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See a race or class that wasn't available to you at creation and wonder how you get hold of one? Read HELP PRESTIGE and HELP REMORT for more information on how. - Riviat
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Welcome to the world of Avatar - a constantly evolving, dynamic and fun world which offers possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net. As you progress, the challenge increases so that even veteran power mudders are never bored for long.

Our staff has been working on our system for over 11 years, and have continued striving to provide a superior gaming environment which is appropriate for all ages and walks of life.

Want to connect? Fire up your favorite telnet client (or MUD client) and connect to avatar.outland.org port 3000, or just follow this link.
Quest NewsTo celebrate 20 years of Avatar, this year we are hosting a packed month of events throughout August!

Confirmed events to date are:

Zombie-thon - Kill zombies, or succumb and join them against the players!
A temporary quest area - Dare you enter?
Avatar's reknowned Hand of God (HOG) events!
Item-of-Power Quests - A temporary item with special, awesome powers!
Capture the flag - The classic team game
Boons - Global modifiers that vary each day!
Temporary Insignia bonuses - Permanently Change The Game, um temporarily!
Restore-a-thons! Endless hp and mana... til they end!
Draw from The Deck of Many Things! - Draw a card; for good or ill!
Trivia Quests - Quiz's about various things.
The 3rd Goblin-Quality Quiz - The original anti-quiz!
Numerous minor quests - Assorted fun!
Push-Your-Luck - Will you risk it? Will you Push Your Luck?
Immortal Events - A mixed-bag of fun and prizes.

Thanks for playing!
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-+- SYSTEM MAINTENANCE 2015/06/01 03:00 - 11:00 SYSTEM TIME -+-

Avatar may be unavailable between 03:00 and 11:00 system time on
Monday 2015/06/01 due to essential maintenance. We apologise for
any inconvenience, please plan your runs accordingly. We will be
giving the usual warnings a few minutes before shutting down.

Avatar emergency contact procedure
RevelationsLuckily Avatar is available for your adventure cravings most of the time.
But there's always ther chance that we have some issues (crash, hanging mud, network issues)

Usually players are the first to find out, and together we manage to fix it quickly.
However, to streamline this process we've written a short procedure to make sure detailed info reaches the IMM team as fast as possible.

Click to read what you, as Avatar player, can do to help resolve issues quickly.
And no worries, there is also an Immortal version that helps us figure things out quickly,
and most importantly, communicate this back to everyone else.

EpiphaniesOn behalf of the entire Immortal team, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for your
recent efforts in helping to make Avatar a welcoming place for everyone,
whether new to the game or a long term player.

It is wonderful to see both new players learning to play and becoming our
friends as well as seeing old and treasured friends rejoining us after an

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Jul 17 2015 01:29
I like how Shadowbow got an immortal bless, and barely had he used it, managed to win an angel bless from the newly ascended Twiztid and Scada!

Jul 12 2015 20:13
Any imms going to be available today so i can trade in my imm bless token? please and thank you

Jul 05 2015 01:37

Jun 15 2015 02:27
We can help you find forgotten alts and passwords, by the way.

Jun 12 2015 05:24
I haven't played this game in a very long time. Oh how I miss it. I think I'll be making a comeback.

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Game Updates
Jul 30 2015 20:52
There is a disturbance in the realm as Kevros fails to become a Lord at sublevel 368.
Jul 30 2015 19:19
Keeta has descended to a Lowmort Centaur.
Jul 30 2015 19:09
Tusaldil has remorted into a Sprite Mage.
Jul 30 2015 19:06
Disturbance has descended to a Lowmort Draconian.
Jul 30 2015 18:54
There is a disturbance in the realm as Forseti fails to become a Lord at sublevel 459.