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2007-04-28 07:57:52
allow us to fletch bullets


2007-04-28 07:58:04
can we have a hero-level blowgun to use darts with?

sure, probably someone will add one eventually

2007-04-28 13:27:56
When scrambled, there should be a flag next to prompt. Be it a |BP|@|N| or a |BP|&|N|. It would help us tanking casters quite a bit.

no can do

2007-04-28 17:39:08
a way to see your own setmin setmout would be nice...

i thought i already tasked one

2007-04-28 19:51:54
please rewrite help powerswing to simply say which kind of 2 handed weapons work or not (handled, hafted, chained, etc). its confusing now.

it's very clear.

2007-04-28 22:30:49
make it so rooms with lights in them don't show up as dark on scan

if they show as dark then they don't have lights

2007-04-29 01:00:50
construct an arena where lowmort/hero/lord can watch legends battle it out!

dunno if that would work

2007-04-29 08:06:57
can we give a slight bonus to in class skills and spells at 999? e.g. backstab hits slightly harder, spell damage slightly more, inclass heals heal a few more hp, etc.


2007-04-29 08:10:21
a new psi spell, backlash. does nothing initially, but the next offensive spell cast by the affected player/mob backfires on them, damaging them instead of the intended target(and possibly brief stun?) spell exhausts.

no for now

2007-04-29 08:11:40
psi spell: confusion, causes the target's next round of melee attacks to hit self instead of current melee target. exhausts.


2007-04-29 09:13:04
golems should have some sort of racial noisy that counters any attempt to sneak.. they're a construct, after all

I think they have pretty poor racial stealth

2007-04-29 12:26:32
A psi spell that makes you immune to being stunned for a short period of time would be neato.

lvl 3; but add some sort of limtation. I don't want psis able to keep it up all the time.

2007-04-29 12:57:31
A board for sending notes to the buddyset you're on. Of

you guys aren't getting this. It's not possible. Make an alias.

2007-04-29 17:54:40
(imms) 'ioset <item> edescr' with no argument should clear all edescrs on an item.

edescs are deliberately nonremovable

2007-04-29 18:29:32
Make flood trasnfer rate be 50% of mana cost to non-casters, and 60-70% to caster. If not might as well just remove the spell, seriously.

lvl 5; remove flood

2007-04-30 05:14:11
have rage mastery slightly increase the odds of regeneration and even more slightly werrebocler for a bzk, as the more focused in their rage they are the better they can influence it


2007-04-30 06:48:31
can we have the output of slearn grouped by class type? e.g. put bld and bci next to rog, wzd and stm next to mag, etc. would make it easier to read.


2007-04-30 06:50:44
re: treasure type item condition, there is no skill that lets

lvl 2; fold treasure knowledge into general lore or gem lore or something

2007-04-30 20:24:10
stm spell 'morning mist' makes the stm's group harder to hit with melee attacks. to hit mitigation should be minimal, however. possibly level 50 spell

no, it would make EVERYBODY harder to hit with melee attacks.

2007-04-30 20:26:03
stm spell 'tempest' (level 50): combination of wind and water attack. call forth torrents of rain, and use the wind to send it into current target(s) causing moderate/moderate-severe damage.

don't they already have an area spell? how is this different?

2007-04-30 21:41:04
Lowmort sor spell. Soul Crush. Summons a demon from the netherworld to attack the sorceror's enemies. Must have a necrit to act as a channeling

no summoning spells til ally code is done

2007-05-01 01:34:10
rename lizard man to lizard people or scalykind to be more PC.

lizards are not known for their political correctness

2007-05-01 02:14:45
bring back random deck games get rid of questpoints

the aliases are still there, I guess nobody's interested.

2007-05-01 06:30:06
make the thorn practice dummy repop faster, or make more of them please?


2007-05-01 06:39:19
we have a psionic hybrid class(bci) and a divine hybrid class(pal), how about an arcane hybrid class?

arcane stuff is too accessible to other classes at hero for it work in a hybrid.

2007-05-01 06:40:16
in fact, we have 2 divine hybrids if you count druids. maybe a mage/monk hybrid?

such as?

2007-05-01 07:42:25
add racial evil to drw and due

nah, they're not that evil

2007-05-01 07:42:52
shouldn't dragons have racial greed?

perhaps, but they're out of racials

2007-05-01 07:59:13
add a message when racial hardhead resists stun


2007-05-01 20:40:53
there are no messages telling bladedancere that they've gone into their stances. You begin a dance that inspires your comrades. You start to dance as though you were a dervish. You begin the bladedance learned from the elders.

lvl 2

2007-05-01 21:29:56
lord event, insert appropiate name, make all gear mobs portable for the evening, but put a few extra mobs in with them for good measure. Run by immortals.


2007-05-02 02:52:13
pillar of flame should work better

learn to use it better

2007-05-02 04:22:50
llearnable by hero monk at hero 700+ , virtious tennacity. another style (works for 16 tics then exausted for 8) at extreme loss of tanking skills (as monk counters go),l mon achieves a slight increas in golden stikes along with very slightly increasing all of the grouped characters phyisical skills, ala surge, quicken, bash


2007-05-02 04:26:44
through great risk of the monks defensive skills lost (via the "cost" of virtuiuis tenacity) said tanker/monk will rely more upom groupie effectiveness than ever before. Because their crane style and 90% of counters will be non-functional durin the effect if virtuous? tennacity


2007-05-02 11:04:30
Taunt: when the monk walks in the room, aggressive monsters automatically target the taunting monk.

nah. Monsters are too smart for that. They'd much rather eat your tasty tasty hitters and healers.

2007-05-02 15:00:08
A 'separate' social. Just because of the 'sep awen' thing.


2007-05-02 20:06:03
a per class list of skills/spells that classes don't have ie:shf can't learn awen

put it on the wiki

2007-05-02 21:21:36
racial surefoot - dwarves/duerger are harder to knock down and receive a bonus when bashing because of their

stockiness and low center of gravity

2007-05-02 23:27:10
Can we please see the exhaust timer for fletching explosive arrows?


2007-05-03 00:00:16
when commands or spells are temporarily disabled, display a message on login (just like "There is a Quest/Hog going on right now!")


2007-05-03 02:58:14
How about Lord portals always be perfect on Midgaardia as they have mastered controlling more powerful forms of travel, less perfect on some planes.

lvl 2

2007-05-03 11:02:13
less exhaust time for fletching explosives? it's an hour, and the archer has to stay logged in... for every 10 arrows.

lvl 4; brainstorm a new way to limit ability to generate rare arrows which discourages botting but is less frustrating than current system

2007-05-03 11:26:39
warn people when embedding gems not to log out

2007-05-03 11:27:47
in light of the fact that pgems are nigh impossible for one person to get much less collect, how about we make them fall out of embeded items rather than completely vanishing and negating months/years worth of work when we log off?

lvl 2; fix embed/logout issues somehow. Either have them save or de-embed on logout or make warnings much more obvious.

2007-05-03 13:36:18
Put the NOTE: part in help MANIFEST,(about gems beeing lost on relog) into help EMBED as well, lvl 1. *inno*. The helps do have aliases but that footnote is important enough to show in both really.

lvl 1

2007-05-03 20:21:19
improve disarm? it sucks, psi seem to be the best disarmers... pleeease?

psi ARE the best disarmers, at least when a mob only has a wield.

2007-05-03 20:41:16
mass cure blindness

befriend a priest

2007-05-04 07:26:20
as an alternative to not being able to start combat with held shot, how about a double-damage shot which can only be used to initiate combat and lags for just over a round?

no, that's okay, thanks

2007-05-04 09:22:18
do ents really need such a bad arc mod?


2007-05-05 00:43:01
Add the ability to remove 'slotname'. For those of us who are forgetful or senile and can't remember what the keyword is for renamed items. easy enough to remove and ident #.


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