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Author Mud Connector

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Posts: 20
Location: Netherlands
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on Apr 27 2007 17:34

Totally outdated.

To quote a few things..
- (100+ online at any given time!)
- []
- "We run on dual PIII 600s, 256M RAM, RAID'd."
- "..any one of the 23 races and 6 classes can lead to victory.."

Someone should let these people know they should work on their database more
The file they have is dated October 2001.
MooNFisH1985 moonfish@gmail.com
Author RE: Mud Connector

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Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on Apr 28 2007 04:58
Thanks for the headsup, we'll look at getting the updated information collated and sent to MUDConnector as soon as we can.
Author RE: Mud Connector

Posts: 6
Location: Oklahoma
Joined: 08.03.07
Posted on Apr 29 2007 16:02
It was through the Mudconnector that I found Avatar. I was disappointed with the information not being accurate. I have not, in the least, been disappointed with the mud. I still have a lot to learn and a long ways to go but I am happy with AVATAR. Back to the point, I liked the Mud connector better than Topmudsites and always used it because of the way it was set up and the way a mud search could be filtered. I was lucky to get outdated information and find AVATAR. I have thrown away the other muds that I have dabbled in. AVATAR gets my vote, every day.
BTW I just noticed AVATAR is all left handed keys.

Knowledge is power, I'm as smart as a box of rocks.
?? pc illiterate none Gnistar007
Author RE: Mud Connector

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Posts: 46
Joined: 28.09.05
Posted on May 03 2007 15:40
hmm, this is a good reminder that we have to add the vote on mudconnector button up...

there we go. VOTE!
Edited by Pulse on May 03 2007 19:53
Author RE: Mud Connector

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Posts: 20
Location: Netherlands
Joined: 27.01.07
Posted on May 18 2007 10:30
Another thing about the mud connector.. you can have it show the count in the vote button:

<a href="http://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/vote_rank.cgi?mud=AVATAR+Mud">
<img border="0" src="http://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/get_rank_button.cgi?mud=AVATAR+Mud" alt="Vote for Our Mud on TMC!"></a>
MooNFisH1985 moonfish@gmail.com
Author RE: Mud Connector

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Posts: 46
Joined: 28.09.05
Posted on May 19 2007 07:57
yeah, seen that, tried it.
But it would not fit into the theme of our layout then,(and personally I hate flashing buttons).
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TMS seems to be counting more accurately this month

Mar 02 2017 13:07
TMS is still not counting votes, damn them! Somehow they count Outbound clicks better then Inbound which you would think would indicate to them there is an obvious error, but apparently not.

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Christmas HOG now!

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The End is Nigh!

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