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2008-01-26 15:38:48
Special command 'Contract' only usable on another player with class Asn or BCI. Syntax Contract Erion Alrin 1000 where Erion is Asn's name, Alrin is victim's name, and 1000 is the amount of xp sacrificed from the player's pfile. The xp is lost regardless of whether or not the Asn/BCI takes the job, but not rewarded to the Asn/BCI unless they kill the player. Functions as bounty where the Asn/BCI may b

2008-01-26 15:39:09
Addendum Functions as bounty where the Asn/BCI may break the no PK rule to fulfill the job. Contracts are always secret.


2008-01-27 04:53:29
a hex spell for sors, afflicts a random negative mod to victim, -2 str/wis/con/dex/int or -5 dr/hr or +10 ac? Something along those lines... also, chance of having spell backfire


2008-01-27 07:42:17
could paladins get reduced negative prayer rate? It seems silly that my god keeps giving me negative results when im his Paladin

you should know what things they like or not, you might even get a higher penalty if you do things wrong

2008-01-27 14:04:55
'Unchristen,' (unonoma?) renames an item back to its original name. Useful especially for lotto items. Negates the all too common errors of re-christening an item to the original name.

yeah, would be good. Does not work for all items though, as some are intentionally renamed versions from the same base

2008-01-27 19:52:53
rogue could stab at lord mid combat once per mob if they were not taking aggro but would have to hold aggro for minimum of 3 rounds or something like that


2008-01-28 08:27:08
Give the healers (Nom, Sol, Aelmon) the remove curse spell so we can buy it from them.


2008-01-28 15:54:53
is there anyway 'help top10_gia' can work too?

it does, also, bug it if it is a bug

2008-01-29 08:14:38
wizard/mage level 500 spell keen edge this adds a temporary +1 per 100 levels of the caster to a maximum of +5 to a sharpened edged blade to a max of 51 for single max 56 for 2 handed at hero. This will never take the weapon beyond max 51 for single 1 handed weapons max 56 for 2 handed.

for specialization list of caster

2008-01-29 10:42:16
Legend Stabbing skill that works on hurt mobs...... since pvp wise people can just reduce their hp a little and not even have to worry about being assassinated

use a different skill then? but yeah, maybe

2008-01-29 10:46:59
Legend Psi spell implosion causes the target's brain/mind to implode, dealing massive damage. Can only be used once per mob, side affects include scrambled, fear, panic.


2008-01-29 10:56:14
Please drop movepoints from group output command for legend. Info is irrelevant and the extra room would make other stats easier to read.


2008-01-29 11:06:18
raise stormlord surge to level 4. BCI and Cle don't seem like they should be able to surge as well as stm, and limiting a primarily damage caster down to 3 from 5 seems strange


2008-01-29 11:49:26
we really should rework the prime vs. weak stat with regards to dex/int. wisdom is a much better "weak" stat for dex than int as many dex-pr classes have int-dependent skills.

yeah. agree.

2008-01-29 14:53:13
allow ascend at 500, or disallow morph until 501 for consistency.


2008-01-29 14:56:38
Add to help demon -> All demonseeds who desire to ascend into demon form MUST complete a rigorous quest. They may be assisted in this venture, but they alone must complete each segment as required by the Council of the Six. <- This should prevent any sort of miscommunication about the nature of the demon quest and it's various tasks.


2008-01-29 16:39:42
since necrotia runs out so fast(poison fires multiple times, plus lord runs last longer) and lord poisons aren't nearly as ubiquitous, consider upgrading lord poison drops to hold more charges


2008-01-29 21:43:23
allow humans of every prc, humans should be able to do anything

of course not

2008-01-30 18:04:31
war/bzk skill Iron Grip decreases chance to get disarmed because they have such a firm, tight grip on their weapon

see elsewhere, specialization not for bzk

2008-01-30 21:04:44
allow remorts to use a herothank during each incarnation. either that, or remove the message that says you can herothank if you already used it in past incarnation

bug fix, remove message for remort

2008-01-31 01:16:36
Mobs shouldn't flee into safe rooms!

why not? That's what you would do.

2008-01-31 13:39:08
when archers pop a bow by stringing it too tightly, you are left with unusable remnants in your hands (i think sharpen does this?). so that you have something to cry over or give to your friends.


2008-01-31 15:43:42
new social: cider, as we have a beer one I thought maybe we could have a cider one as well. cider self: You sip on a frosty pint of cider.; cider others: Xyxyxy offers you a refreshingly cold and apply cider.; cider with no arguement: You really could use a nice cider right now. (or something along these lines)

help social

2008-01-31 17:21:29
is there a reason barkskin needs to be so restricted in distribution? i wasn't quite sure about the reason for this initially, but it seems like we have enough distributed skills where putting barkskin back to most standard class availability would be appropriate

on the contrary, we should remove most of those distributed skills instead

2008-01-31 19:00:48
Trg should not be allowed to remort Dragon, they speak Troglodyte, not Draconian, and they dont have scales, or do they? And they arent reptiles either, or am I mistaken? I might be.


2008-01-31 19:01:22
add bladedance to help prc

2008-01-31 19:01:26
is bladedancer missing from help prestige?


2008-01-31 20:49:52
Since morph is now a direct multiplier of 999 stats, and genesis is gone, does the unworship cost need to be so steep from hero999 to lord 1?


2008-02-01 07:44:30
group command shows female lords as Lord instead of Lady

and the neuters?

2008-02-01 12:03:21
aegeia is listed twice in help angel


2008-02-01 16:47:59
more races should have remorts like golem/tuatar/hie/hob


2008-02-01 17:11:59
give lower imms ability to change altof, as its not often you find a host+

there is a reason for this

2008-02-01 19:17:58
clerics no longer have enough mana to last the entire run due to new regen. They are no longer as useful as they once were sorry, then they never had enough mana to last entire run. They were

catching ticks.

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