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Low level archers needing to buy arrows or bolts should visit the Fletcher's daughter in Stonehall and the Fletcher who has his shop to the south of Aelmon in Midgaard City. A low level fletching kit is available for sale from Liam in Wayside. - Riviat
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2006-12-09 04:54:27
racial blindness for driders, in direct sunlight they are blind, spells that would normaly negate the negative affects of sunlight, like dark embrace, will not fully work on driders at best it will remove blindness but give a negative to hit and dammage at the later evolutionary levels, in the early stages of a driders development, it also affects strength con and dexterity


2006-12-09 07:21:31
Stance for lord asn - small effective duration with long exhaust. During stance asn deliberately makes himself more noticeable to make certain his assassinations are noticed by witnesses. (No sneaking). Rep then gained per successful assassinate.

I'm actually tempted on this one. Let me check how much not sneaking realistically impacts assassinate odds at lord.

2006-12-09 17:05:17
paladins should be the best against undead, extreme damage (slightly greater than archer) versus undead?

nah. They just really LIKE fighting undead.

2006-12-09 18:32:41
set a bank limit maximum per character that gives no advantage to higher tiers


2006-12-10 07:08:03
wave form spell book for wizard this spell is castable and allows the caster to move through water with no penalty to movement

you mean like water breathing?

2006-12-10 18:14:13
pop a nectar with only 1xheal in the three tier cart two west of the hall of nectars


2006-12-10 23:18:21
chan -group, please. (If you were here you'd agree)


2006-12-10 23:43:59
please reconsider making the platinum scale not reboot only anymore. Thanks!


2006-12-11 00:50:12
make kzinti immune to fear spell, they have NOFEAR!!321

yeh, but their little kitty minds are easy to manipulate.

2006-12-11 02:13:49
It would be fun for the IMMs to periodically put a grandfathered item in the Christmas tree, such as Red Dragon gear or Ciquala sword or Ogre Gaunts

no. the less we glorified grandfathered crap the better.

2006-12-11 03:09:29
rog stance: conspicious, shapechanger mobs cant copy you for duration of stance

why not? because you're conspicuous? that doesn't make any sense

2006-12-12 21:59:06
paladin skill sacrifice - paladin gives up 30% of his current hp to give 5% of his total hp to each group member with a exhaust after (obviously lord level)

i have something similar planned

2006-12-12 22:22:46
Unction - paladin Inclass healing ritual - a group heal worked as a percentage which slowly heals group of either hp or mana over given time frame eg.


2006-12-12 22:30:09
paladin skill crusae all gorup members are given a bonus to either ac or hr/dr based on how many people there are in the group

too close to rally.

2006-12-12 22:45:32
unconquerable goal the paladin receives a bonus % to hp/mana or ac/hr/dr (not sure which one) paladin get's this bonus for a few tics.. 5? or 10? then it exhausts for a while


2006-12-13 14:32:11
add cyb as keyword to help cyborg, just in case someone doesn't realize that cyb means cyborg, and to fall in line with other helpfiles for races

lvl 1

2006-12-13 19:50:58
How about an equivalent of the Sharpen Weapon skill for blunts? Something like "Reinforce Weapon" and the weapon condition could be "Structure is

befriend a wizard

2006-12-13 20:51:01
give Squire Benny sentinal flag? he's a royal pain

no, he's a squire. He's a subservient pain.

2006-12-13 21:28:52
incorporate a who clan (toggleable) ie, type clan (clan is


2006-12-14 00:40:36
Improve racial frenzy for legends. 3/5 +25ac isn't a very "legendary" frenzy.


2006-12-14 06:06:09
i think there should be more holding breath time, at least a few tick, wich could be reduced if your fighting or moving a lot *nod selff*

but remember, a tick = an hour. Can you hold your breath for an hour?

2006-12-14 06:13:33
lgnds can run with lords, but double their tnl to lvl, and can still do the lgnd thing


2006-12-14 06:14:29
alertness should be able to negate the affects of illusory shield, same with spells like holy sight


2006-12-14 08:32:38
Clerics should be able to see poisons/diseases on a person by examining them.


2006-12-14 11:39:28
someone ought to check the failed toss lag for monk, its ridiculously long. How come warriors dont lag as much when they fail bash? This is nonsensical please fix it as both are inclass skills, the one for monk and the other for warrior and there is no reason whatsoever that justifies this huge difference in recovery time (lag)

toss failure lag has always been long. It is potentially a way more powerful skill than bash, so it has the long fail lag as a downside.

2006-12-14 20:45:24
when someone stops monitoring you, it shows: |g|*has stopped monitoring you


2006-12-14 20:56:20
lord level oddities plane

they're ALL oddities

2006-12-14 22:21:08
add the ability to set the tracktalk channel as acolytes coming from tracks would need to see it


2006-12-14 22:50:12
Lure (spell idea): With great control of the mind, a mindbender is able to lure mobiles from surrounding rooms to the caster.

nah. Befriend an archer.

2006-12-15 00:41:19
let trolls rip off cursed gear for a hefty hp cost, they'll go it back anyways

nah. Cursed items affect your WILL to remove an item. They don't simply get stuck.

2006-12-15 08:43:34
Create some class definers for paladins that involve two-handed weapons.


2006-12-15 10:18:51
I think that the "skinning knife" should be able to skin corpses along with the bowie knife..what do you think dev?

that knife only works for skinning grapes

2006-12-15 20:48:39
humans be able to mount centaurs

have you asked the centaurs?

2006-12-16 00:42:36
limit lord spam by removing the melee attacks of casters, allow lords to set whether they attempt a melee attack or not

with positioning

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