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Gazette 1996-08-29
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-08-29
  The Avatar Gazette                 Vol III, No. 7 August 29th 1996
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published once a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to gazette-request@walrus.com and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette AS <your email
  address> <real name - mud name>

  You can now view the newest issue of the Gazette online on Avatar
  by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game!

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Contenda, and TMeat.
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1996, Joe DeRouen.
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1996 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                Table of Contents

           Page     1      Introduction
           Page     1      Table of Contents
           Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial 
           Page     3      Back Issue Information               
           Page     3      Avatar Web Page Information
           Page     2      The Way of The Psionicist by Ukyo
           Page     3      The Dragon: A Brief Overview by Ukyo
           Page     4      The Cleric and the Mage by Ronan
           Page     6      Hero Bio: Jeannette
           Page     6      Immortal Bio: Kariya
           Page     8      Mob Bio: Someone             
           Page     8      Quest Corner by Archmage
           Page     9      Top Ten Hero Pet Peeves by Socrates
           Page     9      Top Ten Signs Your In Love With Muds
           Page    10      You Know You're a Real Mudder.. by Amadeus
           Page    10      How to Unbalance Avatar by Jubei
           Page    12      Shatrdmoon's Poem by Drowboy
           Page    12      The Angel's Lament by Aspasia
           Page    13      Avatar Birthdays for Aug/Sept by Contenda
           Page    14      Intellitech Walrus advertisement


                * Rewards and Punishments *

Okay, so this editorial doesn't really have anything to do with
punishments.  The two words just sounded good together.  So sue me.  (no
doubt, someone will)  As I sit here typing this on August 29th, 1996,
it's two days before my real-life 28th birthday.  Yikes, I'm getting
old!  Old people aren't supposed to play games! 

Well, at least that's what I always heard.  But since the Imp of the MUD
is a year older than I am, I won't feel too bad.

This editorial will be short (why do I hear cheers coming from the
aisles?) because I want to get this issue out the door and into your
living rooms.  I do want to thank Ukyo for not only rising to the
occasion of the "write an article about the Psionicist" challenge but
for writing a nice bit about dragons as well.  Thanks also to each and
every one of you who constributed to this issue, and special thanks to
Archmage who begins a new column this time around. 

                   *         *        *    

We'll be back in about two weeks with the return of stories by Marat and
Contenda, plus a whole lot more.  Stay tuned, or be square!  Or
something like that.

 --AsaMaro, August 29th, 1996


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Aegis has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


The Way of The Psionicist
by Ukyo

My way is the way of Focus.  The Nexus between Body, Mind and Soul.
The Body provides the Power, and a place to store and manipulate it
before release.  The Mind provides the intellegence to shape the
Power to suit the purpose, and to learn its secrets.  The Soul
provides the will, to learn, to fight, to survive, to conquer where
lesser men go mad.  I have walked to paths of the Nexus, and gained
knowledge of that beyond what lesser mortals can comprehend.

We go by many names.  We are Psi.  The Chosen to those who fear.
The Mindbenders, the Talents.  To some, recently deceased, we
are Freaks.  Some suspect conpiracy between us, others look upon us 
as wise men, to be respected for more than power.

Our ways are similar to the Martial Artists, but while they focus
power largely to enhance themselves, we can affect the world beyond
our own bodies.  In the hands of a Psi, even a small pebble can
become a mighty weapon.  We can also strengthen ourselves, and
protect against physical assault.  By far our greatest power is our
command of the mind.  A victim's mind is our playground, to use or
abuse as we please.  We can siphon off thoughts, knowing our enemie's
every move before it is translated to action.  We can rip through a
lesser being's psyche, tearing it to pieces like a rampaging tiger,
swift, and ultimately deadly.  A Psi's best weapon is himself;  Body,
Power.  Mind, Intelligence.  Soul, Will.  Together, the Focus, our
unique Weapon.  Know us, respect us, fear us.


The Dragon: a Brief Overview   
by Ukyo

Pocket Oxford:
Dragon:-  n. Mythical monster like reptile, usu. with wings and able
to breathe out fire.

Dragons barely qualify for the catogory creature.  More like a force
of nature, these huge animals are among the most awesome beings to
ever walk the material plane.  With physical strength, and vicious
cunning way beyond the comprehension of mortal men, Dragons are the
ultimate manifestation of arcane power.

A truly ancient Dragon is a thing to behold, if not for long, but
even a youngling, just trying out his wings, can be a formidiable
opponent.  Their firey breath is the stuff of legend, they are among
the fastest in the skies, and they only get stronger as they age.
Their sheer physical power makes them deadly fighters, while their
longitivity ensures that they have time to pry into the sorcerous
arts far deeper than lesser races.  Age is any magician's friend, and
Dragons get that in plenty.  Because of thier immense life-span,
often many millenia, Dragons are usually patient, never rushing into
anything until they are sure of success, although rarely is failure
a possibility for these mighty creatures.  They tend to amass power
more slowly than other races, but ultimately a Dragon knows that it
will far outlast any of its contempories.

A Dragon's only failing, if it could have such a thing, is the fact
that its immense ability and near invulnerability lead it to become
a little foolhardy on rare occasion, and to have little time for
lesser peoples.  They are often less wise than members of other
kinds, but while this may hamper their progress, it by no means stops
them becoming the awesome beasts of legend.  Dragons excell at most
anything, from the pure fury of the warrior, to the slightly more
restrained student of magic.  Apart from clerical studies.  Creatures
such as they need not respect any power but themselves.

Beware when Dragons take flight, for only in that firestorm is Hell
truly visited upon our Earth.


The Cleric and the Mage
Part 1 in a three part series
on the classes of Avatar
by Ronan

The Cleric
        Clerics are the beloved healers of AVATAR.  During the course of their
studies, clerics chose a Deity, who grants them the ability to help those in 
need.  Spending much of their lives in prayer and meditation, they search to
bring themselves closer to their God and Heaven. 
        Clerics learn a variety of spells.  These differ from the spells the 
mages learn in that the power clerics gain is granted by a God, whereas
the magic of the mages is gained by channeling the energies of the ethereal.  
A major portion of the clerics' skill is concentrated in healing.  From the 
time they begin their novitiate, they learn how to heal simple wounds with 
the Cure Light spell.  As their abilities increase, they eventually learn the 
Divinity spell, which heals grave wounds.  They also learn the arts of 
extracting diseases and poisons out of the body and are capable of helping 
the afflicted.
        Protection and spells of a defensive nature are also learned by the
clerics.  From the basic devotions of Armor and Shield, they begin the search
for knowledge which will eventually enable them to call upon their Deity to 
grant Invincibility.  Along the way, they learn the valuable spells of 
Protection and Sanctuary, which causes damage taken to be cut by a quarter and 
a half, respectively.
        The biggest drawback clerics will find is their lack of 
combat-oriented skills and spells.  Since a clerics' magic is devoted to 
self-preservation, not many powers lend themselves to actually doing harm.  
They also lack the skills needed to cause physical damage.  The skills to 
fend off any non-magical strikes are also missing, which means the clerics, if 
on their own, will be struck hard. 
        This lack can be made-up for, however, with the careful grouping of 
companions.  Since clerics possess spells which are unique, they are often 
asked to assist groups of adventurers in the fields of medicine and 
protection.  Clerics grouped with a mage, or a fighter class, will find that  
they are able to work in the background while stronger companions take the 
physical damage onto their own bodies.  Group a cleric with a mage and a
fighter.  The mage will assail the opponent with magical strikes, while the
fighter throws blows of a physical nature, and the cleric can heal and protect
        The most important factor which needs to be taken into account
when creating a cleric is race.  Since each race in AVATAR is unique in its
strengths and weaknesses, careful thought should be put into considering
which one is used.  The clerics' prime requisite is wisdom, and as such, it 
should be noted that it will always reach a max of 25.  It would therefore be
profitable to choose a race which excels in other areas other than wisdom. In
particular, classes which possess strength and dexterity should be looked at.
A Troglodyte, while lacking in intelligence and wisdom, excels in all other 
areas, which will help balance out the lack of notable combat skills.

The Mage
        Characterized by their knowledge of the arcane, mages are the expert
spell users.  Starting out in their youth, they undergo an intense education 
and are taught the ways of the ethereal.  Able to perform amazing feats, mages 
are truly ones to be looked upon with awe.
        The mages' studies are long and difficult, as mastering a more 
powerful level of magic requires hours of study.  Successful understanding of 
those spells bring a great deal of power to them.  A mages' magic can be 
divided into its major fields: offensive, defensive, and manipulative.  The
most commonly used spells are of the offensive nature.  These spells cause
a wide range of damage and other destructive side effects.  Basic spells such
as Magic Missile will give way to Desiccate, Disintegrate, and Meteor Swarm.
Also worthy of note are the various breath spells.  The damage these spells do
are a function of the hit points of the caster, but in addition, these spells 
have the potential to destroy the equipment of opponents.
        In the field of defensive spells, mages have few which are made
available to them.  It should be remembered that clerics possess the most
potent of these spells, however a mage will learn Armor, Shield, and 
Barkskin, all useful in the area of defense.
        Finally, mages learn manipulative spells.  These spells are useful
because they allow them to manipulate Nature and use Her forces.  These spells 
range from ones which affect opponents, such as Sleep, Web, Faerie Fire, and 
Weaken, to ones which manipulate and strengthen equipment, such as Enchant 
Armor and Enchant Weapon.
        Since mages devote their lives to studying, they do not receive the
physical conditioning or training that fighters do.  As such, they are not 
strong enough to fend for themselves.  Lacking the ability to deflect strikes 
and parry blows, they will find themselves being struck constantly.  Also 
damaging is the fact that most mages are of races which sport a high 
intelligence, but little constitution, thus giving them a deficient amount of 
hit points.
        To solve this problem, they should find groups to join.  Fighting 
classes are a very good choice for them, since those persons will have either 
sufficient hit points or the ability to avoid the damages of battle.  Also,  
clerics make worthwhile companions.  While they do not possess the fortitude 
of fighters, they do have the ability to make up for this shortcoming with an 
entourage of defensive spells.  Group a Mage with either a warrior, a martial 
artist, or a ranger.  They will be able to distract the mobile, leaving the 
mage free to cast spells in relative safety.  Or group with a cleric and gain
the spiritual forces to aide them.
        The mages' prime requisite is intelligence, being the result of the
knowledge gained through long hours of study.  Remembering this, other 
factors should be considered.  Like with clerics, it is often helpful to 
possess stats such as dexterity or constitution.  Of the various races, 
Half-Orcs, and Troglodytes excel in the area of constitution.  While they are 
lacking in natural intelligence, the mages' IQ often makes up for this.


                * Avatar Hero Bio *    

Name: Jeannette    RL Name: Cheryl Vance    Age: 19 RL  47 MUD age
Race:  Halfling    Class: Thief    Current Level: 51  (17 Hero)

Real Life Interest:

Hello All! *curtsy*  First off what is a Real Life anyways? I forgot! 
Ok! Really now.  Mmmmm.  Ok.  I love the outdoors so much!  I am a
little nature girl.  I showed horses for many years.  I love all animals
except spiders and snakes!!!!  Ewwww! Gross!  I love whitewater rafting,
hiking, camping and will try almost everything once!  I have a wild hair
on me that makes me jump off buildings and out of planes and go at
excessive speeds!  But the quiet side reads Deen R. Koontz books and
writes a lot of poetry!  I love star gazing and long walks on the beach.
(This sounds like a personal add now!!! rofl) I love people with a
passion.  I am a total people person!  I love all types of music.  My
fave songs are "Tha Crossroad" and "Blue Clear Sky".  I am a third year
college student majoring in Computer Science here in Oregon.  I want to
get married some day and have a family, but want to see part of the
WORLD first.  I guess that is all for this part.  I am a boring person

Advice To Players:

First thing first set recall near a place you do not know!  If you die
you get there 10 times easier!  Second thing! If you get Cr's or
equipment from someone, tell them thanks!  Third thing!  Talk to people
around your level!  And group if you can!  Fourth thing!  Ask questions!
Don't be afraid to sound dumb!  Make Friends with A HERO! Just Kidding! 
Just make friends on here!  Always Remember THE GOLDEN RULE!  Not the
one with he who has all the gold either! 

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:

Well, Jeannette was a gift from a friend; but she has a story!  He named
her after a girl he once dated.  When they broke up she took some of his
stuff, so when he created her he thought "Jeannette...what a little
thief!"  And so goes the naming of Jeannette.  I know not a story to
write home about but hey! 


                  * Avatar Immortal Bio *  

Name: Kariya    RL Name: Marco Broekman   Age: (Game) 288  (RL) 21  
Race: Human     Class: Martial Artist     Current level: 880 (Deity)
from: The Hague, The Netherlands

Real-Life Interests:

A confused look appears on Kariya's face. "Real Life? What is that?"
You try to explain to him that is is the life he leads when he is not on 
Avatar. "Ooh..that thingie..that other dimension, that other plane..but I 
live on Avatar..perhaps you want to know what my other carnation, they 
say we look like eachother a lot, does there?"
He looks about him and continues: "That other me..he..he likes to listen 
to music and make some himself as well..i think he has a guitar and that 
he plays on it. He reads a lot as well I believe..and not scrolls with 
sorceroous spells on them but books..only for fun!!' A frown appears on 
Kariya's face as he goes on." And he likes to watch something he calls 
tv..yet I do not know what tv is..also he likes a game he calls 
hockey..he is a big fan of some sort of army i think he calls 'The Mighty 
Ducks'" Kariya starts to grin and he says: " We do have a lot of things 
in common though..he and I both are hardheaded shortempered bastard 
dogs..who have a deep and sincere love for Dyah Yuyun Utami..our immortal 
Goddess and wife. Although in that other realm, real life you called it 
just now, he lives together with her, not married like I am here!" 
Proudly he shows you his weddingband and he smiles like a fool.

Advice for other Players:
-Join The Dark Side!
-Group and prosper.
-Take the time to explore things..not only is it more fun that way but 
you come across interesting things as well.
-Take the time to find potions and things like that so you don't have to 
rely fully on groupmates (what if you cannot find a group??)
I remember Swiftsword spending a whole day to get about 100 orange 
potions so he could solo a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Do not whine if misfortune happens..it won't get you anywhere except on 
that little black list that we all have with us with names of ppl we 
don't like! Take it like an adventurer and try to solve the problem 
without crying for aid right away! Even if you do need help be polite and 
do not go crazy!
-Have fun...remember it is not only a game , or you wouldn't be this 
addicted, but still you are here for entertainment, socializing and 
fun..do not go ballistic! 

Where my MUD name came from:
"What do you mean , where does this name come from? My parents gave it to 
me! I was destined to be called like this, just as I was destined to 
wield this sword." Kariya pats his dark runeblade Bebahaya..and an evil 
light appears in his eyes. " I do know however that this name was choosen 
for me after a hockeyplayer from that other realm..i heard he is one of 
the best..but if this is true or not I am not sure..I do know that I am 
here right now and will stay here...any more questions?" His fingers play 
with the pommel of the sword and once again evil light appears in his 
eyes. Also, this time the blade of the sword seems to radiate a demonic 
red glow. There is an exit to the north.....want to see if you can make it?


                        * Avatar Entity Bio *

Name: Someone       RL Name: Something        Age: (Game) ?/?  (RL) 47
Race: One of them   Class: A Touch  Current   Level: Not high enough

Real Life Interests:

I like to walk into a room and just stand there.  When people ask me
who I am, I chuckle and give them a wet willy.  I also enjoy TELLing
people things.  Somethings I tell them very rude things.  But when they
complain to the imms, the imms can't find me, so I chuckle some more.

Advice To Players:

Since you can't see me, you can't tell me or do socials at me.  A handy
trick is to type 'emote slaps Someone in the face.'  Of course, I might
not be in the room at the time, so your little joke will have been
spoiled and I will chuckle.

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:

Contrary to popular belief, I am not invisible.  You just cannot see me.
Some think that there is no Someone, no me, that is just other people 
that are invisible.  That is a lie.  I am real.  Fear me.  I'm watching
you.  I know what you do when no one is looking.


Quest Corner
by Archmage

This is a new section, so bear with me.

There were a few quests run since the last Gazette, and since I was made
quest imm.  Here are their results:

Emerald won a find Flute contest.

I held a 4 day Avatar Olympics.   Overall winners were:
Tanya - 2 gold; 1 bronze
Rodisian - 2 gold
Zenoran - 1 gold; 2 silver

Chapel ran a race from one mud area to another, using no transport spells.
Rodisian, Sirro, and Jojo were the top 3 finishers

I held a 4 day quest testing all areas of mud knowledge.
Fallon won, beating out lords and heroes.
Kaoskis came in second
Spawn and Game (a lvl 22 mort) tied for 3rd.

That's all I have for this episode ... laters ....


Top Ten Hero Pet Peeves
By Socrates
1. While fight the Quest Master your sanctuary runs out
2. Tiamat breathes on your one and only Gold Token
3. You drop your 18/18 ciquala rename due to plague and a newbie 
   sacrifices it
4. You attempt to CR someone who died in the mob factory and refuses to 
   get out of recall
5. After spending 30 minutes healing you see the message "Someone has 
   restored you"
6. Someone tells you "Hi, could you make a portal for me, get me a piece 
   of eq, enchant some stuff, and fade an item for me...please?
7. The ciquala sword shivers violently and explodes!
8. When you cast prayer you land at the ice dragon
9. During a Hogathon you find that low lv players have killed every single 
   hero mob
10. You spell up for 10 minutes then forget sanctuary


Top Ten Signs Your In Love With Muds 
by Anonymous

10. You find that if you listen carefully you can 
    understand the beeps over the phone-line. 

9. Your friends have to call in the time spand of 3:45 to  
   3:47 (am) to get a hold of you. 

8. The nieghbor's wonder why that bluish light from that 
   room is all night.

7. You have a refriguatar and bathroom in your computerroom 
   so you never have to leave it. (or you sit on the john 
   while mudding)

6. You grow your own food on the top of your tower 

5. You go about your day dressed as your charactor. (even 
   to school)

4. You have devolped an addiction to caffine. 

3. Your MUD is your FIRST home. 

2. Your MUD mail is more important then your real 
   mail.(thats been collecting in the mail box for 4 years)

1. You fear and cower at sun light. 


              You Know You're a Real Mudder When...
              by Amadeus

- All of your erotic dreams are in TEXT ;)
- During awkward pauses in a RL conversation, your first thought is LAG!
- When you answer to your character name IRL
- When you find yourself falling for someone you've never seen nor
  met, but boy, he/she sure can TYPE!!!
- When you watch tv and look for the scrollback key so you can see
  what you missed
- When the hum of a cooling fan and the clicking of the keyboard
  relaxes you and brings a smile to your face
- When you start having nightmares about not having enough space/hands
  to hold all your stuff  
- When you start listing your friends in your address book like:
  John -- silly human male -- str: 13, int: 2, dex: 11, con: 7, wis: 3
- When you tell your friends 'AFK' when you have to go to the bathroom IRL


By Sean M. Newton (Jubei)

  Martial Artist Class
     * Add a second-kick skill, since we're martial artists with great
       dex and speed, and kick technique. Oh, and all our kicks need to
       atomize, and should have a 75% chance of knocking down an opponent
       a la bash.
     * Add the "Anatomy" skill, which gives us a 5% chance of getting an
       Eviscerate on a normal strike - because we know where to hit to
       cause a kill.
     * Add a "Soul Mirror" skill, which allows us to split ourselves into
       two copies, one character and the other mob - it costs half our
       max HP, and half our max mana, and both character and mob need
       healed to 100% afterwards - but the resulting mob has our same
       level, HR, DR, AC, and stats. It also has all our spells and
       retains its charm until it vanishes into nothingness - or becomes
       sentient and aggie towards its creator.
  Warrior Class
     * They don't need any skills, they're unbalanced already! Just
       kidding. I can't think of any incredibly unbalancing skills for
       warriors. :(
  Mage Class
     * As some mages have informed me, they should have spells to
       permanently boost their max HP and mana the same way enchant armor
       and enchant weapon do with HR/DR and AC, respectively. I just
       kinda want to know what they'll do when they "fade" their max HP
       down to zero. :)
     * As other mages have informed me, they should also have an HP
       version of Endurance, to boost their maximum HP to twice normal.
     * Mages should also have all hero-level spells regarded as in-class
       spells for the purposes of concentration and combat usage - it's
       not fair that a mage should be any less adept at second and third
       attack than a warrior!
     * Mages should receive a spell called "PlayAlien", which allows them
       to teleport _inside_ of a mob and attempt to burst out of the
       mob's body wall, causing a great deal of damage to the mage's
       "host". Here's a theoretical encounter between the Robber Baron
       and a mage named (what else) Aylien:
       Aylien smirks at Ciquala and fades out of existence...
       Aylien explodes from the Robber Baron's chest!
       Aylien's chestburst EVISCERATES the Robber Baron!
       The Robber Baron is stunned, but will probably recover.
  Cleric Class
     * Clerics should receive a 200 mana class-defining skill at level
       50, called "Mset self". Class unbalanced, case closed.
     * It's not fair that all other classes get to be as good at
       protection evil and protection good as clerics do, at hero
       levels... the Cleric protection evil and protection good should be
       50% protection, and be usable in conjunction with sanctuary.
     * Clerics should receive a spell to boost all stats to one above the
       normal enchantment ceiling - if your strength normally tops out at
       21, with that spell you can top it out at 22.
  Psionicist Class
     * To make up for Steel Skin being non-cumulative, it should be
       replaced by "Adamantium Body", which is a permanent transmutation,
       lasts through death, has a -1000 effect on AC, halves all damage
       taken in combat, and doesn't preclude the use of sanctuary. Can we
       say, 'Barak is Back'?
     * Psi's should receive a skill called "Flesh Arsenal", which causes
       the psi to grow claws and a tail if they weren't there already. If
       they were, the psi can do double damage due to the enhanced nature
       of their already formidable biological weaponry.
  Ranger Class
     * Rangers are designed to be tanks, so why don't we also give them
       dex as a PR? Okay?
     * Hey, Rangers learn a lot about the forces of nature... why not
       give 'em a spell called 'Dissention' - it makes a whole roomfull
       of mobs start fighting each other and gives the xp from the kills
       to the ranger who cast it.
  Thief Class
     * Hey, they're thieves, they should be able to steal one in-class
       skill from other classes every level! With the victim class's
       proficiency and lack of lag too.


Shatrdmoon's Poem
by Drowboy

Living in the heavens,
Lighting up the night,
Rivaling the stars,
Rising from the clouds.

Innocent Brat?
How you like that?
Had you a Brat-attack?
Don't know what you missing...

Face of a seraph,
Burning halo,
Eyes of the forest's soul,
Encased in skin deep metal.

Innocent Brat?
How you like that?
Had you a Brat-attack?
Don't know what you missing...

A crack of the whip,
A pair of handcuffs,
The caress of steel,
The smell of leather.

Innocent Brat?
How you like that?
Had you a Brat-attack?
Don't know what you missing...

Maybe its a blessing...?


The Angel's Lament
by Aspasia

You fight a mob,
You do your job,
And kill it for some points,

You find another,
Then kill its brother,
And pick up all the joints.

But then you see
One bigger than he,
So you go and try your luck;

But it's higher skilled,
You have been KILLED!
Where were you, are you stuck?

You remember Pray!
What do you say?
Certainly not, "CR!!!"

The angels prefer, 
(as it were)
"CR please," by far.

They do their job
And venge the mob,
Then deliver you to your corpse,

You type 'get all'
You then recall,
You're over with the worst.

So now you heal,
Much better you feel,
Is there something you forgot?

A thank-you works
(we frown on jerks)
And makes us smile a lot!

Remember your manners,
(we don't expect banners)
And thank the angel or hero,

You'll get a quicker CR,
'Cos that thank-you goes far,
Without it, you might get zero.


          AVATAR Birthdays for August and September
                         by Contenda

                Birthday                Player  
             08/07                   Syrinx
             08/14                   Spawn
             08/14                   Theo
             08/24                   Rha
             08/24                   Ziphere
             08/25                   Stephen
             08/31                   AsaMaro

             09/01                   Aeneas
             09/01                   Calvin
             09/11                   Rerun
             09/20                   Zenoran
             09/30                   Hanus

   If you would like to add your birthday to the list, either catch 
   me in Avatar, send me a note, or an email to Contenda@Skyenet.net

   Who knows? Maybe Snikt would let you run the mud for the day. <g>


                 Intellitech Walrus

As all of you have no doubt noticed, we're up on a great Internet site;
Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment has
been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael Rosenthal.
Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even considering the
MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account with a whopping
10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything more?  They also
have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other pricing levels.
If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should really check into
getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out their web page at
http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/406-5000.  You can also
request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.  Tell 'em
Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 


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Daeron is running Push Your Luck now. Mini-HoG just ended!

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It is!

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Aug 17 2021 05:50
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Feb 21 2024 13:17
Thetis has become a Wizard.
Feb 20 2024 17:53
There is a disturbance in the realm as SchwarBARIAN fails to become a Lord at sublevel 300.
Feb 20 2024 17:51
There is a disturbance in the realm as Garnin fails to become a Lord at sublevel 546.
Feb 20 2024 14:57
Drakuseth has remorted into a Dragon Bladedancer.
Feb 20 2024 11:51
Thetis has remorted into a Tuataur Mage.