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Seek out an infirmary to help you regenerate faster - for a small fee. HELP INFIRMARY gives more details. - Locqui
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FAQ: Playing Avatar
What is Avatar?
Originally based on Merc/Diku code. Avatar is a highly modified, non-PK, newbie and family friendly Medieval Fantasy MUD. Players from many nationalities and from a wide age range are made welcome here.

There are hundreds of socials as well as over 200 mainly custom areas containing over 12,000 rooms to explore and over 10,000 unique mobiles and items to find. Avatar has inline color, alias codes, gear saving and extensive backup systems implemented.

Over 1000 players have chosen from the 7 currently accessible player classes and the more than 20 player races available at startup. There is even one unique evolutionary race that you can choose. There are additional classes and races available to more experienced players. Play is enriched by class and race based spell and skill modifiers as well as racial skills and prerequisite skill/spell trees.

The 50 Mortal levels, 999 of Hero levels, 999 Lord levels mean that there is always plenty of scope for advancement.

Avatar has it's own team of highly dedicated Immortals who ensure the smooth running of the MUD and play many different roles and aid in the improvement of Avatar by suggesting or even writing new features. They edit, write and fix areas and also help maintain the website and extensive mailing list, note, channel and information systems and also run unique quests rather than rely on impersonal auto-quest systems.

Avatar is further enhanced by selfless Angels who teach and mentor, using personal experience with the game to help guide fellow players to become better mudders.

Player participation is actively encouraged in regular Quests run by both players and Immortal staff.

Come and find out for yourself at avatar.outland.org port 3000 - we look forward to welcoming you to the AVATAR family !

What does A.V.A.T.A.R. stand for?
AVATAR was originally an acronym. It stood for "Advanced Virtual Adventuring Through Alternate Realities," but nobody has called it anything but AVATAR or AvatarMUD in years.

How do I play?
Anyone can play! Avatar is free, and accessible simply by pointing a telnet client to avatar.outland.org with a port of 3000.

On Windows95/98/2000/XP, you can access a telnet client by going to the START button, selecting RUN, and then typing in TELNET.

Setting Local Echo in Windows XP Telnet
Upon entering Ms-telnet, hit CTRL+] to enter 'command mode', and then type 'set localecho'. Hit enter once more to exit command mode. To get a list of commands in command mode, type '?', to get a list of things you can set/unset, type 'set ?'

On MacOS X, you can access a telnet client by going to Terminal in your Utilities folder, then typing TELNET.

In Linux, you can access a telnet client from any command prompt simply by typing TELNET.

Another option is to use a telnet client designed specifically for MUDding. Click *here* to go to the MUD Client section of our web links.

What are some basic rules I should know about Avatar?
Type HELP ETIQUETTE in-game for details of expected behaviour.

We frown upon player killing and stealing. You are flagged for attempts which will make you subject to attack from some creatures. Flags will only be removed in extenuating circumstances. See HELP PK in-game for more information.

Foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated on AVATAR channels, from anyone (including gods). This is a family MUD, please respect that. See HELP LANGUAGE in-game for more information.

Sexual harassment of any form will not be tolerated.
Report any such incidents to an Immortal so that they can be investigated and dealt with.

Multiplaying is not allowed. See HELP MULTIPLAY in-game for more information.

Cheating in any form is prohibited. Cheating includes exploiting any loopholes that might be found in the game. We are working hard to give you a great game, and cheating spoils the fun for the rest as it throws off the balance. See HELP LOOPHOLE in-game for more information.

The use of robots is not allowed here. You must play the game.
Clients however, such as tintin++ or MUDDweller, are permitted. See HELP BOT in-game for more information.

Flaming will not be tolerated. Bring the matter to an IMM's attention if you cannot resolve the problem privately. See HELP FLAMING in-game for more information.

Please respect the work that other players have invested in their characters and the Immortals have invested in the MUD.

Your presence here is a privilege NOT A RIGHT. Please obey any directive(s) an Immortal gives you. IMM actions do not require a reason but if you feel an Immortal's action has been inappropriate, an appeal may be sent to: appeals@outland.org

See HELP APPEALS in-game for more information.

Are there any restrictions on what name I can choose for my character?
Our current rules on acceptable names are as follows:

* It shouldn't be political or religious, like BillClinton or ThePope.
* It shouldn't reference drugs, alcohol, disease or illness.
* It may not be vulgar or sexually explicit in any way.
* It may not have a prefix of "Angel", as we have Angels on the staff.
* It may not have Roman numerals at the end, such as ArkinIV and SueII, because our staff uses this system for alternate Immortal characters.
* It may not have more than 4 first letters in common with an Immortal name. For instance, Mendus is acceptable, whereas Mendes is not. If you are not familiar with our staff, and accidentally choose a name that is unacceptable this way, you will be asked to choose a new one.

The powers that be have been known to reward the effort taken in choosing in-theme names.

What if I am completely new to Mudding?
Don't worry, help is at hand.

Avatar has it's own specially designed Mudschool to gently ease you into playing. It is self paced so you can take as little or as much time as you need. Type HELP MUDSCHOOL in-game for more information.

We also have dedicated helpers such as Angels and Immortals who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information about Angels and Immortals please type HELP ANGEL and HELP IMMROLE in-game.

We are also lucky to have knowledgeable and helpful players who may also be able to assist you in the event that an Angel or Immortal is not immediately available.

How much does it cost to play?
Avatar is FREE to play as our Merc license prohibits charging to play.

However, Snikt pays hundreds of dollars *each* month to keep us online, so small or large donations are a way you can help keep Avatar alive. Donations are voluntary and in-game benefits to players are strictly forbidden.

AVATAR NOW RESIDES in the computer room of Snikt's home. Although Snikt will continue to pay the bulk of Avatar's bills, player donations have made significant upgrades possible. Many small donations add up! BRAVO! However, Snikt pays hundreds of dollars *each* month to keep us online and to keep our connection fast! Small or large donations are a way you can help keep Avatar alive.

JUST TO CLARIFY: our Merc license prohibits charging to play. Donations are voluntary and in-game benefits to players are strictly forbidden.

DONATE by going to www.paypal.com and sending $$ to snikt@outland.org.
Or mail to this address:

14924 Bushy Park Road
Woodbine, Maryland 21797

Make any/all checks out to Kevin Jagh.

Thank you very much indeed if you do take the trouble to contribute.

What if I can't connect to the MUD?
Sometimes the problem will be specific to you but other times it might be a problem affecting a number of players such as an ISP or server related problem.

You can always try to connect to our 2nd MUD server, AvatarWest, at avatarwest.outland.org port 3000

If there is a problem with the main mud then you will normally find other players and Staff online at Avatar West.
If information is available about the nature of the problem then you will be informed.
Please be patient with Staff as they may be trying to deal with the problem as well as answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

Why does the MUD lag at 4.15am system time every day?
You may have noticed that the MUD lags for about 5 minutes every day at 4.15am system time.

This is due to some essential system maintenance that needs to be carried out on a daily basis. Thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

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