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2006-05-27 02:44:10
regen is horrible.... I know not your department, but convey to the people lots of people I know Are quitting because of the nerfed regen on lord

soapboxing belongs on lord mailer

2006-05-27 09:09:01
While this may have been mentioned in the

past, implement bonuses for gear sets and the like.

2006-05-27 13:20:32
instant fury, passive bzk rite, if a mob repops in room with bzk while he is awake and can see the mob, bzk automatically attacks the mob

nah, too botty

2006-05-27 13:29:53
Untapped Fury, passive bzk rite, when bzk is fully bzk (10dr +50ac), he now takes a MUCH larger hit to ac (4x), and recieves another 10hr/10dr bonus untill bzk falls


2006-05-27 17:55:15
floating slot could be used for thrown weapons, spells like dart, just an idea


2006-05-27 18:40:44
random element in mob AI? alexy was term stabbed by malyce three repops in a row

It is random. But if you had to pick, wouldn't you pick the one you KNEW you could kill?

2006-05-27 23:30:40
a way to display what your prompt variables look like (prompt show for example) so minor adjustments can be made without retyping whole string (i.e. cut/paste)

sure, level 2, prompt show

2006-05-28 04:29:40
Demanding Attack, passive bzk rite, prereq is guard crush, expands criteria of guard crush to any dodged/risposted attack, and increses bonus to allies damage/hitrate slightly more

nah, there needs to be ONE way to evade bzks. Guard crush already does perk allies

2006-05-28 09:44:02
Elf arcs should hit harder than drw, the tnl difference should account for something

it's called nosun, and it USED to matter

2006-05-28 12:46:54
Find some way of making mages tougher to play...there are so many, and mages, I would figure, would be pretty rare things in the "real" world...

they are rare. You can't compare them to the player populace, but rather to the populace of commoners who are beggers, farmers, grocers, etc.

2006-05-28 12:51:17
Construct shrines to various deities around the realm. If players sacrifice specific items, and they're in their deity's shrine, good things happen (something more than the random bless or armor)

getting there

2006-05-28 15:25:24
Create a mob that takes XP from players when it hits...Obviously the benefits and detriments of such a baddy would have to balance out

I'm not big on the exp-or-level-loss-as-attack thing

2006-05-28 20:07:58
A spell that renders a room no-spell for a particular duration, for both alles and baddies...or just mute a spell-caster

like scramble?

2006-05-28 21:28:15
Black Circle Master class!

maybe someday

2006-05-28 23:21:01
make a mindwiped mob have a lessened ability to withstand scramble


2006-05-29 02:15:13
fix help guests to pull automatically like the others do and pull appropraite rank

lvl 2

2006-05-29 11:05:31
bzk should get parry at lord, karn staff

is a double parry weapon no?

2006-05-29 11:06:33
not to mention some bzk rites work of the enemy using parry, wouldnt it benefit the bzk to know how to parry themselves to better defend themselves against it

Parry? What is parry? Weapons are for HITTING!

2006-05-29 11:37:48
Lord 100 - mass macros for the ppl who get them inclass ie mass fortitude for psions make it cost more than the priest ability tho...mebbe 4-5x normal cost

nah. Too psuedo-preach.

2006-05-29 14:09:28
sor's should get a syphon spell. c syphon target1 target2, hp drained goes from target1 to target2, but target2 must be evil/have demonic intent


2006-05-29 16:10:10
cut flee lag in half

2006-05-29 16:10:17
specially for rog

2006-05-29 16:23:15
fix send... needz failsafe

2006-05-29 19:31:36
make it hard to stand if you're webbed

while resting

2006-05-29 21:56:06
Mage spell, upgraded magic missile that

allows mages to longshot similar to archers.

2006-05-29 23:09:14
mastermind should give a +5% guaranteed or +25% random damage mod to stab/sneek attacks

nah, stabs are powerful enough

2006-05-30 06:47:48
For players who are caught blatantly cheating, put their names in a help file for all to see their disgraces.


2006-05-30 13:18:22
let shadowfists get the armor spell, since it is not inherently divine given arcane casters get it just as early.

It's party of the divine tree tho, as its a pre-req for holy armor but not any arcane spells.

2006-05-30 15:43:15
make it so you don't have to spellout the whole name on playerinfo, like whois or tell.

can't, it's using the pfile, not the online char

2006-05-30 16:14:38
Spell: Doppleganger. Summons an imp of sorts to fight alongside the player for a limited amount of time.


2006-05-30 18:46:45
due to decreased Lord counts would it be possible to lower the numnber of lords required for threnody?

you know, once, lords didn't HAVE threnody, and yet they managed.

2006-05-30 18:48:19
is it possible for there to be a shorter time between salvation starting and failing?

no, we've been over this. LC voted to keep the lengthy waitstate on rituals.

2006-05-30 23:08:22
new wizard/mage spell "Extend portal" when cast on an existing portal it increases the ticks it stays open. It's prereq would be portal and seal.

lvl 2; portal or nexus to the same location simply renews the portal, rather than fussing with reforming it

2006-05-31 10:20:53
change the golden dragon orb to cure serious or make the dragon MUCH bigger as is its too powerful for an easily camped item

it's also quite heavy

2006-05-31 11:40:26
Since you can't "area <name>" for an area's name, it would make a lot of sense to put the level range for areas in their help files. I'll even volunteer to do it, if you need someone.

what are you trying to do with the first part?

2006-05-31 11:48:24
bring back throw/cast


2006-05-31 21:45:08
Kind of far out there: Have a generic class. Generic players' skills can be drawn from all classes, but there would exist prerequisite and anti-requisite skills. Would allow a player to have some magical, clerical and rogue skills, for example

another one of those ideas that isnt neccesarily bad, but doesnt work with the existing game

2006-05-31 22:48:22
To encourage people getting together, give groups a bonus or at least lessen the penalty - if you have three

it's half the exp you would get

2006-05-31 23:13:32
make berserker an available class

it is available

2006-05-31 23:13:52
make dragons an available race - as in able to choose from level 1

Don't you know who you're talking to?

2006-06-01 01:41:33
make "mass heal" castable in combat like mass divinity, mass comfort and so on.

lvl 2

And LO! The masses stood assembled, and Devastant spake thusly:

2006-06-01 01:52:14
one should not be able to fail fast healing. it's not something you're actively trying to do while sleeping. you either know how to heal quickly, or you don't. the same probably should hold true for meditation.

didnt i already task something for this?

2006-06-01 11:39:12
un-nerf decept for lord psis, they

should have a better chance on avg than 5% to decept a gith

2006-06-01 14:19:29
Disallow sneak sneak for certain races, even if under magical

no thanks, i got enough crap for the minor penalty I put in for un-stealthy races

2006-06-01 19:09:20
prevent etched items from dissolving with npc corpse, cause them to spill onto ground. Gravitas is hurting psi, and we seem to be having a shortage on psis running at Lord lately - thought this might encourage them to return

lvl 2; etched items to the ground on NPC corpse disolution

2006-06-01 20:39:26
boost the level of some of the smaller demons of tart proper, but not big enough to use demonfire against

us. this would make it a more attractive place to run for experience

2006-06-01 21:18:23
Allow BCI to detect psionic markings, levers, or image, such as the image of a ship in Dream Steppes. Think Psionic bonus to awareness.

lvl 2; rework the psi class check for marking to IS_PSIONIC

2006-06-01 21:57:23
necromancers remortable lvl 200 sor use corpses, body parts in spells

toying with a similar concept

2006-06-02 02:08:08
A mob where outlaws can go pay a fee to have outlaw status removed. Could be like turning yourself in, or like paying off the right people.

already tasked i think

2006-06-02 07:55:21
remove code for old raceclass lists which still list martial artists and replae with newer code so players can find it


2006-06-02 11:14:59
Add a quality descriptor to fletching kits, like rogue tools, so that hero/lord level fletching kits and level 10 fletching kits don't stack in the inventory. (i.e. "Low

quality/Excellent/Superior fletching tools and materials")

2006-06-02 18:34:02
lord lvl barkskin spellbook, so we wizards have something of value to trade for our daily fort/iron needs

ok. lvl 2.

2006-06-03 00:20:25
demons shouldn't have to pay for


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