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2005-01-22 06:09:50
update help mudschool to tell newbies to go to end of mudschool and recall to get promotion. instead of asking for one

We'd rather they asked. It fosters interaction. The recall-promotion is really only for when nobody is around.

2005-01-22 11:13:40
lord arcs should be able to hit as hard as an unsurged mael or brimstone

Lord arcs already hit like nobody's business, and better gear is on the way...

2005-01-22 22:34:32
do we need to relook at the shoppies that do not sell

Yeah. I'm actually thinking we might as well scrap the whole system. It's never been terribly realistic that they close down but don't actually go anywhere, and there's no way now to have them closed for the night without that translating to a very long time IRL. Lvl 2; all shoppies open all the time.

2005-01-23 06:24:23
The arena cages below the arena have been empty for as long as i can remember. Nobody tends to go there - can we put some different sized mobs

Um, I guess. Something for a builder to do if they get bored, not going to task it.

2005-01-23 13:12:35
an advanced form of teleport. It can be called warp and you just write area name instead of mob name like c warp holy grove. Since it doesn't teach

Not feasible.

2005-01-23 13:20:24
some sort of silence spell that psions can use like scramble to prevent gas breathe (a mob from opening his mouth)

Nah. I like gas breathe. Plus it's hard to think of a justification for it.

2005-01-23 13:46:25
on par with the task to make a spell for mages to untrap lockboxes, a detect trap spell, mildly lagging, in order to aid the mage in determining what trap

Remove that from the task list please. No dupes of disarm trap or pick lock.

2005-01-23 23:30:21
you can hear shout while asleep, but you cant shout while asleep shouldn't it go both ways or not at all?

I don't care.

2005-01-24 12:52:00
anger management doesn't work...haven't been able to get it to switch targets in at least 40 tries

You're using it wrong then. It works great for my psi. You're also a lord. It's entirely possible it doesn't work on aggie alls.

2005-01-24 17:49:22
Please consider making the detect magic spell more useful. When you cast it it will tell you how many charges your branish has left in afer each use and

Sure. lvl 3; detect magic functions like awareness for wands, staves and shields.

2005-01-24 23:27:27
could you make the 'break' command usable with a weapon (like the war Hammer of Might) wielded in both hands?

It's part of my next slate of PWD changes. It and other skills (backstab) need weapon type specifics altered.

2005-01-25 10:13:34
when you die, you should lose all your mp/hp/mv, some people are abusing it so they do over and over again until the mob is dead just to get a heal pot.

If they can afford the exp/statloss, then they can knock themselves out.

2005-01-25 20:04:39
allow players to gain 1 practice point for every 100 skills they

Nah. People would just idle afk all day at sol.

2005-01-25 22:22:47
Make assassin mobs not backstab assassins as it is with rogues.

spec_assassin mobs are actually rogues, not assassins, and rogues have a guild. Assassins don't. You'll know the assassin mobs when you see them use insightful strike and snipe.

2005-01-25 23:13:33
shadows 'recall reset' is to aelmon. very convenient. should it be zin?

Uh, sure. lvl 2

2005-01-25 23:34:49
Mobs in garden are they set demon type? the Digger demon I checked the note says its demon but holy ground no affect.

Just tasked that out today.

2005-01-26 04:50:52
all antharian signet rings from antharian nights seem to have charity flag

Yep. I guess someone donated those rings to them.

2005-01-26 23:09:23
lower level required to perform altof

Altof requires verification, which requires commands we simply aren't going to give to sub-hosties.

2005-01-27 00:57:44
racial armor fat for giants!

Giants aren't fat. Ogres are.

2005-01-27 01:19:29
add a few more places where we can use planar anchor?

Okay. Muhahahaha!

2005-01-27 19:17:19
give warriors blunt weaponry *inno*


2005-01-27 19:50:28
help ogre says ogres have talons. how about some racial claw?

Uh, okay. Stupid help file. lvl 2

2005-01-27 20:12:26
can we have a lord form of Surprise please, too many rogues spoils the broth ?

You mean like surprise? Most Lord mobs will take multiple surprises. If I were to allow you to stack sneak attack damage on top of assassinate, I'd have to nerf assassinate itself.

2005-01-27 22:39:51
Make a Message for Shun for the target Like when the

There is one.

2005-01-28 07:42:06
Peaceful ents watch over Nom, why not thorngate? (2e) We drow have suffered the sun long enough! :D *toe*

Actually, just the other day I thought to myself, "Know what needs to be nastier? No-sun!"

2005-01-28 11:27:08
imp task 1017 im sick of shattering lord weapons!

Stop assuming every weapon is going to sharpen all the way and that won't happen.

2005-01-28 20:34:09
give asn's track both of the class'es that can become it


2005-01-28 21:37:11
move held to be higher on the command list than help, so

Surely you jest. You don't expect me to confuse lots of potential typo-ing newbies just so you can hold your shot with one less letter, do you? Make a damn alias.

2005-01-28 21:37:46
New command, gcheck. Useful for large groups. When


2005-01-28 21:47:19
I cast 'raise dead' today and it cost me 9000 hit points...and it didn't heal any hit points on the victim.

Noted for bug tracking purposes.

2005-01-28 21:49:04
More info on 'raise dead'. Tried it again and it healed 0 hps, and cost me a whopping 28500 hps!

That is, indeed, whopping.

2005-01-28 22:08:07
Paladins ought to get a spell equivalent to comfort, but can only be cast on oneself.

Self only spells don't seem very paladiny. I would actually argue the opposite.

2005-01-28 22:20:05
A Githyanki Mage tries to stand but can't! - alas, it still stood up and i had to bash again. can this be fixed plz

No. Players benefit a lot more than mobs from intrisic bash wierdness.

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Nov 18 2018 19:35
Looking for an imm to help fix Loso. Please let me know when one of you is available.

Jul 18 2018 19:08
Service provider outage currently ongoing, check status at https://status.lino

Jan 21 2018 12:28
We're back now! Sorry all, there was an outage on our service provider side (it seems) and that caused everything to go down.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
doesn't seem to be a network issue as ping and traceroute respond pretty well.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
No idea, guess it's more than a crash.

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