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[  2 Lgnd  Fae M ] Alrin ReqBotOn
[999 Lord  Gno F ] Flourish for your Attention???

[999 Lord  HiE F ] Caree the Heavenly Sorcerer

[999 Lord  PaE N ] Impending the Treacherous Psionicist

[999 Lord  Spr M ] Tulpen ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

[999 Lord  Trl N ] Xuyr the Gelatinous Cube

[999 Lord  Tua M ] Gilvaroth si
[917 Lord  Fdk N ] Aynu iso 
[900 Lord  HiE N ] Eden sitting on a citadel contemplating life

[715 Lord  Trl M ] Wolthu, 
Monk of Apocalypse
[704 Lord  Liz F ] Fernfrost the Playful Conjurer of 
[454 Lord  Spr F ] Ayres of the Lynn Clan

[411 Lord  Dgn F ] Nima the Weak Adventurer


[274 Lord  Gno M ] Wiggles and Jiggles!

[242 Lord  Drg M ] Gomez floats like a bee, stings like a butterfly.

[225 Lord  Spr M ] Gengis.Bot(
[150 Lord  Elf M ] Neilsen Ratings: Plays well in the 25-35 demographic.

[146 Lord  Dgn M ] Mundegaarde is, and always will be, Strongbad's main man.

[105 Lord  Dgn M ] Sisqo Dancer of Borley

[102 Lord  Spr M ] Teacup is 
spellBOT, [help/pinfo]
[ 79 Lord  Spr M ] Zaffer

[ 44 Lord  Trl M ] Hauer is a little teapot

[ 28 Lord  Fdk M ] Hiram hooty hoo!

[ 26 Lord  Liz M ] Lite is mitey!

[ 25 Lord  HiE N ] Yagharek the Exile

[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.7 [BOT] tell me help [Thorn]
[  1 Lord  Drw M ] Neodox
 DoxBot 2.0 Mid
[  1 Lord  Cen F ] Idle
 Spell bot tell Idle help
[950 Hero  Cen F ] Arbinger the Nimble Wanderer

[786 Hero  Cen M ] Beric has a knack for avoiding death

[484 Hero  BuD M ] Elu....

[430 Hero  Gol M ] WEGLiJAH's rhinestone eyes are like factories far away

[429 Hero  Cen M ] Willie.

[426 Hero  Orc M ] Machukta the Insidious Hunter

[ 74 Hero  Hob M ] Grumel the Innocent Archer

[ 61 Hero  Dgn F ] Cloe the little Wizard

[ 56 Hero  Liz M ] Xanos the Heavenly Magician

  9 Heroes visible.
 28 Lords visible.
  1 Legend visible.

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Apr 08 2016 17:36
i think the Dark Acolyte Quest is still broken.

Mar 24 2016 18:11
A recent update broke one of the quests in Arx Nivea but the fixes are now in. The Dark Acolyte Quest is now doable post-remort! Also, the main quest has been rebalanced. Enjoy!

Jan 10 2016 16:53
Lordgear for trade, see auction forum

Dec 27 2015 09:28
whats up with the link!

Dec 24 2015 12:43
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, from all the staff at AVATAR MUD! We hope you all have a great winter holiday!

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May 04 2016 10:33
There is a disturbance in the realm as Durty fails to become a Lord at sublevel 440.
May 03 2016 23:19
Quaye successfully morphs from Hero 306 to become Lord Quaye.
May 03 2016 23:18
Iskander successfully morphs from Hero 370 to become Lord Iskander.
May 03 2016 19:46
Scryb has become a Fusilier.
May 03 2016 19:08
There is a disturbance in the realm as Raposao fails to become a Lord at sublevel 475.