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Keep your hard earned gold safe from thieves! Make use of the realm's banks, read HELP BANK which explains how to find and use them. - Riviat
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[999 Lord  Spr M ] Tulpen ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
[999 Lord  HiE F ] Caree the Heavenly Sorcerer

[999 Lord  Trl N ] Xuyr the Gelatinous Cube

[644 Lord  Dsd M ] Coyotee.

[632 Lord  Spr F ] Sparget Sukiyaki! Sukiyaki! Sukiyaki!

[627 Lord  Elf M ] Kaliver
bot@thorn [pinfo]

[243 Lord  Drg M ] Gomez floats like a bee, stings like a butterfly.

[102 Lord  Spr M ] Teacup is 
spellBOT, [help/pinfo]
[ 94 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer

[ 62 Lord  Drw F ] Aerniil says, Ask About Our Discounted Spellup!

[ 33 Lord  HiE N ] Yagharek
 [BOT ON] [thorn only]
[ 30 Lord  Tua F ] Arbtastic the Poor Footpad

[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.7 [BOT] tell me help
[  1 Lord  Drw M ] Neodox
 DoxBot 2.0 Mid
[  1 Lord  Cen F ] Idle
 Spell bot tell Idle help
[  1 Lord  Drw M ] Rathbone the Strange Adventurer

[  1 Lord  Drw F ] Keyanae, elusive 
[  1 Lord  Elf M ] Barkhound
 Under Construction
[996 Hero  BuD M ] Elu
[984 Hero  Spr N ] Spleen
 has heroes to run, beep {ARCHITECT}
[637 Hero  Hlf M ] Fuzzywuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

[421 Hero  Spr M ] FYS the Violent Magician

[378 Hero  Cen M ] Solipsis on group me for 
Divide, Arcsec
[362 Hero  BuD M ] Rhaegal
[307 Hero  Gno N ] Yek Yek Yek Yek Yek!

[226 Hero  Tua M ] Kaotic the Worthy Sorcerer

[162 Hero  Liz N ] Mugen
[101 Hero  Drg M ] Zhalord
[ 24 Cle   Drc M ] Deming!

  1 Mortal visible.
 10 Heroes visible.
 19 Lords visible.

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Jul 18 2018 19:08
Service provider outage currently ongoing, check status at https://status.lino

Jan 21 2018 12:28
We're back now! Sorry all, there was an outage on our service provider side (it seems) and that caused everything to go down.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
doesn't seem to be a network issue as ping and traceroute respond pretty well.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
No idea, guess it's more than a crash.

Jan 21 2018 11:50
Anyone got an idea what’s wrong.

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Game Updates
Oct 21 2018 22:34
Astro successfully morphs from Hero 329 to become Lord Astro.
Oct 21 2018 22:00
There is a disturbance in the realm as Castie fails to become a Lord at sublevel 517.
Oct 21 2018 21:22
Motta successfully morphs from Hero 505 to become Lord Motta.
Oct 21 2018 08:18
There is a disturbance in the realm as Caillinn fails to become a Lord at sublevel 444.
Oct 21 2018 02:34
There is a disturbance in the realm as Malphite fails to become a Lord at sublevel 538.