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2006-07-01 05:51:06
bzk rite impervious fist, prereq vitality, when bzk is unarmed hands are treated as lord level weapons and bzk gets regular attacks. (would help for cr runs, but isnt twinky)

I don't want bzk out-gunning monks when unarmed

2006-07-01 10:37:19
have altlist also tally the total number of hours accumulated by all those alts

sure, might as well, lvl 2

2006-07-01 11:10:08
mobs that assist and rescue other mobs.

Nah, making mobs smarter makes lords whine. spec-archer, warlord and other functions do include rescue/assistance stuff tho. Do you not have a lord? Something to look forward to if you don't.

2006-07-01 12:20:40
have spells and skills be class AND race based...A centaur will be able to kick nicely, but lacks the opposable digits to throw...

racial hoof gives a bonus to kick, or is at least slated to do so. Centaurs have opposable thumbs on their human digits.

2006-07-01 14:49:22
It would be nice if announced hogs would be announced further in advance. I myself have to request free days 4 weeks in advance, and missing a hog means you're way behind on those who don't.

duly noted

2006-07-01 18:59:05
when a mob dies, if you id his corpse you can see all the keywords to it

is this an idea or statement of fact?

2006-07-01 19:39:39
construct rituals for specific race/class combinations...ie: a high-elf mage only ritual, or gnome psi only ritual

such as? See, this is something you come at from the other end.

2006-07-01 20:43:25
Add to the UD viewing room the name of the person currently running UD

That's up to the imm who runs it. We can't add variables to scripts like with aliases.

2006-07-01 21:18:19
Make pick lock potentially fail and render the lock unpickable..

I could maybe see an alarmed lock that called guards on failed pick, but I'm not sure there's fun to be had in a "fail and you're screwed" lock

2006-07-01 22:50:11
Put commemorative bricks in the sidewalk of Midgaard for those who donate money to snikt to keep Avatar running...

That's awfully tempting, but we'd be missing so many who had already helped.

2006-07-02 08:35:16
arc/dru skill: skin armor. bonuses for wearing skinned armor, ie belts, coats, skin items

nah. the generic skin items are meant to be cute souvenirs, not statwise useful

2006-07-02 13:53:24
hero lvl non-kinetic psi spell

do i have to?

2006-07-02 14:14:14
something that was coded for av2, but would annoy some people, would be the elimination of all area spells and simply make a target option of all with a greatly increased price. it was an easy mod and would remove some redundency. you could start with just the healing stuff to see if it works well.

nah. too boaty shaky. If i ever get around to revamping mage attack spells, maybe

2006-07-02 21:31:38
When a prestige class remorts, they gain a certain spell that they can get only when less than lvl 50

i'm not following

2006-07-03 00:16:37
Drws should have a higher HiE remort requirement since elves deserve some type of incentive to play

but drw have to deal with the holy terror of nosun

2006-07-03 01:39:01
white light/fire should have a chance to blind mobs


2006-07-03 01:55:32
movement point based skills, maybe a remort class that uses them a lot, making them use movespoints like mana

such as?

2006-07-03 11:31:05
Snapping bows happens really often, even as an archer worshipping dur, can you please review code to make sure it's working as intended? Thanks

It's fine. Don't tighten so far. Max restrung bows are meant to be really really rare.

2006-07-03 20:40:04
if priest can have the spell Shining pennant also


2006-07-03 22:59:26
a class only available in return for qp


2006-07-04 03:43:39
Orcs should get eat. If anything, they're just as likely as a Troll, and more likely than a Kzinti to eat their victims.

yeh, but they cook it first

2006-07-04 13:52:13
Could you guys please look at the reimb process

look at it?

2006-07-04 16:13:35
purges sub lev.5's after like 6 months even a year... just so that their names aren't permanently wasted

ah, see but other players might be deliberately saving those names

2006-07-04 18:22:08
from cloud, make up zin, since eastis aelmon, and west is sol, up could be zin (flying citadel of zin), and maybe north could be the safe healer room in ofcol, and south could be the safe room in mervue

ok, lvl 1, add zin as an exit from the cloud, dont think the other 2 are worthy

2006-07-04 18:25:54
insure should protect items from the imps

lvl 2, 2x duration on droppe insured items

2006-07-05 16:27:32
poison thrown, hero 350 fus, allows fus to poison a thrown weapon, and dont say fus cant poison, we get fletch poison arrow

i thought the poison weapon skill worked on throwers

2006-07-05 18:49:49
once you morph to lord, you can't return to midgaardia until after lord 100

nah, those are the levels you're most likely to forget stuff back home

2006-07-05 21:13:36
Allow Paladins to learn poise at hero 500, balance at lord 250?


2006-07-06 01:06:11
have shun spell last as long as solitude would on target

counts as a debuff

2006-07-06 09:21:05
a general 3 letter abbreviation for all verbit rebuilds, so you can see with a single command if there's vbt, vbg, vbl etc online.

can't i just remove them? pleeeeeeeease?

2006-07-06 09:41:04
make the mailer list readable online to so I dont have to subscribe to it just to view it please. Also dont have to wait for site to be updated with ideas :p


2006-07-06 15:09:15
I humbly sumbit an idea that I think should be revised, I think it is one that in all fairness corresponds to the Duergar. 'help dwf' mentions 'They are miners of great repute, and are known for their fondness of precious gems and metals. 'help due' mentions 'They excel in mining and other subterranean activities'. As per 'help repair', please ponder the idea of allowing flawless 'repair' to Duergar too.

didn't i already task that? lvl 2 if not

2006-07-06 17:19:33
have illusory shield protect from longshot?

it should, lvl 2 if not

2006-07-06 18:13:07
make it so that a lord can randomly, and at a very LOW percentage, cast a lord level spell on regular plane.


2006-07-07 19:06:12
Shouldn't bci be accessable by psions as well? In the


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We're back now! Sorry all, there was an outage on our service provider side (it seems) and that caused everything to go down.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
doesn't seem to be a network issue as ping and traceroute respond pretty well.

Jan 21 2018 12:00
No idea, guess it's more than a crash.

Jan 21 2018 11:50
Anyone got an idea what’s wrong.

Dec 27 2017 21:58
anyone able to log in? i just got kicked while on a fire-realm run and cant log back in.

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