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Newbie Tip
AVATAR has it's own in-game note system. For more information read HELP BOARD and the suggested additional helpfiles listed within. Important announcements from Immortals are posted on Board 7. Keeping up to date with these notes will make sure you are well informed and don't miss out. - Riviat
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The "coronation" of Amalric
Quest NewsWere you a witness to the "coronation"?

King Amalric was felled by an arrow, his own guards turned traitor.

Moordenaar bows, mockingly.
'A rogue's revenge always finds its target. Three times revenge.'

'Midgaard is ours!'
'All races must bow down to the Rogues Guild!'

'Beware the shadows...' he says as he exits, leaving the ceremony attendees to their doom.

But news travels fast - expect others to take exception to this hostile takeover... later this week.
Coronation ceremony reminder - tonight at 10PM EST
Quest NewsReminder: the coronation ceremony for Amalric will take place tonight. It will begin at 10:05PM EST sharp.

Due to the way the ceremony is structured - and a need to keep it quite short for safety reasons - it will NOT be possible to accept late comers.

If you want to participate, be logged in by 9:55PM. This is not a battle quest - simply a ceremony - but it will include a commemorative insignia.

(Lords may participate here but they will not be able to join later battle quests, so keep that in mind for insignia collecting.)

Please note there was just a reboot.
The coronation of Amalric
Quest NewsThe Trog forces are slowly being pushed back towards Igecsoz by the low mortals. Amalric has used this time to rest his guards, knowing they might be needed soon.

But for now, the next step is the coronation of Prince Amalric - an occasion that would normally be joyous but here is tinged with a bit of somberness. This ceremony must be done, however, if Amalric is ever to be considered the true King of Midgaard, like his now deceased father Theileus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Notes: The coronation ceremony will be held sometime during the week of June 9. This will mark the end stages of the Midgaard quest, lasting a few weeks before reaching its conclusion.

The current level 40-50 quest in HELP BATTLEFIELD OF MIDGAARD will be available until the next reboot/crash. Check it out (and turn in those relics) while you still can.
Avatar emergency contact procedure
RevelationsLuckily Avatar is available for your adventure cravings most of the time.
But there's always ther chance that we have some issues (crash, hanging mud, network issues)

Usually players are the first to find out, and together we manage to fix it quickly.
However, to streamline this process we've written a short procedure to make sure detailed info reaches the IMM team as fast as possible.

Click to read what you, as Avatar player, can do to help resolve issues quickly.
And no worries, there is also an Immortal version that helps us figure things out quickly,
and most importantly, communicate this back to everyone else.

EpiphaniesOn behalf of the entire Immortal team, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH for your
recent efforts in helping to make Avatar a welcoming place for everyone,
whether new to the game or a long term player.

It is wonderful to see both new players learning to play and becoming our
friends as well as seeing old and treasured friends rejoining us after an
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Aug 08 2014 11:23
This is your 40 minute warning. A one-hour Hand of God event will commence soon. Check the time at the top of this shout. Log alts, regen, spell-up, set recall... coffee next to computer! GET REA

Jul 31 2014 00:33
Check out the anniversary events for the month of August! Visit the wiki and click on the anniversary banner. HoGs, quests, trivia, and more besides.

Jul 29 2014 17:39
14th on TMS! Thanks for voting!

Jul 22 2014 15:46
Congratulations to Dream, Jachid and Spriggs on beating the Ultimate Dragon today!

Jul 14 2014 21:48
Doxbot updated. Tell him thorn or mid to swap between sanc dw and thorn ee

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Aug 20 2014 21:15
Xuyr successfully morphs from Hero 398 to become Lord Xuyr.
Aug 20 2014 21:14
There is a disturbance in the realm as Jaeger fails to become a Lord at sublevel 300.
Aug 20 2014 21:14
There is a disturbance in the realm as Asm fails to become a Lord at sublevel 309.
Aug 20 2014 14:44
Arson successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Arson.
Aug 19 2014 20:41
Shinto has remorted into a Gith Monk.