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Nom sells a very useful guide to the realm. A "must read" for beginning adventurers. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Skyrider on March 16 2007 11:32:33
Thrasher rocks!!!
Bebhinn on March 16 2007 09:51:17
Prepare yourselves... National Chocolate Week is almost upon us. Coming soon: a scavenger hunt for chocolate ingredients, and a bounty on everyone's favorite lord shf, Chocolate!
Fawne on March 11 2007 17:09:28
Have you logged your lowmorts yet? Profile purge is apon us, please read announcements if you have not already done so.
Uidhe on March 01 2007 03:49:55
Player statistics for February are up!
Fawne on February 25 2007 05:58:16
Please take a moment to view and vote on the current polls if you have not already done so. Thank you. Fawne
Uidhe on February 19 2007 16:21:45
Some more gazettes for the takin!...check out 2006 and 2005
Kariya on February 19 2007 06:55:03
Got any good quest ideas? Go to the quest webpage and submit them!
Cerdwyn on February 18 2007 09:12:07
Take a look at the Gazette Archives. Do you have some we don't? If yes, share the wealth!
Skyrider on February 18 2007 03:18:10
Happy Chinese New Year!
Fawne on February 14 2007 07:23:02
Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines for 2007
Skyrider on February 14 2007 06:33:04
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Skyrider on February 12 2007 16:23:52
I love hugs!
Fawne on February 12 2007 15:29:43
Thank you Helram, now we can all love them as much as you do.
Helram on February 12 2007 09:24:57
I love those old gazette articles...
Pulse on February 12 2007 01:54:33
c 'create food' riviat
Riviat on February 11 2007 04:39:30
I was told that if I posted here I'd get a biscuit! Hang on that was the voices in my head!
Skyrider on February 07 2007 18:49:26
Funnies are fun!
Daeron on February 07 2007 07:01:36
Woohoo.. thanks Pulse!
Skyrider on February 06 2007 15:15:17
Brrrrrrr!!! It's cold here in Virginia today...
Pulse on February 05 2007 06:44:28
you will now be able to set email notification for new posts on specific forum threads you are interested in (auction ?)
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Jul 18 2019 08:43
if anyone with control over the wiki reads this, the wiki needs help. File upload broken, new member registration broken, voting link for Mud Connector (TMC) broken.

Mar 28 2019 13:20
full link to Avatar on TMC: https://www.mudconn

Mar 28 2019 13:19
the sidebar button to vote for Avatar on TMC gives a server error page. the Avatar page on TMC does exist however, and votes can still be placed there: https://www.mudconn

Nov 18 2018 19:35
Looking for an imm to help fix Loso. Please let me know when one of you is available.

Jul 18 2018 19:08
Service provider outage currently ongoing, check status at https://status.lino

Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
Jul 23 2019 03:32
There is a disturbance in the realm as Prosatanos fails to become a Lord at sublevel 402.
Jul 23 2019 01:58
Cup successfully morphs from Hero 887 to become Lord Cup.
Jul 23 2019 00:28
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jul 23 2019 00:13
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jul 22 2019 16:17
There is a disturbance in the realm as Typhus fails to become a Lord at sublevel 436.