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Take the time to read room and mob descriptions carefully. There are often hints which give clues about hidden items, quests or warnings about particularly dangerous areas. - Riviat
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[999 Lord  PaE N ] Impending the Indomitable Psychic
[999 Lord  Liz M ] Jeffery the Astute Mage

[688 Lord  Mir N ] TRoZ
[465 Lord  Elf M ] Kaliver
bot@mid [pinfo]
[102 Lord  Spr M ] Teacup is 
spellBOT, [help/pinfo]
[ 65 Lord  Spr M ] Gengis.Bot("ON").Location("Midgaard|Thorngate")

[ 61 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer.


[ 25 Lord  Drw N ] Xune silent hunter.

[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.5 [BOT] tell me help or pl info
[  1 Lord  Hum M ] Dox
 BOT ON Pinfo commands - on Mid
[  1 Lord  Dsd F ] Melody the Brilliant Summoner

[999 Hero  Cen F ] Coleoptera
[801 Hero  PyI M ] Shinju the ten tails 
[685 Hero  Tua M ] Kabrakan 2: Now with a third eye!

[619 Hero  Due F ] Jenino the Quick Warrior

[435 Hero  Fdk M ] Uruloki the Robust Brainteaser

[266 Hero  Gth N ] Calp
[228 Hero  Hum M ] GOGMAN licky boom boom down!

[208 Hero  Cen M ] Sovis the Treacherous Knight

[ 49 Hero  Tua F ] Miffy the Obnoxious Warlock

[ 43 Hero  Grf M ] Prime
[  9 Hero  Gth F ] Kanwal flows like a river

[ 32 War   Gar M ] Kukin Hamarlof 
Gar War of Apocalypse
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 11 Heroes visible.
 12 Lords visible.

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Sep 01 2014 23:44
Scarcely have august's events finished than we must turn our eyes toward october and december. Halloween and Christmas event news will be posted up here, so be sure to check outland.org

Aug 30 2014 23:57
Well, the month of August is nearly over. Our 19th birthday celebration draws to a close. The shard realm is gone, but don't fret.... TWO HoGs remain!

Aug 30 2014 08:53
There is currently a +20% xp bonus active (in addition to +10% xp for certain boon races)!

Aug 08 2014 11:23
This is your 40 minute warning. A one-hour Hand of God event will commence soon. Check the time at the top of this shout. Log alts, regen, spell-up, set recall... coffee next to computer! GET REA

Jul 31 2014 00:33
Check out the anniversary events for the month of August! Visit the wiki and click on the anniversary banner. HoGs, quests, trivia, and more besides.

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Game Updates
Sep 18 2014 01:37
Liong has become a Black Dragon.
Sep 18 2014 00:46
Shakti has remorted into a Gith Paladin.
Sep 17 2014 22:20
There is a disturbance in the realm as Maxine fails to become a Lord at sublevel 410.
Sep 17 2014 12:05
Melody successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Melody.
Sep 17 2014 04:43
There is a disturbance in the realm as Jenino fails to become a Lord at sublevel 602.