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2005-07-30 15:09:03
autopull filter --- make it where you can filter out specific types of arrows

You know, I didn't even want there to be an autopull at all

2005-07-30 15:37:52
when i log out i forget to turn surge/quicken off..itd be nice if it was automatically turned off when people logged out, to avoid confusing when they log it

Some people wouldn't like that. I suggest remembering. Or making an alias or trigger to turn them off every time you use them.

2005-07-30 17:51:28
can't we implement a command that allows the creator of a buddyvalue to kick "members" that are spamming/disturbing the peace or violating the


2005-07-30 18:42:53
ok i dont exactly understand y races that have hoof/claw/etc damages dont increase so i wa thinking like having a weight gym in avatar to train

Claw isn't a damage attack. It's a boost to unarmed damage. Hoof and bite aren't really meant to be major balance factors.

2005-07-30 21:51:01
a character choice where you only have a one death and your character is delete... No perks for doing this other than bragging rights or maybe a flag

hardcore mode. It's tasked I think.

2005-07-30 22:14:25
there should be a command that only lets u recieve certain level note that u want like if ur a lord u can amke it so u ccna only recive notes to all

I can't read your crazy moon language.

2005-07-30 22:16:34
make a config so that the ldr cant wake you

no. Leaders get to wake you.

2005-07-30 22:30:49
give a way to show the classes of the characters with the group command.. maybe add another command for a built in group breakdown type thing? like

Add as another leadership perk via what I tasked last time

2005-07-30 23:53:02
Shadowfists are way better than monks, they seem to be the only prest class that gets every skills from their main class + some from rogue, only things monks get that shadowfists don't (up to hero not counting lord) are awen and arrow

They're missing more than that.

2005-07-31 01:42:57
add rites to qpcatalog

Rites are skills. Skills are in there.

2005-08-01 00:38:38
a help krelian and a help surior... I know Ronan was an imm, but still. A more permanent memorial would be nice.

leaving for the consideration of others

2005-08-01 12:32:41
Add questpoints in score?


2005-08-02 01:49:21
new high lvl lord sor skill--Devil's pact, prevents int loss from death.

Too cloney. Come up with a way to do it that isn't so much like those rites.

2005-08-02 17:02:01
also, 5k drag tnl would encourage those who have dragons to play them a little more and enjoy them


2005-08-02 18:11:48
Put base stats of races in each race helpfile.

might as well. lvl 3; make a racestat command that shows the "public knowledge" stats of the races. str, dex, tnl, etc. Leave rebuild races out for non imms

2005-08-02 23:57:38
macro flags on affect list (awen, foci, forts) in color! (not green) :P

Sigh, lvl 2; add some color to affects; most spells remain green. racials blue, fatigues yellow, debuffs red (if af.location != ac or saves, and af.mod <0, it's a debuff) sanc and macro-holders white.

2005-08-04 15:16:39
make help general point to an overview instead of general purpose for low players

lvl 1

2005-08-04 20:47:40
make help tnl an alias for the tnl command.

lvl 1, make help tnl merely descrive the tnl command and show no other info.

other stuff: lvl 3; make wall of thorns sustained ala pillar of flame

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Jan 21 2018 12:28
We're back now! Sorry all, there was an outage on our service provider side (it seems) and that caused everything to go down.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
doesn't seem to be a network issue as ping and traceroute respond pretty well.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
No idea, guess it's more than a crash.

Jan 21 2018 11:50
Anyone got an idea what’s wrong.

Dec 27 2017 21:58
anyone able to log in? i just got kicked while on a fire-realm run and cant log back in.

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Jul 17 2018 02:54
There is a disturbance in the realm as Splash fails to become a Lord at sublevel 358.
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There is a disturbance in the realm as Derillion fails to become a Lord at sublevel 320.
Jul 15 2018 20:58
Eko successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Eko.
Jul 15 2018 14:06
Shaite successfully morphs from Hero 631 to become Lord Shaite.
Jul 14 2018 20:58
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