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The first Fusiliers were gnomish, dwarvish and halfling heroes during the Great Wars when the Giants of Straul devastated the world. Armed with little more than slings, throwing axes and boomerangs, they fought enemies five times their size and prevailed. This tradition continues in the Fusilier Prestige Class. They are adept at abusing their small size to confound larger opponents, are highly skilled with slings and throwing weapons.

This is a Prestige Class for Archers, and they retain the original class's Prime Requisite, in this case, dexterity. Fusiliers cannot become Assassins, like Archers can.


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Jan 16 2020 01:33
flap flap flap

Oct 22 2019 23:21
shadow @ busk

Oct 08 2019 08:57
Yay! We are back!

Oct 08 2019 08:06
yup, MUD appears to be down again

Oct 07 2019 06:10
hope whatevers going on with AV can be rectified, for the greater good of the community

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Game Updates
Feb 23 2020 22:15
There is a disturbance in the realm as Derillion fails to become a Lord at sublevel 303.
Feb 23 2020 20:29
There is a disturbance in the realm as Cheveyo fails to become a Lord at sublevel 581.
Feb 23 2020 18:45
There is a disturbance in the realm as Pernex fails to become a Lord at sublevel 429.
Feb 23 2020 16:59
Rathal successfully morphs from Hero 488 to become Lord Rathal.
Feb 23 2020 16:50
Banik successfully morphs from Hero 631 to become Lord Banik.