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Statistics May 2007
Articles | Archives | Player Statistics | May 2007

Here are the new character stats for May 2007:


No Lords ascended in May 2007.


18 Heroes morphed in May 2007. Please welcome the following to the Lord tier:
Balor            Calp             Deamon           DeMortE        
Fission          Freyr            Gai              Innerspirit    
Jeggred          Kelemvor         Nebulune         Niniane        
Novae            Rivertam         Sabbath          Sarphyra       
Skyrazor         Valuthias      


24 characters remorted or descended in May 2007. Please wish the following good luck:
* Aliza from a Lord Elf Archer to a Hero High Elf Archer
* Arwen from a Lord Elf Archer to a Hero High Elf Archer
* Chewbacca from a Lord Giant Warrior to a Hero Giant Warrior
* Fierlo from a Lord Griffon Rogue to a Hero Griffon Rogue
* Firenze from a Lord Half-Orc Archer to a Hero Half-Orc Archer
* Khyfa from a Lord Human Berserker to a Hero Human Berserker
* Laventish from a Lord Elf Mage to a Hero Elf Sorcerer
* Llanor from a Lord Elf Mage to a Hero High Elf Mage
* Lorac from a Lord Dragon Wizard to a Hero Dragon Wizard
* MacD from a Lord Tuataur Berserker to a Hero Tuataur Berserker
* Mythril from a Lord Sprite Wizard to a Hero Sprite Wizard
* NightHawk from a Legend Ogre Warrior to a Lord Ogre Warrior
* Rapid from a Legend Drow Sorcerer to a Lord Drow Sorcerer
* Rift from a Legend Minotaur Berserker to a Lord Minotaur Berserker
* RIvAk from a Legend Troll Berserker to a Lord Troll Berserker
* Rraf from a Lord Drow Archer to a Hero Drow Archer
* Sapian from a Lord Troll Rogue to a Hero Troll Rogue
* Slade from a Lord Orc Warrior to a Hero Orc Warrior
* Tammo from a Legend Sprite Sorcerer to a Lord Sprite Sorcerer
* Tiana from a Lord Elf Archer to a Lowmort Elf Assassin
* Tokin from a Lord Troll Rogue to a Hero Troll Rogue
* TRaGiR from a Lord Ogre Warrior to a Hero Ogre Warrior
* Vortex from a Lord High Elf Archer to a Hero High Elf Archer
* Wembley from a Lord Drow Archer to a Hero Drow Archer


1 characters deleted in May 2007:


Please congratulate 29 characters who have achieved Super Hero+:
Frezna         (503)    Rhinox         (505)    Urthro         (506)
Eldikar        (507)    Fuzzywomper    (509)    Eimi           (516)
Cactrot        (519)    Dak            (527)    Celeno         (528)
Strygo         (531)    Wych           (536)    Kortei         (542)
Incinerator    (544)    Cythrawll      (545)    Cayce          (549)
Annechris      (563)    Dublam         (575)    Cloppety       (578)
Charge         (579)    Cloudscale     (629)    Lily           (633)
Svez           (637)    Antiphates     (641)    Tuk            (662)
Grushnak       (686)    DiX            (754)    Talrasha       (804)
Bashful        (834)    Mimrim         (999)


11 Heroes failed to morph in May 2007:
Drenalone        Ulath            Lunchbox         Drury          
Elfis            Miluchrach       Hidden           Mooo           
Castlekeep       Ziggen           Bocklava       


Top 10 Hero

1 .) Mimrim         (533)
2 .) Talrasha       (448)
3 .) Bashful        (389)
4 .) Bisco          (386)
5 .) Tuk            (339)
6 .) Lily           (334)
7 .) Helonia        (306)
8 .) DiX            (302)
9 .) Sapian         (279)
10.) Grushnak       (266)

Top 10 Lord

1 .) Rohirrim       (101)
2 .) Shalandir      (77)
3 .) Nebulaze       (69)
4 .) Redeem         (48)
5 .) Valuthias      (46)
6 .) Calp           (44)
7 .) Ssshtiski      (40)
     Tammo          (40)
8 .) Paris          (38)
9 .) Grak           (34)
10.) Molimo         (33)

Top 5 Legend

1 .) Jaromil        (1)

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Jul 23 2019 03:32
There is a disturbance in the realm as Prosatanos fails to become a Lord at sublevel 402.
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Cup successfully morphs from Hero 887 to become Lord Cup.
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The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jul 23 2019 00:13
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jul 22 2019 16:17
There is a disturbance in the realm as Typhus fails to become a Lord at sublevel 436.