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2007-11-17 02:49:45
a skill or stance for bladedancers that gives them a free attack whenever anyone (including themselves) gets rescued from their current combat target

sounds interesting: add to bladedancer review list

2007-11-17 13:02:57
Fire realm needs to be added to Help Lord Planes

retro: level 1

2007-11-17 13:03:49
Bind qps to an altof pool somehow. It's silly (at lord) to run a useless alt just to get qps on that one, even more so if you dont WANT to run it.

help qptransfer.

2007-11-17 14:31:11
Change the 'prompt symbol' for stances from 3 characters and bright cyan to something else

only if there is more than one voice requesting this.

2007-11-17 14:36:23
Add a filter for other people's scan messages.

level 2: Consider making in part of filter walkother as it is a movement related action

2007-11-17 14:48:43
Evaluate the need for staff chars to be able to 'force'. If needed for other reasons, consider limiting what they can force (i.e. no 'force all') to what they require.

2007-11-17 15:08:36
Put room name in lordrun command.

2007-11-18 04:27:08
world event - occasionaly a sor or someone will do something SO evil that bhyss curses all of midgaard with death's door


2007-11-18 13:42:18
racial hooves should be changed to allow for tail-like effects of knocking down mob (or blinding with dirt maybe?) seeing as cen have such high-tnl... :d

Link between tnl and dirt eludes me. A review of scaling (damage / effect change with increased level) of racial attacks is planned.

2007-11-18 19:20:45
makes vbts not awful. please.


2007-11-19 07:09:53
Add another temp air gear for mage/wzd or modify existing to add save vs.

maybe. Grantok?

2007-11-19 09:23:10
Lord level psion spell, probably around 250. Restructure. Preregs of transmute and reforge. Consumes 2 perfect gems of the same type to change their crystalline structure into a different type of perfect gem.

level 3: but make it 3 perfect gems.

2007-11-19 10:17:41
stm spell, sublevel 200 hero - thunderclap - area spell, chance to knock down all mobs in room (rolled individually) lags caster for 2 rounds, exhausts for 6 or so ticks

The funny thing about Stm non damage area affects like sleet or gale etc is that it affects everyone, friend and foe. This area bashing down would go into the same category.

2007-11-19 14:47:31
A mage spell that gives all groupies' weapons a single charge (like charge shield) that goes off when they parry. Since they only get one, the spell is most useful when everyone in group gets aggied. Alternatively, encourages everyone to take turns tanking.

We will get around to imbuing weapons with energetic type damages when we have done the base resistances/immunities/susceptibilities part.

2007-11-19 15:35:40
steadfast rite should give protection from deception. You are refusing to be afraid (dread/awe), so it should prevent anyone scaring you enough to drop gear.


2007-11-19 19:17:46
insure would be great if we could insure a full set of gear. is there any reason why we should be protected against losing only some of our hard-earned gear?


2007-11-19 19:47:13
assassin-specific arrow types would be neat

examples? For brainstorm.

2007-11-19 20:18:02
mobs that can enter a nexus after it has been made, same with a portal

some more mob AI would be good. yeah. But before we teach them to enter portals they would need to learn to open doors.

2007-11-19 20:36:59
Put all helpfiles into a single large PDF and put on the webpage.

It is there on the server somewhere (not as pdf though). We have troubles of getting things automated between mud server and webserver unfortunately. Until that part is fixed no point in working on it.

2007-11-19 22:38:58
the cons of qxl worship outweigh the pros. can we remove one of the penalties to balance it out?

There seem to be a number of players who prefer Qxl.

2007-11-19 23:21:20
Druid sustained area spell, "Creeping Doom"...Druid summons insects and other creepy crawlies by the masses to overwhelm his opponent.


2007-11-20 01:14:07
3 quests, probably hero lvl, similar to difficulty as fates. one for each align, make the rooms only enterable by the appropriate align. complete the quest and receive an insgnia that is similar to racial evil, good or neutral. quest something like acquire 3 ingredients to destroy an artifact of opposite align

I do not quite get why you would want to permanently fix your align in an unreversible way (especially to neutral). Also, as has been discussed before, alignment is a bit of a crutch. but for builder / quest to consider whether it makes sense to them.

2007-11-20 08:35:10
clarify help protection good/evil to explain that you can only cast the one that is the same as your current alignment

level 1

2007-11-20 14:45:46
allow races with higher base wisdom a better % chance to successfully morph above 500 per level...they are wiser and more prepared to ascend to a higher plane


2007-11-20 14:50:10
separate hero into three sections possibly (1-100, 101-499, 500-up) with similar penalties to grouping a lowmort as a hero..currently too little motivation for anyone to group a lowhero.


2007-11-20 17:22:54
add mprog to admin gru-dzek. if, after a round-2rounds, admin is still alive, make him eat the wafer.

to encourage camping even more? Oh yeah.

2007-11-20 20:27:03
Add either a Lord or Legend poison that gives a blind affect. Not sure what to name it, but could be a useful implementation for either just building/quests or to increase Rogue usefulness.

Rogues can blind with vs. Mobs can be set with affect blind. Wha do you need it for?

2007-11-20 21:02:53
remove redundant spells from various spell lists...giant strength and enhanced strength, for mages, for example

Some might not be as completely redundant as it seems, as for others - don't learn them then.

2007-11-20 21:09:02
way to deposit coins without bank

level 2: deposit / withdraw demonbank <amount> - takes 25% courier charges, works for coins and gems, but for withdrawing make sure the charge can be paid in full. Does not work on Lord+ planes, unless LC decides that they are not concerned.

2007-11-21 09:03:10
add argument for homeshift for legends to homeshift to thorn from mid instead of havint to home to legend home, then plane to thorn

but Legend home is not Thorn

2007-11-21 10:49:26
Worship should only work when fully spelled, like quit. Even though it requires a password, I keep aliases on hand to prevent "accidents" and would prefer not to make ones for "wor" "wors" "worsh" etc. I haven't tried unworship, morph, descend, remort, or rebuild to see if they accept partial commands, but those are also ones I try to lock with aliases.

Seems sufficiently secure with requesting a password to me. Unless your password is something like 'sword' you should not run into trouble.

2007-11-21 16:22:43
"sidearm stab" allows an asn another attempt to assassinate with offhand weapon only when initial stab fails.


2007-11-21 17:42:04
config +/- stance prompt thing

oh you whiners.

2007-11-21 18:08:35
Allow staffies to use the Lordrun command.

level 2

2007-11-21 18:15:12
wizard/mage lord skill that allows a wizard/mage to avoid shift lag after reaching a sublevel of 250. It's an "attunement" so to speak Increased chance at sublevel 500

no. Even easier soloing?

2007-11-21 18:20:35
'shadow flight" Skill that masks the visibility of flying arrows. Arrows of this nature cannot be dodged and hurts alignment.

no to the alignment. level 3: Lord assassin arrow type, Alertness negates the arrows no-dodge affect.

2007-11-22 08:39:05
sort function for area hero should include EHA

level 2

2007-11-22 18:18:49
A new mob spec that animates a player's gear instead of their corpse. If gear is left on the ground, the mob will animate it and then the player has to kill it to get his/her/its gear back.

Animated entrails of a doe strike you with pathetic intensity! Oh No!

2007-11-22 18:20:29
new mob spec. Spec_quest_area. Casts the highest level area spells possible. At Hero acid rain and death field. At Lord meteor swarm and cataclysm. Both tiers it casts flash. Also possible mass FF and mass Deception.

looks tasty. But a combination of mage and psi spells does not make sense. You will have to decide what type of mob it is level 3: new spec_funs derived from/calling existing, which use area spells only (unless only 1 char left).

2007-11-23 09:15:29
psi bonus for gnome types

Come into my garden! Now!

2007-11-23 12:32:00
Boost hie regen or something, in comparison to spr, their stats aren't really worth the tnl especially since you have to be a drw or elf to become one

haha. No.

2007-11-23 17:48:17
I know you say assassins work alone.. but at least think about this. A skill that allows assassins skills that can ONLY be activated when in a group of 4 or less and all of which are asn's sneaking. Expanded ideas to follow:

2007-11-23 17:52:15
"silver strike" It would require new arrows (but heck we're in need of anything new. Not nessisarily MORE damage) Allows incr damage vs. Increase chance of insightful with NO rep gain. Yes, bows are deadly they should work as such.

2007-11-23 17:53:02
thats incr vs undead, and as a drawback they're completely worthless to anything else. Remember this is under the idea of low group limits

2007-11-23 17:54:22
Submitted an idea somewhere.. for "Shadowed arrow" (or something of that sort).. this would fall into the low group limits category.

2007-11-23 17:58:55
"cross strike" 2 asns can attempt to hit the same vital areas at different angles simultaneously. It's interesting to note vital shot is broken so we need something to combat that..When successful "special" body parts can be harnessed. See next skill for idea continuation

2007-11-23 18:01:02
Asns can harness rare body parts that yield potent poisons. More poison is a must. But it should be attainable my Assassin's only imo. Potency isn't measured by damage in this sense. Another poison might be... a 3-4 tick demonfire poison, a poison that causes dellusions negating (in part) the use of guardbreak

2007-11-23 18:01:22
that sould read "by assassins only"

Don't get why you need a small assassin only group for these (except the cross strike which makes no sense to me: as an Assassin you aim to finish things in 1 hit. No need to have someone else stab into the same wound that you left. Now, as a person that employs an Assassin I might send out more than one, but each as failsafe for the other, not to get into each others way by all trying to stab a knife into the left eye.)

More poison types with varying affects could be interesting, and if they had each non-twinky affects we could go back to the idea of combining poison types from the idea list 2(?) weeks ago. That part could be assassin only (or rogue / assassin). -> Mal, please bring up again on design mailer in about two weeks, currently to much on other things.

Silver arrows: sounds more like Druid than Assassin to me, but good. -> This one as well please.

2007-11-23 20:59:35
Possibly revert SOS to what it was previous to its new incarnation? Pretty sure the lord community has been punished enough (by having it unrunnable) for the past 3-6 months?

SOS run being buggy has nothing to do with being penalized. It simply has yet to be fixed. builder/ retro

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