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2005-01-08 07:01:39
make identify show if the crossbow is a large or a small one

Examine shows bow types.

2005-01-08 12:26:10
I surged a mob, and did not recieve any message of getting hit except that it really did hurt. any ideas?

Turn battlespam back on.

2005-01-08 17:10:34
check the restriction on password use for the worship command. If someone has a cap in their password, it wont work.

probably a side-affect of the argument parsing function. Not sure how to solve this.

2005-01-08 17:24:03
add westwood to help map

lvl 1; but wait until the expansion is further along

2005-01-08 18:07:21
lord psi spell "force bubble" the psi slightly alters the gravitic fields of the room, harmlessly deflecting all incoming projectiles (causes snipe/longshot

lvl 3; self only hero 250 psi spell. duration ala sanc. Should require concentration, so it clears when you sleep.

2005-01-08 19:00:46
racial butcher doesn't work. whenever I try to use it, the mud says "You must type out racial arguments in full. See help racial."

Racial butcher is used by just typing butcher mob. This is ALSO not an idea. Notes, people. Notes.

2005-01-08 23:11:27
101 arc skill: Lethal shot. similar to vs/quickstrike,

Ideas that start with "similar to..." don't get approved.

2005-01-09 02:08:46
we need a hero pirate mob that blackjacks people then forces them to walk the plank and drown 1hp at a time in a nospell room! *inno*


2005-01-09 02:34:31
add no_hog flag to rooms *nudge crom*

If we added nohog flags, then we wouldn't know who our most abusive players are? And then how would we know whose corpse to eat?

2005-01-09 04:26:48
Dev, for 12/25 response about small lord areas, with duoing expressly prohibited make that area you wish, that's 1.25x harder than a "standard run".

I don't have that kind of control. An area that's okay for 5 will be a cake walk for two of our best players, and there's no way to change it.

2005-01-09 04:36:49
Allow Psionicists to bypass nospell rooms. Since Psi

I will never approve anything to reduce the effectiveness of nospell rooms for any class.

2005-01-09 16:10:51
Maybe split the help file 'rules-trigger' and etc into 2 helpfiles, one for aliases and one for triggers instead of one long help file?

lvl 1

2005-01-09 17:57:37
next zombie fest have a who zom command

lvl 3

2005-01-09 18:02:57
for zombiefest it would be cool if it was set up like a pyramid scheme where those who you infect give you a small exp bonus when they kill and those that those affect do the same. would encourage not picking on smaller ones, because the bigger ones would be more helpful

This has more to do with the way it's run, I THINK, so I'm including it here for imm/questie reference, but not commenting.

2005-01-09 23:08:44
Allow disarm to work for offhand weapons as well.

Actually, I want mobs to auto-shift offhand weapons to wield if disarmed. If this isnt tasked please add it as lvl 4 as it's more complicated than you might think.

2005-01-09 23:36:29
casters should get some spell that destroys items that they are wearing or have in their inventory... figure as often as the vape gears, they would

I guess, but what's the point when there's sacrifice? You could always blast bolt the thing. Everybody gets that I think.

2005-01-10 16:58:59
Give sorcs chaos channel! Please?

Crom's call.

2005-01-10 22:45:45
To not enable wizlock before 5-10 seconds after reboot warning, I just lost gear with drop/quit and couldnt relog.

It's part of the script, but it's true. We should do an echo warning a little in advance.

2005-01-11 01:40:00
after shadow gen, i received 100 mana on midgaard

fixed on boot. See an imm please.

2005-01-11 10:25:25
who drown, or who drowning. for the people who always want to help out. can see if there are people drowning, and go help them out.

No opinion

2005-01-11 15:43:20
Maybe Allow Priest to have the Sleep Spell like cleric so we can Help Noobs with agg mobs

still pondering, not sure how I want it to work.

2005-01-11 17:36:11
when I got a restore, my mana went to 1703 out of 1644, I don't think that it should go beyond max

It's an occasional random perk granted by restore. It's here to stay.

2005-01-11 18:08:41
Move balefire beasts to another less used area and have mobs of the same strength but of normal description to replace them. Their colour bleed is

You could fight them less. Ever think of that?

2005-01-11 20:02:51
namepunt- disc, but sends a msg to the victim saying their name sucks

I like Cuen's version better; lvl 3; make disconnect send any additional argument to the disc-ie (ie disc steve I'm discing you because you smell.)

2005-01-11 20:35:44
new skill to allow rogues to poison concealed weapons

Way ahead of you. Actually, like a day ahead of you.

2005-01-11 21:50:24
would it be possible to have seperate lord, hero, mort, death info? heros die too much. spammy

No. Too low

2005-01-11 23:54:21
add a dark embrace potion at thorn? maybe something

Let's all say it together; I wanted BZK's lack of spells to be a major inconvenience. I'm not going to code work-arounds for them.

and instead practiced magic missile. Is there any chance that a change could be made requiring the full name of the skill or spell to be typed out, something

I'd rather not go this far, and I can't think of any lesser way to get the same protection.

2005-01-12 16:09:30
items that have no timer should not give a message like 'she is going to blow' on examining, especially furniture. Or i can not see why they should ever

I agree but this isn't an idea, and I think it's being taken care of

2005-01-12 18:32:02
Automatically bounty OUTLAWs if they haven't been captured within a certain amount of time, or if they escape jail. Bounty would be small amount of

There were plans along these lines, but development of outlaw has sort of stalled for now.

2005-01-12 20:38:25
are we supposed to be able to cast teleport in combat? all it does is fizzle but it still lags, instead of saying the "you can't cast that spell in combat"

lvl 3; make teleport uncastable in combat the proper way. Remove its redundant code that causes fizzles modcombat. Double check other transport spells for the same.

2005-01-12 23:30:49
when u examine a bag that has something in it, it should say the max capacity of the bag (alrdy says this) and how full the bag is

lvl 2; have lore give a measure of bag fullness, but in text, not numbers. "It is one half full" "It is one eighth full" etc.

2005-01-13 04:15:16
Could treasure items have a flag when the condition config is active? faenecks for example at lord only have 50hps at lord.

I'm noit sure what you want

2005-01-13 22:39:06
help quest says to see 'help immquest' but when I type that, it says no help found

poke questies

2005-01-14 00:41:57
Add wizards to the classes that can initiate send please.

lvl 2

2005-01-14 07:33:16
a spell for sors that prevents a brandish from being brandished (ie if its a grandfathered item and u dont want to lose it)

I call that spell "remembering what stuff is"

2005-01-14 17:08:27
fix help death, 30 hours of game time isn't 15 minutes of real time anymore

lvl 1

2005-01-14 20:35:54
since bask now flags you to be only able to kill him once, why not change iguana from being reboot?

Cause people will camp him for xp. Don't even pretend they won't.

2005-01-14 21:28:24
assassins are more adept at "assassinating" people, they

Rogues have a guild. They have rules. Assassins are loners, just as likely to stab each other as anybody.

2005-01-14 22:51:46
per that last idea maybe a Detect Demon spell?

Anything with 'demon' in the name should count. I'll alos double check the spells to make sure they're using the right race #

2005-01-15 00:25:50
since rangers are the only one that can learn barkskin at lowmort and rangers can't be made anymore, is it possible for archers to get it at lowmort with

Nah. Maybe new rans will get it.

2005-01-15 00:41:59
Maybe wizard should get death shroud at lord?

Nah, it's pretty sor-ish.

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