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Author How to do battles right (repost from mailer)

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Location: Moscow, Russia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Dec 30 2007 19:12
How to do battle right, from my post on Warmongers, revised:

First I'd like to tell you what I know about attack types.

It looks like the attack type only determines the cap of MILITARY losses in battle.

NOT tech gained or infra destroyed.

With AGRESSIVE doing (and taking) the most damage to ARMIES, and CAUTIOUS doing practically NO damage to armies.

With this said, we should always use only 2 types of attacks.

AGRESSIVE to bring the nation in Anarchy, and after that ONLY CAUTIOUS attacks, to steal tech.

The reason to use CAUTIOUS attacks is 2-fold.

1st, you do not want to lose your soldiers.


Since if you quickly deplete their soldiers, you will not be able to attack them again and again, each time stealing tech.

So the simple plan is:

I) If you are about the SAME strength with your enemy or WEAKER:

----on 1st day, preparations.
catch ticks/gather taxes/pay bills,
go to DC1,
buy soldiers, tanks, aircrafts, etc
deploy all soldiers and tanks you can!

----On 2nd day, at 11:55pm
declare war, attack AGRESSIVE,
buy all troops back,
deploy all troops,
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
buy back all troops at home.

----On 3rd day, at 0:01am

deploy all troops,
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
buy all troops back at home.

II) If you are at the top of your enemy's PK range:

----on 1st day, at 11:55pm
catch ticks/gather taxes/pay bills,
go to DC1,
declare war,
buy soldiers, tanks, aircrafts, etc
deploy all soldiers and tanks you can!
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
buy back all troops at home.

----On 2nd day, at 0:01am

deploy all troops,
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
once again attack AGRESSIVE,
buy all troops back at home (or not if you want to have less than 60% military/population ratio).

If you or other alliance member put the nation into Anarchy, immediately switch to CAUTIOUS attacks.

Bomb/cruise as needed, but remember, cruise dets gear... I mean, tech .

This way: if you are weaker, out of 4 possible attacks you do 3 attacks with maximum possible forces!

After attacks you have soldiers back home to defend it just in case.

Ideally at the end of our attacks nation attacked should be in Anarchy (that prevents them to raise funds and fight back).

Now how to do it right, milking the tech (you win land in the process, too).

This goes after the enemy was hit into Anarchy.

It looks like not many of us know that, but you can NOT draw a person into Anarchy again, if the person is already in Anarchy. What I mean is - if you see the person is in Anarchy, you try to attack them and their chance to defend against you is below 5%, this means no actual battle is taking place between you and the person. Even if the game tells you the battle has happend and you soldiers 'enjoy their victory'. In fact, your next move should be aimed to INCREASE your ENEMY's battle odds against you.

If they CAN fight with you, you can win fight and milk tech as a result of it.

If they cant fight with you, you can only destroy their infra, which does you no good at all.

Like I already said, you want them to have soldiers for as long as possible.

So you attack only CAUTIOUS.

If your forces are too strong, you need to deploy them home.

After person has 10 tech or less, you can not milk tech anymore.

Of course if the person wishes to pay you tech to make peace it is the best possible result for all.

In last war I managed to milk all tech it was possible to milk, leaving person with 10 tech.

But I had several battles with them when both sides lost exactly 0 soldiers.

I won all the battles, which got me 20 total tech (and 20 more taken by other alliance members attacking the person).

Last time I attacked them with just 30 soldiers, at my DefCon level 5.

So, the simple rule to get the most tech out of them is:
You attack them AGGRESSIVE untill they go into Anarchy, after that you attack them CAUTIOUS, with just the soldiers needed to have like 90% victory chance. This so far proved to be most effective.
Author RE: Angurth's Guide to Milking Tech

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Posts: 20
Joined: 04.12.07
Posted on Feb 11 2008 00:09
From the Mailer, as posted by Angurth/Amp:

you asked for it, here it is.

every ground attack should give you some tech/land/cash if you win.
with that as a given there are 2 exceptions:
1: if the enemy has been inactive for 14+days, nothing can be looted under any circumstances.
2: if the enemy has a very low chance of victory in a land battle, nothing is looted

I've watched every raid our people gone. And on every raid people'd annihilate enemy's soldiers completely on 1st-2nd day of attack. Leaving self unable to milk tech from the person attacked."

people can still milk tech if they deploy fewer soldiers (send some back home). and attack again with fewer. as long as the enemy has like a 20% chance of victory or something, you still get tech.

if the enemy has 5 soldiers, try deploying 20, and attacking again.
make sure that you deploy tanks in a number that is less than 10% of your soldier count. if your tanks rise to above 10%- even via attrition, you will lose a large number of tanks due to them being "unmanned" or some-such.
Author RE: From the CN Declaring War page

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Posts: 20
Joined: 04.12.07
Posted on Feb 18 2008 01:06
Eclipse managed to find this for me. I was looking under all the wrong links!

"The spoils of war land, technology, and money amounts are immediately deducted from the defending nation and added to your nation. The victor in a battle has the ability to capture up to 15% of the opponents available cash up to $1 million. (If the defending nation has been inactive for 13 days or more these items will be destroyed rather than looted)"

"Nations involved in ground attacks performed between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM game time will receive a 5% bonus to their technology bonus for attacking/defending at night. Ground attacks performed between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM will receive a 1% bonus to their soldier efficiency strength. (Not considering your opponent, if you have less than 1,000 technology it is better to attack during the day otherwise it is better to attack at night.)"

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