! Check out the Christmas events schedule to catch these special quest events!

Dec 03 2014 06:53
Are your alts ready for the Christmas HoGathons and Restore-a-thon? While away the cold winter nights with us on AVATAR!

Nov 24 2014 12:48
Belanor and I have signed up to run some Thanksgiving quests for you all on Thursday, the 27th. We hope you will be able to log in and join the fun!

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Game Updates
Jan 30 2015 02:31
There is a disturbance in the realm as Wocci fails to become a Lord at sublevel 300.
Jan 29 2015 21:58
There is a disturbance in the realm as Sindragosa fails to become a Lord at sublevel 580.
Jan 29 2015 10:21
There is a disturbance in the realm as Hannara fails to become a Lord at sublevel 382.
Jan 29 2015 09:39
Reprisal has become a Bladedancer.
Jan 29 2015 00:18
There is a disturbance in the realm as Kahbyss fails to become a Lord at sublevel 447.