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2005-07-23 10:01:06
Monk area attack skill: Punch each guy in the room once. (They don't have any inclass area attacks, and being a tank class, it only makes sense)

use an area spell. Too slow? Quicken it.

2005-07-23 10:25:14
Create something similar to conference, that acts more like a channel (somewhat like bset, but another channel because people don't like switching bset)

lvl 3; current events channel. reclaim joke or something unused if need be. Channel can only be activated by a senior. When active, show a line on login ala "Current events channel is open for discussion of the great denver moose riot." where topic is set by senior upon open.

2005-07-23 19:32:39
tingle - equil - spell cost drop

lvl 2; if possible w/o recursion, have tingled spells 1/2 cost. If recursion neccesary, forget it.

2005-07-23 22:03:42
GroupBEEP. Great for afk lords in groups, allows you to mass beep groupies who are gettin drinks/sandwiches and other stuff.

lvl 4; create a system of leadership points gained at lord through good leadership. Allows player to unlock certain group oriented commands or abilities such as the above. Brainstorm others. Ask LC for input.

2005-07-23 22:49:40
Turn off group diversity or have an override or SOMETHING. there are little lords on now, so any groupies you get are good. It was a problematic system to begin with, as is groupsize. Note to self: start petition to remove it.

uh, what's the beef with diversity?

2005-07-24 06:29:17
make remort race such as rock troll or mountain troll, but make it like the HiE race, you'd have to be a troll before you could remort

trolls are twinky enough

2005-07-24 06:47:29
have paladins face a choice at either level 50 or sometime in hero where they specialize in either becomming a type of paladin that wishes to just destroy the

sort of en route via oaths

2005-07-24 06:56:40
have a help file for new hero tanks having a brief detail of the most popular areas to run how many hitters to take, what the hard areas to stay away from would be as well

write one

2005-07-24 13:51:58
For a week or so open up a bundle of the old popular grandfathered areas with blank gear obviously... just so players can explore old areas again for

No. In fact, the nostalgia area in now was done with me making marge noises in the background.

2005-07-24 20:35:27
give bci keyfinder at hero 500 instead of

lord 1, since they're psionic rogues

2005-07-24 22:04:16
How about another feature of charge shield, is being able to remove the charges on a shield?

already tasked i think

2005-07-25 00:08:30
Make color change available for gtell..

can't. not a channel per se

2005-07-25 04:47:08
I think there should be a Short Bus social for when you do something really stupid. It could say something like PlayerName holds up a sign that says the

offensive, not to mention out of theme.

2005-07-25 08:31:23
lord rogues should get a form of shrikestyle renamed

no. shadowfists are cooler than you.

2005-07-25 21:44:24
more xp from lord mobs? 1k xp for 70 ticks worth of work

You know, back in MY day...

2005-07-25 22:41:13
change war -> pal to 125/250

maybe after the oath system is totally ironed out

2005-07-26 08:53:00
a get syntax that allows someone to get items based on their level.


2005-07-26 10:00:15
class relient on throwing weapons

you mean like fusilleers?

2005-07-26 20:36:49
cut 'doesn't need rescue' lag to 1/2 too

didn't i already approve that?

2005-07-27 03:48:47
Why is it that you can reply to an invis person but not reply lock? I coulda swore we were able to before.. but now I get "You need to be able to see them to

so you can't discover who it is by locking then replying after they visify. Although, considering occassional invis harrassment, maybe tells should just ignore visibility.

2005-07-29 20:59:23
all mobs in saferooms that dont wander refuse items from players

lvl 2 high priority; nuke give unless tickets being given to the right mob.

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Dec 27 2017 21:58
anyone able to log in? i just got kicked while on a fire-realm run and cant log back in.

Dec 19 2017 07:23
Christmas restore event just finished. Will announce another one over the next couple of days!

Aug 12 2017 09:28
the wiki has been down for over 24hrs (ERROR 502 - Bad Gateway!)

Apr 08 2017 02:54
TMS seems to be counting more accurately this month

Mar 02 2017 13:07
TMS is still not counting votes, damn them! Somehow they count Outbound clicks better then Inbound which you would think would indicate to them there is an obvious error, but apparently not.

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Jan 18 2018 17:00
Vahva successfully morphs from Hero 456 to become Lord Vahva.
Jan 18 2018 16:59
We are preparing to reboot!!!
Jan 18 2018 16:56
There is a disturbance in the realm as Camelot fails to become a Lord at sublevel 470.
Jan 18 2018 07:36
Cru has become a Bodyguard.
Jan 17 2018 10:43
There is a disturbance in the realm as Fnask fails to become a Lord at sublevel 520.