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2003-10-18 11:10:16
help boat and help water breathing should both refer to help drown

level 1

2003-10-18 12:17:14
throw: a warrior throws a weapon into the next room at a mob, if it hits there is a chance of it sticking to the mob, if it misses then it is forsure on the ground (similar to ls, but ammo is alot heavier, so damage should be close to ls, also dex and str should play apart in hitting or not)


2003-10-18 19:31:52
give monks counter at 30 instead of 45, and give an enhanced counter, that ups counter damage by a * or two, at 45. *shrugs*


2003-10-18 22:31:58
marry social: you get on your knees and propose in a romantic voice to blablah


2003-10-19 00:34:40
toggle angel alert. a toggle to let you know if an angel has quit or entered the game. also let you know if they are on a mercy at the moment. the toggle could be turned off so you had the option to get no info


2003-10-19 01:29:56
add the keyword 'ultimate' to the ultimate dragon on hero quest.

level 1

2003-10-19 10:25:44
drgs should either have lower tnl, or given more stuff to compensate. heck I am a liz man and I can hit better than any drg at hero, what's up with that?


2003-10-19 15:18:34
all tickets for ultimoose should pop on reboot so poeple cant camp it


2003-10-19 15:57:30
somehow eliminate demonbank spam when buying more than 1 of a certain item (so it doesn't show each line)

level 3

2003-10-19 16:03:10
make it visible who checks groupstat, to prevent people spamming it in large groups

how will that prevent it...is it honestly something people don't own up to doing?

2003-10-19 16:56:36
lord 250 or 500 psi spell, targetting anger management


2003-10-19 23:22:59
since surge is balanced with augment, the levels the two abilities are learnable at should correspond with eachother.. for example, since wars dont get augment til legend 1, they shouldnt get surge til legend 1


2003-10-20 00:00:47
a mage/psi/sor (or one of or combination of the three) ritual in which upon initiation a damage spell will be produced against the initiators target. From time of initiation to casting should be a few rounds, and damage is based on the number of casters who jump on the bandwagon before discharge. Appropriate lag after casting.

already approved. look at the website.

2003-10-20 06:52:47
cripple: 3 sor ritual (lord) targetted at a single mob, of average or below strength. (hm, level 150 or less?) successful casting puts the mob to sleep and ends combat, and sets its level to 60 or so. ripe for immolation. mmm. mob is also rendered uncharmable and will die in a few tics. substantial lag for whoever completes the ritual. like df.


2003-10-20 17:39:08
wizard's eye Mage skill cast with direction or into portal/nexus to LOOK in another room.

need a new name. I have wizard's eye pegged for something else.

2003-10-20 19:06:37
give dwarves ability to attempt to "upgrade" a type of gem they hold for spells embed and manifest

heh. no

2003-10-20 22:49:17
make the evil books in the avatar temple library be evil


2003-10-21 14:45:12
remove *'s at start for archers on select screen. Archers are spunjs.

no. write english or don't submit ideas. you've ruined my mood, dude. The vibe is lost and it's all your fault!!! GAH!

2003-10-21 18:14:21
lord level gurney brandish/wand so when people bite the dust in no spell areas then don't have to spend 40 minutes sitting around not running


2003-10-21 19:51:49
give mages augment

they have it

2003-10-22 07:36:36
When you automorph, you get better stats, its almost like a super gen!


2003-10-22 15:14:18
hiss social *shrug* just because dragons and lizards have to have something to do

level 1 if not a preexisting idea.

2003-10-22 16:35:12
I have a great idea about clans but I do not make the rules. I would like to take this oppurtunity te express my idea's about clans. 1. I think that a clans would be great assests to this wolrd not only would they bring out team work from players and create a family like atmosphere, I think that they would also help out newbie alts plus some old ones that are coming back. there are many things that c

The extent of your clan stuff are buddychannels. There you go. Your own clan channel.

2003-10-22 19:50:59
doe last born on remorted charachters...replace 'a long long time ago' with 'reborn on' for the prompt

no opinion

2003-10-22 22:56:34
lord demorph, by 75% vote of all lords who log on during a week one span, a lord whose level shall not exceed 50 can be returned to hero 500 with the morph command unavailable until 999 (full gains for the 499 levels as compensation)


2003-10-23 01:21:51
let deaf mode be carried through relogging


2003-10-23 01:22:53
Lord Morphing info should be displayed for all chars.. even lowmorts.


2003-10-23 03:03:14
have the help files for skills show the various classes and respective levels that get that skill


2003-10-23 16:36:54
depositto a command so we can deposit money to other ppl's accounts, mostly for use with auctions and quests, but has many other applications as well.

like transing your gold to your alts. Yes...we know exactly what you want to do...not right now and if it occurs...the 2 people will have to be online. HA!

2003-10-23 18:54:38
not sure if this exists but giving people the power to crerate tempory forums on avatar like the rooms imm staff run occasionaly


2003-10-23 21:33:01
instead of fetch bringing the item into the room into the psion's hand, make it have a chance of dropping either in the room or in a room in the path of the fetching


2003-10-24 00:46:47
Only provide neuter gender option on creation of races where it makes sense. Eg Humans, elves, dwarves, and most other humanoids don't make sense as neuters.

or eliminate all sexes because it doesn't matter.

2003-10-24 02:31:14
re-etch ....re-etch an etched keyword at jeweler...x2 cost of etch, usable only once. for times that you want to change keyword, or have bought an item off auction with an unsuitable keyword


2003-10-24 07:37:11
put purging back in for people below lvl 10!


2003-10-24 19:37:01
bored channel


2003-10-25 00:23:55
ok, I'm kinda getting sic and tired of people charming things (some aggie) and leaving them in places that they shouldn't be so I guess I'd like(I don't mind if it doesn't happen) that *everyone* read help charm or just get rid of it all together. Thanks.

me too...that's why it is illegal to do so. Report it next time. Charmed mobs have the charmer's name on them. It's easy to check.

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