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Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

Posts: 25
Joined: 21.03.11
Posted on May 21 2012 02:34
Riviat wrote:We've had a number of players quit the game because they had permanently lost irreplacable gear that had taken years to attain or had special sentimental value i.e. had been given to them by someone who no longers plays etc.

Before boons, they were completely out of luck.

If only there was some sort of godlike entity overseeing everything which could make things right!
Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

User Avatar

Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on May 21 2012 06:36
Unsure of the point you're trying to make there Takayuchi.

If you're saying that we should have done/do something about this issue, then we have already done so preivously in a limited fashion by making boons available and more recently by introducing morgue code.

If purely sarcastic, *shrug*, replying to this was time I could have spent on something else, more beneficial to the mud.

Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

Posts: 3
Joined: 06.11.07
Posted on May 23 2012 00:44
Perhaps there could be area-specific morgue adjustments. For example, losing your corpse in an EHA would incur a greater gold/time penalty than losing your corpse in the Valley of the Sun. It makes thematic sense (gotta pay better retrievers, takes longer to recruit them or recover corpse) and accomplishes the goals of the Morgue while increasing the adrenaline-feed in scarier areas.

PS - Dahlia's post was awesome.

Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

Posts: 35
Joined: 21.12.07
Posted on May 23 2012 08:15
just wanted to post a few thoughts after reading this thread.

i for one never knew of the "one-off boon" thing. i suspect that unless morgue is extremely simple and automated it will increase the difference between those players "in the know" for such things, such as the boons, and the majority who either can't be bothered to learn about it or just haven't figured it out. things like requiring alt lists and insure to really take advantage will diminish the number of players who use it.

however, at least the morgue has been publicized, unlike the boons (at least that i saw). so you could argue that it's the players own "responsibility" to learn and use this new feature. i'm just saying i suspect some will not, particularly if it requires much work. this seems more a function of play style than anything else so i can't see it changing much over time.

similarly, as dahlia mentioned, without gear loss the gulf between those with twinky gear and those without will increase over time. this will even further increase the "inter-tier" divisions amongst twink/pwr players who have bsets to plevel them, lots of twinky/quest gear, and know all the tricks/bugs/etc, and those who don't (the "haves" and "have-nots" as it were).

also, for those not willing or able to use morgue it may decrease the availability of CR help.
Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

User Avatar

Posts: 91
Location: UK
Joined: 14.07.05
Posted on May 24 2012 17:10
Hi Laazarus, the one off "boon" to get gear back is mentioned in HELP GEAR LOSS
This helpfile went in when the Requests team was formed.

Admittedly, it's been several years since Requests team became active but there were notes posted at the time mentioning what sort of things the team would deal with and I'm sure that gear loss was mentioned.

Also we (the Imms) usually refer someone to submit a Request about gear loss if asked to help if we were either in the middle of something already and are unable to assist immediately or we don't have the necessary access/commands to assist.

Sorry that you weren't aware.
Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

User Avatar

Posts: 5
Joined: 12.02.10
Posted on May 25 2012 21:32
Your post intrigued me. While I think everyone should be bothered to learn about as much as they can, I think you brought up an interesting point. It has been what 5 years or so since the mud school was redesigned? I'm not suggesting we make a major change to it as its already longer than I think it should be, but several changes have been made to Avatar since then. Also how about some more 'random' messages like the ones you get from Snikt when you reach certain levels that mention things that might not necessarily affect game play?

Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

Posts: 6
Joined: 20.11.07
Posted on Jun 17 2012 09:23
Just in case you didn't notice, I recently implemented the "nomorgue" config toggle. I hope that some of you find this new feature useful.
Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

Posts: 4
Joined: 10.03.08
Posted on Feb 06 2014 20:20
I agree completely! the danger of losing gear made the game more fun to me. I would not shed a tear if morgue was removed along with multiday and eha. easier is not fun, a challenge and risk is fun.
Author RE: Criticism of the Morgue & proposed changes

User Avatar

Posts: 11
Location: United Kingdom of G.B, N.I and Berwick upon Twede.
Joined: 16.02.13
Posted on Mar 11 2014 23:52
I don't think morgue should be removed completely, as it is clearly a positive step with regard to player retention.

It would appear to just be a matter of finding the right balance of penalty to make death a fearsome thing against the benefits of the morgue.

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