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2007-04-14 13:53:34
Lord level skill for berzerkers. Flex. using this skill allows berzerkers to channel their rage into an attempt to free themselves from any web affect. Causes 1-5% of their current hps in damage each attempt. Must be in a berzerk state at the time of the attempt.

lvl 2, add how-berserk to effective strength when rolling web breakouts

2007-04-14 22:00:02
add a helpfile to show what pgems load in which plane?

lvl 1; add help perfect gem and make sure it includes this info

2007-04-15 12:57:26
shouldn't be able to pick lockboxes during combat rounds

prolly not, but I'm not sure its worth changing

2007-04-15 16:27:48
calm should not wake people. Really, it should increase your regen a tick.

lvl 2; calm/awe from your ALLIES should not wake you

2007-04-15 16:29:07
Sphere of silence shouldn't work on experienced group leaders, imho. Something to consider?

why not?

2007-04-15 20:37:56
Buddy info should show who is logging on, regardless of vis/invis status.

I think we just changed it to be how it is now, so we'll want it to stay that way.

2007-04-15 20:40:00
People speaking on buddychat should be visible to all on bset.

that would be polite, yes

2007-04-15 20:45:44
warning on levelup the three levels approaching twink if your version arent up to date, also warn on login regardless if out of date.

I'm not sure I follow you, but a sub-version warning on login is a good idea; lvl 2 Not too obnoxious

2007-04-15 21:31:14
skill "mana focus" hp regen at %25 mana regen 200% for 15 ticks, exhausts for 30 ticks.

lvl 3; trance. Cast when awake, you go into busy pos for 3 ticks with no waitstate. If the trance ends without you being attacked or moved or whatever, gain some largeish chunk of mana. Maybe 2x what you could've slept up? Exhaust for 24 ticks thereafter.

2007-04-15 21:59:57
insure cancel all to uninsure all items currently insured.

that hard to uninsure them one at a time?

2007-04-15 22:15:46
take away sor's salvation. They don't care about other people

true enough, but not sure it's worth removing

2007-04-16 03:38:11
finish help highest!!! and make there be an insignia of +5% damage for holding highest insignia or something (come on make use of help highest and please finish it. don't mean to seem pesty, but its something that needs to be finished asap

what's not finished about it, aside from having harpies on there? PRCs are not shown by intent.

2007-04-16 18:21:02
Make bod intercede only works for races that are smaller or same size as the bod as to not see silly sprites leaping in front of the giant.

someone made a spr bodyguard?

2007-04-16 20:17:11
seeker condition mob added to planes with issues of soloing after a group clears shift. seeker would be set to hunt the group leader when they shift to that plane. Leader bit should already exist, its used in lordrun command.

i'm not sure if a code solution is approp. here. If groups don't want soloers following them, they could try outland or noctopia. They have seekers.

2007-04-17 14:51:39
Tier Transfer Life or create a lord equivalent that allows the usage of it at lord. Losing 5 hp when transfering to someone who "is practically destroyed" and them receiving nothing, every single time, is not useful in the least.

lvl 2; rework transfer life so that it isn't dumb. Remove perm hp loss. Rate of xfer should be biased by the caster-ness of your class. IE a mage xfers 1to1, a monk 3to1 and a warrior 5to1 ish.

2007-04-18 12:34:08
mages/spell casters should have a version of longshot where they can shoot fireballs into other rooms

no. longshot is and will remain an archer perk

2007-04-18 19:42:28
allow for greater incremental effect when control weather is used by multiple casters

i think i already tasked a review of CW. if not lvl 3

2007-04-19 11:23:37
we need bards

we do NOT. I MIGHT be amenable to a class that does the same thing but isn't a bard, like GW paragons, but the professional lute players will stay in the goddam tavern where they belong. They will NOT be coming into the dungeon and casting Lute of Doom on demons.

2007-04-19 11:42:28
new bounty reward: perfect gems

ok. lvl 2. I vote we assign it to, um, oh, say, daeron!

2007-04-19 12:19:40
can we have a skill that allows us to see the condition of treasure type items?

i thought you did

2007-04-19 21:32:31
Make lord weapons sharpenable by lord only...

2007-04-19 22:08:38
only lords should be able to transmute lord gear

I agree with you, but again, I'm not sure that's a boat worth rocking

2007-04-20 00:31:06
Shorten the lag from being sent to midgaardia to the same length as planeshifting to midgaardia.

lvl 2

2007-04-20 02:50:51
allow runes to be removed through the use of sharpen weapon/poison weapon

bit tricky. Didn;'t I make a remove function for rune?

2007-04-20 09:57:29
archers should be able to use held shot to initiate battle, It just makes sense.

it does, but it's buggy. BTW when it does work, any mob who sees you aiming at them will totally attack you.

2007-04-20 16:51:14
Mobs shouldn't be able to cast in no spell rooms!

yes they should. It's like how I can sing in my car but nobody else can.

2007-04-20 22:37:29
put racial powerswing on cen and cen remort

powerswing is for the stocky

2007-04-21 01:11:41
I know this has been nix'd for monks, but possibility for shf: Unarmed weapons. These wouldn't increase damage, however, they'd allow the ability for runes, and possibility for shf to have a poison, maybe at lord tier?

no. I have a poison xfer skill for shf, but its bloody hard to code.

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Aug 13 2019 13:36
Glad to see everyone enjoying the anniversary events. We have more planned during August!

Jul 18 2019 08:43
if anyone with control over the wiki reads this, the wiki needs help. File upload broken, new member registration broken, voting link for Mud Connector (TMC) broken.

Mar 28 2019 13:20
full link to Avatar on TMC: https://www.mudconn

Mar 28 2019 13:19
the sidebar button to vote for Avatar on TMC gives a server error page. the Avatar page on TMC does exist however, and votes can still be placed there: https://www.mudconn

Nov 18 2018 19:35
Looking for an imm to help fix Loso. Please let me know when one of you is available.

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