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Author Trade circle

Posts: 5
Joined: 14.02.07
Posted on Dec 02 2007 01:41
I've been toying around with setting up a trade circle.

Basicly 5 people that trade exclusivly with each other to gain bonus resources for all of their nations.

My proposed setup is:
lumber, lead, coal, iron, marble, aluminium, oil, gold, water, wheat, rubber
and that leaves one open slot

My Nation: Jotunheimr
Resources: rubber, coal

So far I've gotten the following:
Nation: Gaia Nation
Resources: Marble, Gold

Nation: The HiElands
Resources: Iron, Wine

Note:This country lacks two needed resources, but has expressed interest, this means that our bonus resource will be wine.

Nation: Downunder
Resources: lumber, lead

Nation: Gufton
Resources: oil, wheat

Kiruzog didnt want to be part of this, so have to delay
missing resources is: water, aluminium

Leader names in order listed is: Henning, Vaden, Randalla, Faena, Sepadre

The bonus resources granted by this setup will be:
construction (requires 5 or more tech)
microchips (requires 10 or more tech)
radiation-cleanup (requires 15 or more tech)
scolarship (requires high literacy rate which basicly means lots of tech, schools and universities, but nice for later on)

See: http://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Resources_&_Trades for detailed descriptions on bonuses granted.

The reason for wanting this as an exclusive trade between 5, or a trade circle if you prefer is stability. It seems to me like a pretty sweet deal for everyone included so should take some thought or special needs to want to break out.

I'm very new to all of this so feel free to comment if you think the idea is flawed, but seems pretty good to me.

[edited to reflect posting further down]
Edited by Ssshtiski on Dec 17 2007 13:50
Author RE: Trade circle

User Avatar

Posts: 8
Location: Oregon
Joined: 21.08.07
Posted on Dec 02 2007 01:45
good luck
Edited by Kiruzog on Dec 08 2007 04:27
Author RE: Trade circle

Posts: 4
Joined: 09.10.07
Posted on Dec 02 2007 23:21
I have gold and Wine, not sure if that will be of any help but if it is please let me know.

Author RE: Trade circle

Posts: 11
Location: Sol system
Joined: 24.01.07
Posted on Dec 03 2007 11:01
nation: Essian prime, its a few days old, 2 slots open.

i have cattle and lead. anyway, i'm in ubercon applicants and don't know a lot about the game. i've extended trade offers to 2 others at similar low str. feel free to trade.

i wanted rubber, oil, anything to help infrastruc, land, troops, economy...
Edited by Helram on Dec 05 2007 10:03
Author RE: trade circle

User Avatar

Posts: 9
Joined: 02.04.07
Posted on Dec 11 2007 09:46
I have oil and wheat if you still need those two
Author RE: Trade circle

Posts: 3
Joined: 29.01.07
Posted on Dec 14 2007 04:14
*Note:This country lacks two needed resources, but has expressed interest, this means that our bonus resource will be whine if we go with this. Whine increase happiness and will have a positive affect on income if population aren't too happy already if I understand this right.*

We all need a little whine in our lives I agree. Some seem to have a little more whine in them than others, and some definately need a little more than they are getting. I particularly agree with the sentiment that whine increases personal happiness. I know a lot of people who arent happy unless they are whining.

I'm sorry bud, I just couldnt help but have a bit of a joke with that. I think you mean *wine*
Author RE: Trade circle

Posts: 5
Joined: 14.02.07
Posted on Dec 15 2007 09:29
If we can trick fin and sepadre actually joins we would be there. Will try to whine and wine to Fin about this *inno*
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