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Need to practice new skills and spells? Read HELP TRAINERS and HELP GUILDS for more information on where you need to go. - Riviat
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Avatar does not allow multiplaying in most instances. For more details please see HELP MULTIPLAY and HELP MULTIDAY.

[  2 Lgnd  Fae M ] Alrin wants to be your vacuum cleaner [ReqOn]
[999 Lord  Spr M ] Tulpen ticking away the moments that make up a dull day

[999 Lord  Drw F ] Aijimo has come to bring you BAD LUCK!!

[465 Lord  Elf M ] Kaliver
bot@thorn [pinfo]
[465 Lord  GrD M ] Tammo's power level is over 9000!

[410 Lord  Fdk N ] Aynu Can't Do That On Television!

[151 Lord  Gno F ] Moskali Moskau Moskau!

[121 Lord  Orc F ] Fanta the Poor Cut-Purse

[ 88 Lord  Gno M ] Chmod
 -R 777 /
[ 65 Lord  Hel M ] JeKyll.Bot(
[ 49 Lord  Tua M ] Kabrakan 2: Now with a third eye!

[ 30 Lord  Drw N ] Xune silent hunter.

[ 19 Lord  Elf N ] Navi says, 
HEY! LISTEN! Getting you wet! 

[  5 Lord  Elf M ] ASeT
 4.7 [BOT] tell me help [MIDG]
[  1 Lord  Elf M ] Barkhound
[  1 Lord  Cen F ] Idle
 Spell bot tell Idle help
[872 Hero  Trl N ] Setus
[472 Hero  Liz F ] Alune the Unhealthy Monk

[261 Hero  GrD N ] Irlihk the Wicked Warrior

[166 Hero  Cen F ] Charique is a 
 Centaur on Wheels! 
[ 33 Mag   Drc M ] Mellifera the (Mostly) Harmless Magician

[ 13 War   Hel M ] Yeren the Foul Warrior

  2 Mortals visible.
  4 Heroes visible.
 16 Lords visible.
  1 Legend visible.

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Jul 05 2015 01:37

Jun 15 2015 02:27
We can help you find forgotten alts and passwords, by the way.

Jun 12 2015 05:24
I haven't played this game in a very long time. Oh how I miss it. I think I'll be making a comeback.

May 31 2015 11:08
... you would like us to run again this summer, do please send us a note or email.

May 31 2015 11:08
This summer marks 20 fabulous years of A.V.A.T.A.R. We are already plotting a month of delights for your amusement. If there are any quests or events that you fondly remember from years past that

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Game Updates
Jul 05 2015 01:43
REBOOT GOODNESS! :D (And the angel mote quest is unaffected)
Jul 05 2015 00:08
Xochitl has become a Bladedancer.
Jul 04 2015 22:26
Irlihk has become a Green Dragon.
Jul 04 2015 12:45
Jebus has remorted into a Troll Paladin.
Jul 03 2015 23:02
Memnoch has remorted into a Fire Giant Berserker.