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by Belanor
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by Arp
No New PostsEnchantable Anth Rings Erestor 1329 0 Apr 03 2010 08:08
by Erestor
No New PostsLooking for good bow for my new arc Thwak 1764 1 Jan 31 2009 16:37
by Lorimel
No New PostsHero Piercer Setus 1895 0 Sep 04 2008 23:57
by Setus
No New PostsLooking to trade my Fatewalkers... Kiatoki 2247 3 Jun 02 2008 07:37
by Kiatoki
No New PostsLooking for LORD AC Lizardry 2130 2 Oct 15 2007 08:05
by Lizardry
No New Postswanted - ac or weapon Trinit 2056 0 Oct 10 2007 21:45
by Trinit
No New Postsb12-6 Hero Ac for Trade... Fedaykin 2183 0 Oct 10 2007 03:18
by Fedaykin
No New PostsLooking for ac gear Hylaeus 2020 0 Aug 08 2007 09:01
by Hylaeus
No New Postsmx 51 barons sword for trade Greyfox 2303 0 Jun 04 2007 21:31
by Greyfox
No New PostsLooking for hitgear ac upgrades Jaromil 2312 1 May 16 2007 11:40
by Jaromil
No New Poststrade Svez 2285 0 Mar 15 2007 14:02
by Svez
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Sep 01 2014 23:44
Scarcely have august's events finished than we must turn our eyes toward october and december. Halloween and Christmas event news will be posted up here, so be sure to check outland.org

Aug 30 2014 23:57
Well, the month of August is nearly over. Our 19th birthday celebration draws to a close. The shard realm is gone, but don't fret.... TWO HoGs remain!

Aug 30 2014 08:53
There is currently a +20% xp bonus active (in addition to +10% xp for certain boon races)!

Aug 08 2014 11:23
This is your 40 minute warning. A one-hour Hand of God event will commence soon. Check the time at the top of this shout. Log alts, regen, spell-up, set recall... coffee next to computer! GET REA

Jul 31 2014 00:33
Check out the anniversary events for the month of August! Visit the wiki and click on the anniversary banner. HoGs, quests, trivia, and more besides.

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Sep 23 2014 13:03
DarkEmmi has become a Shadowfist.
Sep 23 2014 00:38
Dawnz successfully morphs from Hero 405 to become Lord Dawnz.
Sep 22 2014 20:08
Figo has remorted into a Troll Berserker.
Sep 22 2014 15:28
There is a disturbance in the realm as Fitwon fails to become a Lord at sublevel 500.
Sep 22 2014 15:24
There is a disturbance in the realm as Sila fails to become a Lord at sublevel 487.