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2006-10-07 06:27:04
rename surefoot stance to albatross stance

monk stances have animal names, not warriors

2006-10-07 07:43:45
Have the amount of the lowering of xp gained for kills since reboot be counter-acted by the length of uptime since reboot.

no, the areas that are overused should give worse xp over time. What I would do is base it sort of an average; ie if NO areas remain that are unused, then xp can be better. Not sure exactly how to make it work.

2006-10-07 12:45:52
stance neutral would be usable while fighting to be able to turn stances off mid-combat, for which rest does not work.

fine, lvl 2

2006-10-07 12:51:25
allow for permanent bloodstains on gear you die while wearing

we're out of item flags

2006-10-07 19:51:30
Embrace Affliction, lgnd bzk class

definer skill/rite extends

2006-10-07 19:53:06
bzk should

get fifth attack at legend, bod and paladin both

2006-10-07 19:54:25
allow bzk to learn parry at legend, im sure after that long,

Snikt has asked that we concentrate on core classes first. Bzk will not be forgotten at legend but they are not priority.

2006-10-08 03:03:51
is there any way to make the lag on 'get' in donation restrict us fom getting again as opposed to doing ANY command after getting? would ake iding etc easier

what? and probably no.

2006-10-08 15:32:34
have identify show weight of bags used up. ie 150/200 lbs if max capacity is 200 lbs

something for this is approved

2006-10-08 20:52:27
I've been tryin to think of a way to continue encouraging dragon play without hindering the rarity of them. Though I'm sure you care not about my plans *smirks* Is there any possibility of raising the remort lvl requirement for dragon and lower the tnl? Say 250 lord and 6k tnl?

I'm all for raising the remort lvl, but I will never lower their tnl.

2006-10-08 21:01:56

deliberate omission

2006-10-09 05:42:10
we need a psionic remort class

such as?

2006-10-09 06:50:55
war skill: sure grip, decreases chances of being disarmed

part of duelist stance which is waiting on me to solve a technical issue

2006-10-09 12:15:00
make HiE psio-specific cost reduction 10% instead of 5% so they at least do something as well as a spr

I'm not adjusting either race any more.

2006-10-09 13:34:12
mana hp and movepoints should be allowed to be trained with gold.

no, gold is too hard to predict, and infinite.

2006-10-09 14:16:28
who thren - shows people currently casting the ritual


2006-10-09 18:23:17
wizard to cast spells in a no-spell room at an increased cost to mana.

if your idea contains the phrase "let us BLANK in a no-BLANK room" or similar, it will not be approved.

2006-10-09 18:23:48
The spell/skill is called Spell Lore. Syntax as you desire, but it wouldn't give mobs an edge in no-spell rooms anylonger!

but that's exactly why I made those rooms nospell.

2006-10-09 18:29:04
for bzk exchange pracs for rites

you mean extra ones? no if you mean the ones they get normally, i dont see the need

2006-10-09 21:13:16
Druids should get a bonus when healing ents.

they're druids, not horticulturalists

2006-10-10 01:35:05
a stance for rogues that increases their chance of successfully fleeing and/or decreases exp loss

rogues don't need to get better in those areas

2006-10-10 09:32:40
quixoltan is a pretty useless worship. add something to make it more appealing.

so don't worship him

2006-10-10 11:34:49
get rid of the pressence code ty

so you just want perks from worship and no downsides? too bad

2006-10-10 20:36:38
successful bashes should have no lag on them


2006-10-11 04:12:35
frequent restores during the hour long lag period at 4am system

not sure if that'll work. it's a host-side script, so thegame itself doesnt know its time to restore

2006-10-11 06:44:47
remove invis flags on lights since they don't do anything


2006-10-11 09:29:04
let gargoyles go mnd

no, i like the restrictions as they are. i didnt specifically design them to include or preclude any races

2006-10-11 14:43:08
legend info for legend planeshifting/etc.

legend folks? needeD?

2006-10-11 22:35:05
gars should be able to break things with their fists!

gar monks can!

2006-10-11 23:42:02
chant of war, prereq rally, legend bzk rite, removes sneak from everyone in group, but increases their combat affinities for duration of rally, rog's stabs miss less often, wars parry better, mages fail surge less etc...

i like the sneak stop thing. hrmm.

2006-10-12 06:26:49
add a very small chance for tranquility to fail.


2006-10-12 15:43:20
Help file: Cursed items, level 1 help some mambo about noremove/nodrop flags, what happens when you equip them, and how to get rid of them (most heroes can, clerics and sorceres excel at it).

i think we have a help noremove nodrop eh? lvl 2; if truenoob and >10 suggest the help file when the "can't remove" or "can't drop" msg is shown

2006-10-12 16:32:03
a social to evoke the blessings of the gods usuful when you know the brilled item you know is going to


2006-10-12 16:32:34
social curse the gods for when you failed that double brill and it faded or vaped


2006-10-12 17:47:18
Update help leveling gear to include Wield: Pixie Crossbow (archer only) +1 wis, +1 con The Cult of Bonk

lvl 1

2006-10-13 00:58:07
stance list: shows the stances you currently have available to you.

nah. there's so few its hard to believe people can't remember

2006-10-13 02:07:29
make arrows that do crushing damage

arrows don';t have a damage type. Also, why?

2006-10-13 03:22:55
black circle master remort for bcis... Who want's to be an initiate forever?

maybe some day

2006-10-13 07:38:17
a spell for lord mage-types that makes objects no-locate

i thought obfu did that

2006-10-13 14:29:12
give fence to shf

lvl 2

2006-10-13 15:47:37
give us a way to know if the silver iguana has been looted from bask before we totally wreck our chances of ever owning one, please?


2006-10-13 19:10:30
a spell similar to scry for lords. Instead of allowing the caster to view a person in a room, it allows the caster to view the shift room of a selected plane. spell name could be, improved scry.

LC themselves actually shot this one down long ago, and I agree with them

2006-10-13 22:33:07
make bandages and empty vials on thorn level 50 or something for price, at least bandages so we can easily buy a few and embalm a corpse after thren for linkdead person or simular.

they're too exp. because they're high lvl?

2006-10-13 22:43:06
when you set your buddy channel, it should turn the channel on

agreed, lvl 2

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Christmas restore event just finished. Will announce another one over the next couple of days!

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TMS is still not counting votes, damn them! Somehow they count Outbound clicks better then Inbound which you would think would indicate to them there is an obvious error, but apparently not.

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