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2005-12-04 00:22:15
Change the target of pardon from a mob to a player. Its practically unusable in its current form.

Pardon requires no target

2005-12-04 01:16:21
have a spell timer on the lordrun command


2005-12-04 02:01:39
Lord level Wizard spell, Arcane Defense. When cast upon a piece of equipment, non-weapon, this spell will increase that item's save vs to prevent


2005-12-04 02:22:44
A toggle to turn look when waking on/off.


2005-12-04 02:51:20
a config option that lets you see the size of mobs and players in the room, similar to gear condition maybe tied to lore

been pondering how to elegantly incorporate this

2005-12-04 10:29:03
Add a warning at login, if the character is an outlaw - bright red or something... so you don't forget and stumble into a lawful area :)

It's up to your to remember your own transgressions.

2005-12-04 17:31:04
hie immune to deaths door pls

Why? It's not an emotional affect.

2005-12-04 18:46:39
make shadowed Lords be treated like level 51 with regard to seeing through the invisibility of mobs.

Sorry. Seeing invis is the one perk shadows get to keep. If you want to keep them out of an area, put a transfer ticket mob in the front.

2005-12-04 21:34:57
some way to turn of the spam from from scar when

Don't use it?

2005-12-05 00:13:35
a toggle where you see assassinates with battlenone on

battlenone off, or have your assassins alias an emote in there.

2005-12-05 23:03:07
help counts-classlevels/counts-levelsclass. they might help some of the newer classes know whereabouts they fall in the realms power structure (feigned


2005-12-06 00:46:30
implement a 'grandfather' flag on gear that's been gf'd


2005-12-06 01:32:30
now that sages are gone can we get rid of this silly... 'You pretend to crystalize a liquid.' thingy? i want my cry social back!

I renamed it to something. Weep maybe? Alias cry emote cries for some reason.

2005-12-06 04:14:34
Ban outlaws from banks, don't let them withdraw/deposit in Mid or Mervue

The banks are controlled by demons tho, remember?

2005-12-06 08:22:43
Wampyr race? Human or some variant killed, then brought back to life with artifical blood. High strength dex and con but low wis and int (lower

That's not a RACE. A race is something which can reproduce, not some freak thing that happened to like 4 people.

2005-12-06 14:40:18
dev's bittingly sarcastic responses to people's ideas makes my week!

lvl 5!

2005-12-06 14:49:22
allow archers to 'shatter' imperfect diamonds and use the chips to fletch Diamond tipped peircing arrows.

Cute idea, but I've already got the fletch and arrow system more or less the way I want it.

2005-12-07 02:36:18
Modify blackjack, add a weakening effect on the mob - lower their armor and hr/dr, because the mob was thwapped on the head... as a backside -

Rogues- stop thinking all your opponents are soft, fleshy humans. How much sense would it make for that STONE GIANT to be weakened because you gave him a headache?

2005-12-07 02:51:29
Give surge 6 at hero 250 (500?) :)


2005-12-07 12:47:40
who prc, filters out normal classes in order to show prc classes on who command


2005-12-07 17:47:18
Let chars wield a higher weight weapon if its double wielded.

ok. lvl 2. not a huge increase.

2005-12-07 18:02:28
'deposit all' should also deposit all gemstones in the inventory

lvl 2

2005-12-07 20:03:17
a command/skill which lets us hide stuff from the peek skill


2005-12-07 20:50:56
give mnds transfer mana

no batteries for you!

2005-12-07 22:50:40
stat cost for retrain is just play too high and rediculous and I needed somewhere to complain

I have a hand you can talk to.

2005-12-08 23:08:28
gargoyle should be size large

No they shouldn't. Large is like 12 feet tall. They're not that big.

2005-12-09 00:47:38
have a message on the other end of nexus when someone seals it

tried. messy.

2005-12-09 03:11:13
allowing all races to try new prestige classes

All races CAN try any prestige class they want. By making a new character of the appropriate class. It's only 50 levels you collective butts of lazy. I believe I explain the need for race restrictions pretty well in help prc faq.

2005-12-09 03:40:51
allow ONLY prc classes the option to remort to any race


2005-12-09 13:33:30
add: ethereal weapons and: One Handed weapons on help weapon types

There are ethereal weapons, there just arent many. And, what?

2005-12-09 23:44:00
how about a potion that gives dark embrace? dosent sound too twinky to me.

How bout I just remove nosun from everybody. Would that be cool? God forbid we actually have to deal with the downsides of our racial selections.

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