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Newbie Tip
If you find a boat, it needs to be visible in your inventory to keep you from drowning, not worn or in a bag. - Locqui
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Welcome to the world of Avatar - a constantly evolving, dynamic and fun world which offers possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net. As you progress, the challenge increases so that even veteran power mudders are never bored for long.

Our staff has been working on our system for over 11 years, and have continued striving to provide a superior gaming environment which is appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Want to connect? Fire up your favorite telnet client (or MUD client) and connect to avatar.outland.org port 3000, or just follow this link.
Upcoming hero quest - Sunday April 20
Upcoming hero quest - Sunday, April 20
The next stage of the Midgaard storyline is almost upon us!
Midgaard finds itself weakened by the death of the King,
and less able to defend itself from attackers...

Date: Sunday, April 20
Time: 2PM EST
Expected duration: 90-120 minutes
Tier: Hero
Type: battle, hack-n-slash
Prizes: QPs, other
Imms in charge: Kariya, Zahri

Midgaard General Security Report III
RevelationsDespite our best efforts, crime has begun to rise in Midgaard. However we are attempting to step up our patrols and keep our fair city safe. We have heard reports that some of the shopkeepers have closed up shop and fled the city in the middle of the night - as soon as we have an available guard who can check the situation out and report back to me, we will be able to confirm or deny this report.

In addition, some general professions like sweepers have begun to also abandon the city, I am afraid. The ones who are left find themselves dealing with piles and piles of trash and other unmentionables...

I call on the common citizen to keep calm during this crisis. Midgaard is strong and we shall overcome this! Long live Midgaard! Unite under the memory of King Theileus and his family.

Y. Lydosi
Midgaard Captain

Quest note: If you haven't heard, the Midgaard Patrol Quest Quest was revised with the previous reboot (not this one), so check it out today! There's a new prize as well.
The passing of King Theileus
RevelationsIt is with heavy heart that I write of the passing of King Theileus. One of my guards found him in his bedroom late last night, poisoned - no doubt by another black circle initiate seeking revenge...

I have sought advice from Carlotta, Head of the Royal Intelligence Bureau, on the next move. She has advised that the gates to Midgaard should be sealed until such time as the murderer can be captured and hanged for his crimes. Although it pains me to do this, I have also asked Aelmon to retire to his bedroom under guard for the time being.

After an emergency council meeting we have decided that I will be regent for the King, Amalric, until he comes of age. This is a temporary measure to restore order to the city and keep Midgaard strong during this time of crisis and instability.

Advisor to the King, Amalric


(Note from Zahri: Midgaard Patrol Quest also updated... if you can reach Carlotta!)
Area revamp and further Midgaard storyline
Healing Springs revamp
With each passing full moon, the power and reputation of the Healing Springs and its shamans continue to grow, and the hope of freedom for the halflings grows ever dimmer. Each year, more and more half-orcs are making the pilgrimage to this holy site, which has resulted in the ramping up of guard patrols and more halfling sacrifices to meet the growing demand. As the dark rituals continue unabated, how long before the unnatural horrors seep deeper into the underwater ulexite forests from whence the Springs flow?

The black circle master's revenge
Infuriated by the recent slander that a member of his guild had anything to do with the death of Midgaard's Queen Liecia, the black circle master has ordered some of his man to converge on Midgaard. But he is a smart man - they circled around and are currently in Wildwood. They will converge on Midgaard when the time is right.

Go and stop them, if you dare. Heroes only, please.

Quest notes:

1. The mobs repop so this quest can be done any time in the next week, roughly.
2. This is most definitely NOT a solo quest!
3. The end of the quest will clean itself up if it is not finished in 15 minutes. It will then restart from the beginning again on repop (which might be slightly different from the Wildwood repop).
4. The prize is whatever is looted.
5. Thanks to Scevine for writing it.

The Builder Team
Pfile issues
RevelationsMarch 5th, around 11pm system time, we encountered an issue with pfiles. Existing files could not be found when logging in. The issue has disappeared after a reboot.

However, for those that created a pfile with their existing name during the 30-ish minutes that we had the problem might find that the 'new' pfile overwrote the old one (meaning you're lvl 2)

If you were affected and are now lvl 2 or so, contact a host+ immortal
Or contact the request team through the website /request@outland.org

We can restore your character using a backup from earlier in the day.
(Game News) Queen Liecia has been murdered
Quest NewsIt is with heavy heart I write of the passing of Queen Liecia. She was murdered - stabbed in broad daylight! This was the scene...

Northwestern Side Street
[Exits: east south->closed west]
Narrow houses line the street to the east and west as they face the north wall. With hardly any difference as you look from house to house, you wonder how people know which home is theirs.

The body of Queen Liecia lies here.

I will pay handsomely for information. Please speak with Carlotta.

Theileus, King of Midgaard

Quest note: This quest is for players who can participate in the Midgaard Patrol Quest (34-38) and have done the previous patrol quests. This quest features a unique unbound object as a prize. Others can also explore the city for various changes - mobs will react to low morts and heroes.
The Passing of a Great Man
[see 2/10/2014 addition at end of post re: commemorative item - click read more]

When I was a junior immortal, DaWiz was the boggie man. He was the keeper of the code of Avatar, rarely seen on channels, and I was terrified of him. He was the one that when a new immortal made host, gave the speech about not breaking things and when you inevitably did something stupid and the mud crashed, you felt about 2 inches tall. He really wasn’t mean. But we so didn’t want to disappoint him.

Later, one day, we bonded over a gemstone - specifically over reddish man-made corundum, or a man-made ruby. He had found this place that made them so that they were perfect but they were technically still rubies or sapphires (any color of corundum other than pinkish red). He eventually had this really awesome piece made for his wife and I saw it (in pictures at least) before she did. It was beautiful.

We later met at an Ubercon, one of the latter ones, where Kariya drug me over to introduce the peace loving hippy (me) to the gun toting redneck (DaWiz) (those were pretty close to Kariya’s words, if I am not mistaken.) I was by this time long past being afraid of him and proud to call him friend.

He worked diligently and hard to keep avatar’s code clean. He designed and created the first mobprog. And he created the hero quest otherwise known as The Ultimate Dragon.

On February 9, 2014, slightly after midnight local time, Glen Vaughn, who we all knew as DaWiz, left this world. He passed away from lung cancer, in his own words, brought upon by over 50 years of smoking. He leaves behind his family, and his first grandchild born last year. And he leaves behind his Avatar family, who over more than 18 years learned to love and respect him.

Requiescat in pace my friend. The Summerland is better place with you there. And I’m sure you will keep the code clean and the servers running smoothly.

For the Immortal Team - Past and Present

Feast Days in Midgaard
RevelationsMortals, Heroes - come celebrate the return of Prince Amalric! But do be swift - there are not many spots left to register. When those fill up, you are out of luck. The Feast will take place in the Antechamber to the Midgaard Throne Room - speak with the chamberlains to enter.

Long live Midgaard!
King Theileus
Reboot on Wednesday - Feast for Prince Amalric
Mortals and heroes - join us Wednesday for Midgaard's Feast Days. The feast will celebrate the safe return of Prince Amalric and will begin at 4PM EST. (more storyline - Check quest notes after).

For the Builder Team,
New construction in northwest Midgaard
Quest NewsThe Midgaardian Masonry is pround to present the newest addition to Midgaard - new estates for dignitaries and nobility alike. Due to the influx of visitors drawn by the return of Prince Amalric and the impending Feast Days, the King has decreed this change necessary.

Unfortunately, this required the razing of certain Housing units (including but not limited to shacks and domiciles). But Progress is Future!

By decree of King Theileus,
Midgaard Masonry Guild

(Please see HELP DIGNITARY QUARTERS OF MIDGAARD. This helpfile includes recommended level ranges and also warnings about the less than permanent nature of objects found within. Note this area includes storyline questing for xp.

Certain objects which might have been lost in the razing will be replaced in the near future.)
Announcing the return of Prince Amalric!
Quest NewsThe letter is addressed to all low mortals and heroes of Midgaardia, as well as various racial dignitaries (Elves, Dwarves, Trogs, and similar).

Breaking open the red wax seal you read...

It is with great joy that I write of the return of my son, Prince Amalric, who had been away studying. On his 16th birthday he has returned to my wife and I. We cannot be more pleased to have him back with us in the safe confines of Midgaard.

In preparation for his safe return we have given the Throne Room a much needed lift in design. We hope that you might be able to join us at a later date for a feast to celebrate this wonderful news.

King Theileus of Midgaard
Queen Liecia of Midgaard

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Have you done the Midgaard Patrol Quest yet? It's revised as of King Theileus' death last week!

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There is a disturbance in the realm as Valin fails to become a Lord at sublevel 377.
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