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2007-05-05 02:20:32
If you want held shot to be able to initiate combat, give it a parameter so it can target.

that's not the problem

2007-05-05 22:06:26
races with nofear should be immune to panic and/or dread.


2007-05-06 04:30:38
when you unlock, the emote could say which key was used


[addition from later on mailer: Ok, I get it know. I forgot the user doesn't have to specify. Lvl 2; show key used to the unlocker only. ]

2007-05-06 06:53:34
make the task list viewable on the website again, it went away :(

someone's working on it

2007-05-06 06:57:37
why can't we see size on consider? there appear to be zombies of radically different sizes in tsass lair and we should be able to tell by looking at them

it's based on race. I'm sure the relevant mobs give some indication of their race.

2007-05-06 07:07:25
if water breathing is arcane(you mentioned it being arcane in re: bci), then why can't it be dispelled with dispel magic?

it should be

2007-05-06 11:48:59
make held shots... miss less often? it makes sense.. right?

wear +held shot gear

2007-05-06 15:05:04
Since you don't want to give prc's a separate section in help highest, maybe you could include them as part of the race they originate from. E.G. if there's a higher bci than the highest rog, list that bci as the highest rog.

thats the plan

2007-05-06 21:42:12
Have eulogy take 3 stats instead of 2. 1 prime, 1 low, and 1 random from the others. Would make lord more of a group tier since people would be more willing to cr run instead of abusing crutches.

very tempting

2007-05-07 02:51:35
regen is still painfully slow. Have you guys considered a

for what tiet/class/race?

2007-05-07 04:26:13
re: a new idea for explosive arrows: make them fletchable only using an additional explosive component/item which is found on a few select mobs? same

I thought about that, but am afeared it would lead to farming

2007-05-07 04:35:01
band of the mystic hand, monk prestige, simple synopsis, they lose all skills like kick, counterkick, trip etc, ( all the skills that actively use their legs to

not a bad idea, but if we do another monk based class i'd like it to take a more radical departure from monk gameplay than just giving them more spells

2007-05-07 15:02:28
Once a person has learned every one of his/her leadership skills and every one of the leadership abilities, allow them to purchase stats with LPs. 200 lps PER point. Can only buy hr, dr, or ac. Maximum of 5hr, 5dr, 25 ac in a bonus. use an

nah. we're going to curve the costs, remember? thus unfairuly biasing any "buy em all" prize to older chars

2007-05-07 16:28:19
In the help file for the idea command, mention what it's _exactly_ for. More precisely, mention it's not for quest ideas.

lvl 1

2007-05-07 23:26:51
make the mobs at kzin shift a little less gassy, please? getting gassed for 8k hps from 2 mobs at shift is kind of rediculous.

bring them some beano

2007-05-07 23:47:05
be able to check 'board' of alts on altlist (i.e., see whether there are notes unread of alts, while you are logged in as main)

something similar planned as part of accounts

2007-05-08 01:34:09
change the giants club in mem lane from 1 to 2-handed and get rid of the slab of meat to meet giants new racial (the mob who loads it is a giant warrior), also double its weight from 40 to 80lbs. seems a nice thematic change and puts in another 2nd tier 2-handed blunt (still no good first tier that anyone knows about)

nah, i like those giants bashing

2007-05-08 07:09:23
boost hp regen on all reptilian races to account for reptiles' regenerative properties


2007-05-08 07:13:56
how about fine-tuning each race's affinity for the three different spell types by adding some more customized mods for each type?

cuz people would kvetch if I lowered anybody's casting even 1%

2007-05-08 07:16:37
it wouldn't take too much adjustment to make gith a

I'm not a big fan of gith. To much dnd baggage.

2007-05-08 07:19:12
reduce grf racial fly exhaust. they live in the say.

Takes a lot of energy to keep such a big critter aloft.

2007-05-08 16:29:20
Allow homeshift from the cloud in midgaard. Preferrably without any lag :)


2007-05-09 01:09:24
allow multiplay ONLY in sanctum so we can spell up our weak little alts *DUCK*


2007-05-09 05:38:03
With descend in mind, please allow hero 101 characters to prestige.

oh, you think we did that by accident? No no. Anything but.

2007-05-10 02:51:37
if you gotta make it storm to talk to the stormlord guy, maybe you could make control weather work

Yazimetra is a MAN?

2007-05-10 07:57:19
Let remorts see lords on who when used without a parameter.

tasked i believe, maybe as part of accts

2007-05-10 08:05:11
Maybe you could let remort keep their worship.


2007-05-10 09:06:06
I tried to learn from a stm who had practiced tutor other. Didn't work even though lowmort skills are the same. You should allow prc's to teach main class people with tutor other.


2007-05-10 12:45:07
add fire to help shiftsa

you mean set fire to it? (lvl 1)

2007-05-10 15:55:07
shf, monk at later level, dark fist, hybrid monk sor, less tanking ability than monk or shf, but much increased dmg potential with vile fists and ability to use a select few sor spells, gets less hp than monk, more mana

doesn't seem like they would have much to do

2007-05-10 22:58:24
For QPC6 make it -2AC per point because -1AC doesn't seem as significant as 1 h/d


2007-05-11 02:56:03
if you're going to make it take more tics to regen my mana than it takes to have an afk flag show up in my prompt,

then please do not disconnect me when i'm afk.

2007-05-11 04:44:32
a new weapon type - atlatl. can be used when wielding to throw thrown weapons(or maybe a spear type ammo for arcs) at increased damage and range.


2007-05-11 18:40:04
there should be a tree trunk in the kzin jungle, or arcadian forrest, that can only be opened by a person that has the racial powerswing, upon openening you get a 2-handed gnarled club, weight 80 10/20 or something ;)

that's ok

2007-05-11 22:08:58
update the gods that give spells from the healers


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Jan 21 2018 12:00
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