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AVATAR is full of quests! Look at mobs, examine tickets, and put your brain to the test. Look at the gnome shopkeeper in the area north of the meadow for your first quest. - Locqui
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Author Avatar tips and tricks

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Posts: 26
Location: Seeking hidden knowledge
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Mar 10 2008 04:02
Hi all, it suddenly occurred to me that I keep meaning to share some of the tips I've worked out about playing Avatar over the last several years.

Some of these are for the new player, some are things you might class as generally accepted rules that don't even count as tips. *shrugs*

Therefore, if you're at all inclined to think you have heard it all before and there's nothing new you can learn about playing our favorite MUD, move on to the next post now...

In no particular order:

1) remember to use racial fly when you are little - it conserves your move points, and you don't start with many. (edit - at low levels you no longer consume movement points in this fashion, yay!)

2) 'help meadow' shows a circus - there's a vendor there who sells cotton candy, which gives you movement points back. (edit - circus replaced with carnival)

3) if your class adepts skills at 85% or 90% during the levels 1 - 50 and you've just got your skill/spell to 80/84/89, don't spend the next prac point to adept the skill until you reach hero - that way the last point will get you all the way to 95%. Over 30 or so skills, this can save you quite a lot of pracs - especially important for races which aren't very wise.

I have more, but I'd like to invite the rest of you to share some of your own accumulated wisdom, should you care to

English does not borrow from other languages. English follows other languages into dark alleys, raps them over the head with a cudgel, then goes through their pockets for loose vocabulary and spare grammar.
Edited by Wiseman on Mar 03 2009 07:06
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Author RE: another tip

Posts: 8
Location: Tennessee, USA
Joined: 13.05.07
Posted on Apr 02 2008 10:18
If you're a monk, and using wiki to find the best gear, be sure to check the archer gear lists... they include the best pure hit gear (as opposed to hit/dam gear), that the hit gear lists often leave out.

Also note that the previous tip re newbie fly no longer applies, since low lowmorts no longer use movement points. Fly might still make you a bit harder to hit, however.

amore cecidi tamquam blatta in peluim.
--Decimus Laberius
Author RE: helpers

Posts: 28
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Jan 24 2009 15:50
these are worth looking at, maybe even bookmarking.
A rogue must read
An oldy but a goody
I am AMAZED this actually still exists, let alone works!
Author RE: racial fly before spellup

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on Jan 26 2009 21:40
it's nice to racial fly before a spellup, though it wont last as long. but it help with dodge and with hitting opponents, negating their dodge.
Author RE: Avatar tips and tricks

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on Feb 28 2009 00:44
be sure for ac/tank gear to check your three most important pieces, those with base modifiers for ac as per


namely: on body (x3), off hand (x3), about body (x2)

and have those at b12
Author RE: charged shields

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on Apr 23 2009 12:22
your shield should be b12 ac and warded against whatever type of charge you are going to give it (it, lightning, fire, etc). further, for hero level use it should be given additional wards as needed to raise its level to 54. the charge coming off a discharging shield gives more damage the higher the level the shield.

Author RE: what is a 'no melee' dmg area?

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on May 22 2009 02:14
some so-called 'no melee' dmg areas such as tortuga's cay are really not - blunt dmg such as from monks, bzk blunt weapons, etc., and from any psi dancing weapon, will dmg mobs just fine. these can be nice areas for low heroes of these 'non-caster' classes.
Author RE: Avatar tips and tricks

User Avatar

Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on Aug 20 2009 17:24
Type ABILITIES to see your

throwing restriction
ambidexterity proficiency
teaching capabilities
maximum surge possible
maximum augment possible
total lord leadership points maximum projectiles which can be scattershot
Author RE: Avatar tips and tricks

User Avatar

Posts: 46
Joined: 28.09.05
Posted on Aug 21 2009 11:18
Laazarus wrote:
it's nice to racial fly before a spellup, though it wont last as long. but it help with dodge and with hitting opponents, negating their dodge.

Helping with dodge is not true. Negating of enemies dodge is true though.
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