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2007-01-27 03:28:02
showing messages on who is affected by spring rain

nah, too spammy

2007-01-27 10:14:31
allow rogues to build one-shot throwing weapons(explosive powder bombs of some kind) perhaps with different affects(maybe poison, requires poison to

nah, I'd rather you have to find em

2007-01-27 12:29:43
shouldn't all the no-sun races have infravision? i notice that dsd is nosun and doesn't.

not necessarily

2007-01-27 12:31:06
can we have increased success rate on explosive fletches?

we being who? everybody? no.

2007-01-27 12:34:26
sustained spell for druids that causes all fired arrows to do increased damage

ok, lvl 3

2007-01-27 18:29:26
a spell to predict weather

ok if easy, lvl 3 (return probable skew for next weather cycle, better or worse)

2007-01-27 20:17:34
with the prc change to allow lowhero to prc, give those of us a chance to go prc that trained stats. (trl war->bod, etc)


2007-01-27 21:12:35
make help highest include all races/classes

prc's will never be included, as for the others, we'll get there, honest

2007-01-27 22:57:05
add the area that lordgroups are in to the lordrun information.

nah, plane is enough

2007-01-28 11:29:05
reduce stm spam Add it to the reduction of battlenone/battleone

what spam in particular?

2007-01-28 11:47:13
perhaps corny but what about a "silent planeshift" for wizards.. so thjey can shift without getting aggied? *blink*

but aggying wizards is what mobs love to do!

2007-01-28 14:33:19
for mobs. Deface- allows mobs to remove spells from characters... mid-battle

you know, I've thought about it? Ultimately it wouldn't be that potent and it'd just annoy players as it throws off their timing and stuff.

2007-01-28 15:38:47
make cell adjustment automatic or at least trigger once automatically.. its a reaction vs a foreign substance.. just a suggestion.


2007-01-28 16:46:59
making a message similar to brand but with mana for spring rain

what brand?

2007-01-28 17:28:06
planeshift "stunn" upon arrival


2007-01-28 20:46:58
mudschool face lift. it'll temporarily give a boost in number of lowbies hopefully and renew an old crumbling school

what's wrong with it?

2007-01-29 05:08:45
mass overconf for mindbenders

nah, psychic magic is a one-on-one thing

2007-01-29 05:11:17
can we be able to see a mob's size by looking at it or considering it?

it's based on race. If a mob is named "an elven banker" then its medium. Likewise an "ogre dental hygenist" is large.

2007-01-29 05:23:08
allow monks/shfs to get a gauntlet for killing UD which increases chances of counters


2007-01-29 07:45:02
bld is too twink... wheres the fun in backstab if a bld can sneak attack and do more damage? I propose giving bld 2/3 of standard damage on sneak

that's a specious comparison. BS will outdamage BLD sneak attack on average.

2007-01-29 15:50:06
Would it be possible to make it so that the N color code displays cyan on whois and green on who? Would make sense since N stands for standard or


2007-01-29 20:56:09
ego whip should work more often on mnds?

it does

2007-01-30 02:35:13
With monks getting acumen, is there any way shadowfists can get savvy?

how are monks relevant?

2007-01-30 09:22:54
Races of "very large" size should be able to single-wield a double-wield Handled-type weapon (such as justice swords, or Kra's battleaxe). But if they do so, they can not dual-wield another weapon with it, only hold a shield.

too complicated. Dnd has this whole complex system where you can wield a smaller two-handed weapon in one hand, and vice versa with a bigger weapon, but nobody does it because there's big penalties to hit roll and stuff. I'm not eager to import it.

2007-01-30 10:02:15
make ticket objects load at 50-52 instead of always 51


2007-01-30 13:46:22
shouldn't magic recovery make it so you pay less on failed surges?

no, it only helps when you fail the SPELL. it's not SURGE recovery. I'm going to see that idea next week aren't I? Well, no in advance then.

2007-01-30 17:01:50
give bzks reputation, would you want to attack something that mean?

Why would a berserker WANT to be not attacked?

2007-01-30 20:24:04
mnd spell similar to flood but other way around, drain mind or something, allowing small mana absorbtion from single groupmate


2007-01-31 06:38:41
give neutral-aligned mobs with sanc a Grey Aura instead of White

It is grey, it's just really light.

2007-01-31 08:00:01
make control weather actually work

it works.

2007-01-31 08:41:02
Statloss at death should be eliminated. It has the effect of discouraging exploration. Earlier I used to explore areas with my mage, it was great fun. Now, I'm much more wary about it. Or you can maybe put in a check like if there hasn't been a death for some number of levels, there could be a statloss.

I'll need to toss this around with snikt.

2007-01-31 13:18:37
change legend shadows to spirits so as not to have overlapping code, that way they can have lord caps on lord planes, and not hero damage caps. not to mention :P (The spirit of the legend <PLayer>, seems to be in the air) looks cooler than the shadow in the room


2007-01-31 19:13:56
You said confirmation on etching is too much coding, what about some sort of etch cancel during X seconds after you etch?

look, just type carefully, ok?

2007-01-31 19:37:32
Something for people to spend their money on.. Potions that change alignment by 100 points. Like.. vial of temptation for align -100, and vial of purity for align +100. Of course, they shouldn't be usable by racial evil to become good and similar


2007-02-01 03:24:27
have autoloot gold go to demonbank if config is up


2007-02-01 04:10:02
make objects that load on the ground load even with players in the area so idle legends don't stop me from getting the altar key in borley

neccesary evil I'm afraid

2007-02-01 05:07:20
Inspiring dance help says "While performing an Inspirating Dance", typo on "inspirating" :)

lvl 1. typos go elsewhere

2007-02-01 11:41:14
A paladin skill that grants them immunity to item curses as long as they don't give into the temptation of using them (lets them drop nodrop items, but still not remove noremove items). Also, maybe a spell that lets them see the cursed flag on items.

lvl 3; self-only pal enchant that causes them to be unable to pick up cursed items, even via autoloot. Items auto-zap onto the floor and take a small cost of mana each time.

2007-02-01 19:54:52
Add a configurable message to appear just after a tick

no, too bot friendly

2007-02-01 20:13:40
lordrun having a total count would be cool ;p

i agree, lvl 2

2007-02-01 20:32:20
lord sor spell "summon immolatable creature"? please this spell is useless. we need more spam mobs to immolate

we're working on it. future upgrades to areas will include immolatables

2007-02-02 00:07:25
One time racials that permanently modify an item and bind it to the character. I.E. One time auto brill sharpen on dwf.


2007-02-02 01:51:52
racial-charge should do some damage, that's gotta hurt ;p

it's pretty twinky as is, thanks

2007-02-02 10:10:55
could we make it so that notes addressed to all only get received by the main alt of a altlist/multireg, and get filtered out of all the other alts in the list?

yes, that is a proposed feature of accounts

2007-02-02 18:31:25
stm spell - tornadic blast - hero 1, damage less than disint indoors, better outdoors, even better when storming


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