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2006-01-28 11:18:15
gargoyles should be able to at any point in the daytime take a "stoneform" this would last until sunset and could not be deactivated in any way. stoneform wouldnt allow any actions but would allow for greatly increased hp/mana regen

Alias stoneform emote totally assumes a stone form!=sleep

2006-01-28 11:34:41
have rietta sell lord lvl typhus, or dragon orb, or something like that

There are quests for those items.

2006-01-29 12:09:01
let minotaurs charge if they are beserk with the skill and not racial beserk..??

fine, lvl 2

2006-01-29 12:28:20
Add little differences to shrines we can create based on what class made them. Some could heal more hp than mana, or the other way around, or druid shrines could give a

Nah, could be part of worship expansion tho.

2006-01-29 13:40:08
instead of booting someone for spamming only allow the same command to be used x number of times and recieve a message about spamming if they exceed.

lvl 2; add a warning messages 3 repetitions before kick

2006-01-29 14:04:53
Impliment a way for us to manipulate inventory items by "slot" alone. Like, "give 1.inventory Soandso"


2006-01-29 14:24:40
bci should get steel at lord

BCI are not a psi/rogue hybrid. They are rogues of a particular order which happens to learn a handful of psionic abilities because of who their patron is.

2006-01-29 21:48:30
Make the evil mobs in Karn Ocean, not be prot evil too.

lvl 2, make prot alignment check YOUR alignment before it reduces damage.

2006-01-29 23:32:48
toss should negate fly on mobs, it says the are tossed to the ground

Yeh, then they bounce and fly away.

2006-01-30 10:51:41
A unetch or reetch command for a fee at the jeweler. Have gotten a

No. Never. Stop asking. Last time I'll reply to it.

2006-01-30 13:32:09
When thinking about the problem with fdk evolutions and training at hero and above I thought of something that might help... a new command that is available to fdk and

Would anybody really mind if we just removed the evolution races? They're a colossal code pain in like a billion ways.

2006-01-30 14:53:10
A racial language for demons (infernal or some such?)

I think they have beast.

2006-01-30 15:46:24
wouldn't it make sense to give mindbenders death field since it's not

Death field is a Bhyss-related and MND are atheists.

2006-01-30 16:35:38
kinda like a reimb flag but for like ud?? so imms can kno who wants to do ud??

Post a note. Set your title.

2006-01-30 20:08:31
I believe warriors should get stances back in order to make them more competitive hitters with arc/fus, who have become much better than war hitters now.

Yeh. Know what's hard? Getting a group as a warrior. NOBODY wants those losers around.

2006-01-30 21:03:17
give bci remove curse.


2006-01-30 21:39:30
can we get firedrakes on help highest please

No. Evolution races will probably never make help highest because they totally break the code that generates it. See above.

2006-01-30 22:26:33
Add config options to toggle the use of skills like beast lore, map lore, danger sense.

No. The whole point of those is that they're always on.

2006-01-30 22:46:40
Staves for Wzd, Mag, Prs, and Cle that increase spell damage or healing (respectively)

The downside being what? Splinters?

2006-01-31 01:58:53
A bodyguard skill to identify projectile attack spells (like fireball or magma blast, as opposed to lightning bolt or disintegrate) and intercept them.

I think I tried that and couldn't make it work.

2006-01-31 07:56:01
hp should degenerate slower when sleeping, for example when lose max hp from df, if i sleep they should tick down slower imho.


2006-01-31 09:56:54
before you shoot this down consider that sanctum is a haven. please create some sort of imp warning so we don't get our hard earned gear imped at sanc - mabe a 5 sec countdown?

lvl 1; make sanctum noimp.

2006-01-31 10:12:23
when you drink from a fountain and are teleported can you insert a look command (like when you wake up)?

no. It's all disorienting and stuff.

2006-01-31 12:03:15
Give the different stages of a firedrakes evolution stages pet names and put them in the "help fdk" file, like for verbits. hatchling->youth->drakeling>drake>elder>ancient I'm sure you can think of better names than me :p

I'm not sure if this would make their code more or less hard to deal with.

2006-02-01 11:37:30
noticing how weak cen hoof is :P doesn't seem very centaurish... a horse hoof could kill a normal man in real life, so a Centaur hoof should do more damage imo

lvl 3; redo racial hoof. No more random attack. Instead it boosts kick damage by something largish and lets them use kick untrained for reduced damage instead of 0. Anyone who complains they played a centaur only for racial hoof attacks gets laughed at.

2006-02-01 12:47:28
need a hero lvl scroll or quaffie that give protection good

No we don't. I won't take it our if a builder puts it in, but i'm not going to task it.

2006-02-01 14:14:25
as there is a who group, i think it would be cool to have a "who trade", you can put yourself on there if your looking to trade spells, Cheers, Trancecast

Or you could just frenzy, bless, anticipate, giant str self and get like 3x as much running done.

2006-02-01 15:34:21
let my alts all share a bank account please


2006-02-01 15:34:55
Let insight look into portals (i.e. seeing the room as if the caster was there, not just the room desc).


2006-02-01 23:39:19
the ability to fetch small races, like sprites


2006-02-02 13:15:51
An Alt registry addition to playerinfo, where you can list your alts and tells to any of those characters are forwarded to the character that is logged on at the time. have to use password to register the alts so no chance of people stealing your list


2006-02-02 14:49:56
Help loophole should be shown if you type help loo


2006-02-02 15:00:52
How about multithons. Something like 1 hour a month scheduled.


2006-02-02 15:28:33
reverse keyfinder for when i get a key but don't know what door it's


2006-02-02 17:34:20
druids should be permanently neutral


2006-02-02 18:17:03
sprite racial death shroud


2006-02-02 19:58:57
oke i kno what ur gonna say "dont play small races" this certainly isnt fair make it so u cant have stat loss more then 1 time on the same level.

no, it's there to make death scary.

2006-02-02 22:01:43
you should be able to fight to an extent while holding your breath

consider that part of my 'redo drowning' edict

2006-02-03 00:49:21
implement a command to create (fletch) throwing weapons


2006-02-03 17:20:47
Make an in-game relog command somehow :/ to not lose connect


2006-02-03 17:28:33
can "planar anchor" be a shift keyword? or put the right syntax in help shifts?

the latter. lvl 1

2006-02-03 17:51:34
remove the 'sometimes only head or shaft can be recovered' from help archery

lvl 1

2006-02-03 20:25:02
bcis should get steel at lord

still no

2006-02-03 22:39:43
xenomorph race. Evolutionary, facehugger chest burster drone queen


2006-02-03 22:59:21
players should only be allowed to get each treasure once a day

probably but that's a whole lotta stuff to track somehow

2006-02-04 00:47:37
have exhaustion for comfort removed asap.


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