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Newbie Tip
Finding that you are dying a lot when fighting mobs? Use the CONSIDER command before starting combat to get a better idea of your survival chances. HELP CONSIDER gives more info. - Riviat
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Avatar does not allow multiplaying in most instances. For more details please see HELP MULTIPLAY and HELP MULTIDAY.

[  5 Lgnd  Trl M ] Gunglegort i likez taterz!
[  2 Lgnd  Fae M ] Alrin wants to be your vacuum cleaner [ReqBot]

[999 Lord  PaE M ] Seytan
 Devil Incarnate within CT
[999 Lord  Spr M ] Tulpen is making the impossible possible

[697 Lord  Dgn M ] Damek is forever ticking down ebony exhaust

[465 Lord  Elf M ] Kaliver
bot@mid [pinfo]
[465 Lord  GrD M ] Tammo's power level is over 9000!

[205 Lord  Fdk N ] Aynu Can't Do That On Television!

[150 Lord  Elf M ] Neilsen Ratings: Plays well in the 25-35 demographic.

[117 Lord  Hum M ] Resetus the Strapping Templar

[102 Lord  Spr M ] Teacup is 
spellBOT, [help/pinfo]
[ 80 Lord  Trl F ] Vaelen
[ 65 Lord  Hel M ] JeKyll.Bot(
[ 61 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer.

[ 35 Lord  Gno M ] Gorion the Disgraceful Levite

[ 32 Lord  HiE N ] Xea the Unhealthy Enchanter

[ 30 Lord  Drw N ] Xune silent hunter.

[ 26 Lord  HiE N ] Hruodland Life is Precious and God and the Bible


[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.7 [BOT] tell me help [MIDG]
[  1 Lord  Hum M ] Dox
 BOT ON Pinfo commands - on Mid
[  1 Lord  Elf M ] Barkhound
Bot Debugging[Thorn]
[903 Hero  Elf N ] Navi says, 
HEY! LISTEN! Getting you wet! 
[626 Hero  GrD M ] Anthrax
[343 Hero  Gol M ] Echin the Sturdy Adventurer

[326 Hero  Drg M ] Fnask mbender. Help 
IDLE                  {Rebel}
[311 Hero  Spr M ] Twink on who group for ALTS, Beep for group.

[274 Hero  Cen N ] Kharius the Strong Conjurer

[273 Hero  HiE M ] EruHina the Archivist

[167 Hero  HiE M ] Thranx
[  2 Hero  Gia F ] Cucumber- not a pickle yet.

[  2 Hero  Fdk F ] Nives wants to finish the 40s

[ 50 Bld   Hum F ] Hohum
 The best things in life aren't things.
[ 47 Psi   Gth M ] Bom
 Gith. Psionicist. BDG.
[ 42 Arc   Cen F ] Ish the Defenseless Traveler

  3 Mortals visible.
 10 Heroes visible.
 20 Lords visible.
  2 Legends visible.

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May 08 2015 17:07
Ever wonder why the wiki at http://avatar.melan
archy.info is so big? 1,244 user accounts have been created on the player-edited Avatar wiki, with 477 users creating and editing helpful articles.

Mar 20 2015 06:09
Giant Feaster Bunnies are infesting the Lord planes cluttering up the place with the radioactive green glow. On the plus side, they are carrying Feaster Eggs!

Mar 15 2015 11:34
Still alive... just too busy with RL for much else. Take care everyone. I'm not dead. Yet.

Mar 09 2015 22:32
Roam, the International Angel of Mystery has been flying for six years, today. Give them the anniversary bumps if you see them!

Mar 08 2015 10:08
Ack, my life halted! avatar down?

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Game Updates
May 25 2015 15:33
Phelrious has remorted into a Sprite Archer.
May 25 2015 06:23
Amagadon successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Amagadon.
May 24 2015 22:09
Bom has remorted into a Gith Psionicist.
May 24 2015 03:01
Thranduil successfully morphs from Hero 501 to become Lord Thranduil.
May 24 2015 00:42
Ayres successfully morphs from Hero 482 to become Lord Ayres.