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Newbie Tip
Things may seem overwhelming at first but they will get easier as you play more. Remember, you're not alone, everyone had to learn how to play. Making notes may help. - Riviat
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[999 Lord  Trl M ] Lurch... you rang?
[999 Lord  Trl M ] Gunglegort i likez taterz!

[999 Lord  PaE N ] Impending the Indomitable Psychic

[999 Lord  Gno M ] Styrr mid bot on

[102 Lord  Spr M ] Teacup is 
spellBOT, [help/pinfo]
[ 99 Lord  HiE M ] Duskrta the Amusing Sorcerer

[ 64 Lord  Gno M ] Ecliptic the Irresistible Wizard

[ 61 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer.

[ 55 Lord  Spr M ] Mytrian

[ 35 Lord  Gno M ] Gorion the Disgraceful Levite

[ 28 Lord  Hum F ] Holley the Playful Soldier

[ 28 Lord  Liz M ] Sila
[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.6 [BOT] tell me help or pl info
[  5 Lord  Cen M ] Jachin done.

[  1 Lord  Hlf M ] Iduerin.

[423 Hero  Liz M ] Xyzthrhl the Intense Magus

[238 Hero  HiE M ] Delani Hamarlof 
HiE Wzd of Apocalypse
[192 Hero  Drg M ] Lytor the Brilliant Adventurer

[161 Hero  Drg M ] Dawntide
[ 27 Hero  Gth F ] Kanwal flows like a river

[  9 Hero  Ent M ] Sweetleaf will introduce you, to your 
[  4 Hero  Elf F ] Blixt.

[ 49 Pal   Drg F ] Tamara.

[ 45 Mon   MnI M ] Kixo the Elite Levite

[ 10 Psi   Drw F ] Firestar the Brilliant Mindreader

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Oct 21 2014 15:52
And 10th on TMC.

Oct 20 2014 18:59
Back to lucky 13th position on TMS! Thank you for voting! Keep it up!

Oct 01 2014 15:58
3 new polls are open for voting - Players have submitted names for the upcoming new gemstones. Which do you like best? Vote and let us know.

Sep 01 2014 23:44
Scarcely have august's events finished than we must turn our eyes toward october and december. Halloween and Christmas event news will be posted up here, so be sure to check outland.org

Aug 30 2014 23:57
Well, the month of August is nearly over. Our 19th birthday celebration draws to a close. The shard realm is gone, but don't fret.... TWO HoGs remain!

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Game Updates
Oct 24 2014 13:34
Rhylzyr successfully morphs from Hero 372 to become Lord Rhylzyr.
Oct 24 2014 03:32
Malzahan has become a Shadowfist.
Oct 24 2014 00:50
Blixt has become a Stormlord.
Oct 23 2014 22:03
There is a disturbance in the realm as Essel fails to become a Lord at sublevel 434.
Oct 23 2014 15:30
Jhovall has become a Bodyguard.