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Newbie Tip
Creating an alias can help you get all of your gear from your corpse. For example if you are standing one room south of your corpse, and there is an aggressive mob guarding it, try 'alias getcorpse north: get all corpse: south' You will often be able to get your gear with no trouble. - Locqui
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[  2 Lgnd  Fae M ] Alrin ReqBotOn
[999 Lord  Trl M ] CLEANSE

[999 Lord  Spr F ] MEMORY
[999 Lord  PaE N ] MESSAGE in a bottle.  I hope that someone gets my...

[999 Lord  Spr M ] Tulpen ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

[999 Lord  Drw F ] Aijimo Be Bold, Exciting and Daring!!

[999 Lord  Gno F ] Moiraine
[999 Lord  Trl N ] Xuyr the Gelatinous Cube

[951 Lord  Trl M ] Wolthu, 
Monk of Apocalypse
[801 Lord  Gth F ] Jonnan
 gish tl'a'ikith, servant of Vlaakith

[638 Lord  Drw F ] Skurt the troll

[623 Lord  HiE M ] Voegelin says:
 "Immanentize the Eschaton!"
[592 Lord  Drc F ] Arbitrage the Unconquerable Telepath


[314 Lord  Spr M ] Malvado the Unconquerable Evil Incarnate

[303 Lord  Drg M ] Hydros.

[245 Lord  Ogr M ] Unobtainium and Darmok on the ocean

[243 Lord  Drg M ] Gomez floats like a bee, stings like a butterfly.

[230 Lord  Spr M ] Gengis.Bot(
[141 Lord  Trl M ] Dukesisqo
 [descendants of the dragon]
[138 Lord  Gno M ] Fallandor.

[122 Lord  GrD N ] Enlightened the Hearty Attendant

[120 Lord  Gth M ] Extatic
[ 84 Lord  Tua M ] Gobo
 the direction of the eye, so misleading
[ 79 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer

[ 28 Lord  Elf N ] Navi says, 
HEY! LISTEN! Getting you wet! 
[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.7 [BOT] tell me help [MIDG]
[  1 Lord  Drw M ] Neodox
 DoxBot 2.0 Mid
[  1 Lord  Liz N ] Sith Mmmm scrambling lord mobs :)

[  1 Lord  Cen F ] Idle
 Spell bot tell Idle help
[786 Hero  Cen M ] Beric has a knack for avoiding death

[784 Hero  Spr M ] Icke the Exemplary Priest

[670 Hero  Fdk M ] Imoru the Spear Carrier

[559 Hero  BuD M ] Elu....

[525 Hero  Ogr M ] Bork on who for war/psi

[504 Hero  FiG M ] Thwak beep for group

[442 Hero  Dgn M ] Illumixplode: 
BLAOW! How you like me now?
[425 Hero  Dsd M ] DrWho the Healthy Adventurer

[369 Hero  BuD M ] Molimo, the Neverending Rock'n'Roll Suicide

[355 Hero  GrD N ] Irlihk says "There is trouble in the gypsy village..."

[348 Hero  Gar M ] Tzoth. McGroth. Chicago, IL. 60652

[ 28 Hero  StG M ] Shardik
 North Central Positronics
[ 14 Hero  Orc M ] Yujiro Hanma

 13 Heroes visible.
 30 Lords visible.
  1 Legend visible.

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Jun 25 2016 00:03

Jun 23 2016 15:39
As a follow-up to my last comment, I was finally able to re-do the Dark Acolyte quest!

Apr 08 2016 17:36
i think the Dark Acolyte Quest is still broken.

Mar 24 2016 18:11
A recent update broke one of the quests in Arx Nivea but the fixes are now in. The Dark Acolyte Quest is now doable post-remort! Also, the main quest has been rebalanced. Enjoy!

Jan 10 2016 16:53
Lordgear for trade, see auction forum

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Game Updates
Jun 26 2016 14:46
There is a disturbance in the realm as Blunder fails to become a Lord at sublevel 403.
Jun 26 2016 13:12
Hydrosis has remorted into a Tuataur Psionicist.
Jun 26 2016 12:03
Khin successfully morphs from Hero 358 to become Lord Khin.
Jun 26 2016 00:01
Locust has become a Mindbender.
Jun 25 2016 23:51
Hydrosis successfully morphs from Hero 366 to become Lord Hydrosis.