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Author Ubercon X - Avatar quest events

Posts: 49
Joined: 28.06.06
Posted on Feb 02 2008 04:15
I'm looking for ideas for possible Avatar-Ubercon quest events.
Post 'em here and if I use your idea you'll get a fun reward on the mud.

I don't mean anything involving specially bought/created characters like the ones we have had for the two past Cons.

So gimme your ideas for:
1- special avatar related quest events to be ran AT Ubercon for the Avatar-playing attendees. (can both be on or off line)

2- special Ubercon related quest event to be ran ON Avatar.
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Author RE: Ubercon X - Avatar quest events

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Posts: 35
Location: Southern California
Joined: 24.06.06
Posted on Feb 03 2008 16:46

A scavenger hunt. That one was fun. Where you have imms/staff who are willing to ask for something and they have to provide it. I volunteer for coffee

Instead of posting a list as I go along, I can wait till the end of the con. On Sunday at noon, they have to give you or your designee, a list of all Avatarians at the con. Small prize.

A more complex scavenger hunt, where it is timed and things are hidden within a prescribed area by each participant. Each will give a clue to you as to what is hidden and where, and the first one to return them all, wins. Everyone who brings them all within a period wins.

A photo scavenger hunt.

On the mud, allow everyone who is at the con by Saturday noon, designate an item that can be found on midgaard and obtainable by a hero. On Sunday AM, those on the mud get a list and they have to have them all to you by x.time.

Just some quick and easy thoughts.

Oh, like my new signature graphic? It was made by one of my faction members on Cybercitizens. I'm totally in love with it, now, how do you make it into an avatar, ponder my total lack of skill in that area.


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Author RE: Ubercon X - Avatar quest events

Posts: 23
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Feb 05 2008 02:58
An event that can be run online...

This is a hard one especially if you are trying to aviod the levelling type quest. Online quests are best for me being in Australia and all, it is a long flight otherwise for the event.

You could run a similar Levelling quest event but run it for a certain prestige class, or maybe it is more of an ideas quest, where you ask those involved to come up with an idea for a new prestige class or something else.

Just throwing it out there.

How about a maze quest, where all attendees virtial or otherwise are placed in a large maze, and it is the First one to the centre to grab a quest item (one per person participating) and then back out.

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Author RE: Ubercon X - Avatar quest events

User Avatar

Posts: 26
Location: Seeking hidden knowledge
Joined: 28.01.07
Posted on Feb 05 2008 23:23
What if it was a level building contest? Announce the parameters of the area required just as the con starts, and the deadline is the end of the con. Then areas get judged, maybe run on a test port, winners get prizes... maybe first prize gets area included, second third etc get a toy of some sort (alt, questpoints, gear whatever).

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Author RE: Ubercon X - Avatar quest events

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Posts: 6
Location: UK
Joined: 25.03.07
Posted on Feb 06 2008 18:38
It's been too many years since CTF was played - Ubercon might be a good opportunity to dust it off?

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