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2003-05-17 03:38:05
rest could replace the current "sleep" command, as a command which keeps you out of battle and regens decently... perhaps 1/2 of what sleep does now. sleep should keep you asleep for at least 5 tics, regen faster than currently, only be useable when substantially low, and cause extreme damage and a daze if forcibly woken. prevent casting for 2 tics?

So you want sleep to be timed, only possible if really weakened, and then increase rest regen rates to compensate? No.

2003-05-17 08:04:35
*just a thought aura* The vials in the apothecary is too expensive considering the change in the value of new items generated

Defer to builder.

2003-05-17 08:05:08
The vials are used mostly by lowmorts, and they are up in the sky, really.

I'm sure they are. It will be changed once the market settles more.

2003-05-17 10:38:00
i think that autoloot should not get corpses...its just a pain in the butt


2003-05-17 14:12:38
Spell: 'steal life' (or something more creative) You steal some life from Darkside and add it to your own! - pretty self explanatory :p

Already exists. Help vampire touch.

2003-05-17 16:23:51
there needs to be a cls or clear command to clear the screen :)

We don't have this? I'd personally implement it to just toss out twice your pagelength value's worth of blank lines. This seems fine. There is already a clear command, however. do_clearscreen approved. Level II. This seems more handy, nowadays, than boss/boss2.

2003-05-17 17:19:44
insure on two names so you can have your alt use something


2003-05-17 18:11:35
I recently found out about Xandrian's Cats-eye gemstone quest simply by finding one and going OOooOOoo, and I was wondering, could the same coloring be done for all gems? it makes them very nifty :)

Defer to builder.

2003-05-17 18:15:55
for reubens quest, thought an immortal harm might be good. can harm through flags

Reuben will need to explain.

2003-05-17 22:31:48
ability to prac skills with gold, cost proportionate to skill level


2003-05-17 22:37:23
when there's a hero hog, let lord shadows hog but have it drop if they ever leave mid

I'll say no until Snikt says otherwise. I don't care, honestly, but Lords playing as Heroes is an appeasement rather than a desire by staff.

2003-05-17 23:30:49
add dull flag to items when they're sharpen-dulled (extra flags <blah blah> dull, and i know it exists because i have here an item with it)

I'm glad you found an item with a dull flag...no.

2003-05-17 23:45:44
A donation room at Sol for the mid low-level gear and a donation room at aelmon for higher gear...I've heard low morts saying there isn't any gear around...alot of it comes to sanc, but they never come here...since they tend to hang out at sol or aelmon anyway, it would be anice addition

It's at sanctum because of sanctum's additional roll as a second recall. Consider it a centralized location in a four dimensional universe. If sanctum did not exist, I'd agree with you, Hume.

2003-05-18 00:50:54
Change breath damage to level-affected not hours so that people don't have a legit excuse to go afk for hours on end :)

Snikt believes it should be based upon age. It is Snikt's call.

2003-05-18 02:24:56
spell to see someone's inventory from afar, a la scry


2003-05-18 02:26:50
give elves racial "make shiny object" a la create food, yes i'm bored


2003-05-18 03:17:49
make sun guardian and his associated rooms noshadow

Defer to builders.

2003-05-18 03:41:54
allow mystical barrier to be castable on others, for a higher mana cost/more lag

No. It's a caster perk.

2003-05-18 03:55:38
sorcerer shouldn't get embalm

It involves death. Sorcerers like death.

2003-05-18 04:01:41
make movement rate race-dependent--i.e. a human should move faster than a gargoyle if neither is flying or wanderlusting

There's only so much you can break apart time. No on this.

Approved Level IV - Implement Action Points (unused) which are stat, race, class, and level based values. They would change independently of level gains.

Approved Level IV - If possible, implement a way to use a global to toggle between regular movement points and AP points for testing. Otherwise playtest the viability of AP points within the game and replace movement points permanently.

2003-05-18 04:03:42
allow dragons at the hero level to specialize into a type (fire, ice, acid, lightning, perhaps) that would give them resistances, possibly weaknesses, and affect their breath

PC Dragons are only the fire breathing kind.

2003-05-18 08:12:07
making exceptional chars. A hidden mod is made when a new char is created that makes him better or worse at doin a given task. For example they got a - on thier ability to sharpen and therefore cannont sharpen as well as someone else. It should have a very small percentage of actually happening, as not everyones exceptional. There could also be a spell called "potential" that allows someone to see these

People would be upset by this and the bug notes about "my character doesn't work right" would escalate drastically. We typically get 1-3 a month right now with imaginary problems. If there really were hidden defects...that number would be huge. As a RP aspect, this is pretty good, but in practical purposes, no. You did remind me of something else, though.

Approved Level III (if not already approved)-Player Creation Toggle Choice of "Hardcore". A player who chooses this option will play the game but will die permanently. They will have a unique who listing, experience bonuses, and hp/mana gain bonuses.

2003-05-18 09:59:09
Morph should require you to have a password.

Fine. Approved Level III.

2003-05-18 14:08:54
add help racial-min, help racial-dsd

Approved Level I.

2003-05-18 14:15:27
have 1 or 2 more ac lights at lowmort (please ignore if there are more than ones that make you an outlaw)


2003-05-18 14:46:01
since there are specific items for archers that rely on hit...hy not have other class specific items aside from whetstones and the like

I don't know. Why not?

2003-05-18 15:13:15
A racial list, like herolist and lordlist, EX Cenlist or Elflist. Just a thought :)

Blah. I'll pass.

2003-05-18 15:23:15
add a blurb about remort races on creation (drg/spr/dsd etc) availible upon remortation (see help remort in game) might intrigue some other mud-savvy players who like sprite/remort concept to go further than the start screens

We could list them with the races but as remort only and non-choices. Approved Level III.

2003-05-18 16:21:10
make a herothankee have to type 'herothank accept' to get it


2003-05-18 16:26:08
ability to close your own nexus/portals (nexus being the technical plural of 'nexus')

Already approved.

2003-05-18 17:11:21
make magic missile a prereq for fireball. as it stands now many mages go their whole career never learning this classic spell, and it makes sense for magic missile to be a prereq for a more powerful projectile, ala fireball

Magic Missile is lame.

2003-05-18 20:14:19
allow you to pay cash to unworship, like train, make it cost a lot


2003-05-18 21:55:08
change help surge to list the different surge levels available to the different classes


2003-05-18 21:55:52
re previous surge help idea - because You can't find out how high or low you can surge til you learn it otherwise :/


2003-05-19 00:20:08
if it doesn't already blindness should also affect dexterity negatively as you can't coordinate well if you can't see

Blindness is ok right now.

2003-05-19 00:29:24
you should have to type your password to morph


2003-05-19 00:49:37
transfer alias's between alts


2003-05-19 02:13:19
let angels alts see pray channel so if they want they can log there angel and assist

Defer to Tanisha.

2003-05-19 02:19:49
change slearn so that the class a given skill is for is placed at the top of the slearn list, like 'heal' would make clerice appear at the top of the list, this could be done, imo, easily by making the class that learns the skill soonest/first appear at the top of the list...just a suggestion

If the list was 50 lines long, I would see this...no. The classes always in the same order makes equal sense and is in place already.

2003-05-19 03:05:50
reset kills, deaths, arrests, hours on remort / rebuild

You aren't in a new character. I even keep track of how many times you remort. Kills, deaths, arrests are silly anyway. I'll agree to reset those. Not hours. Approved Level II. Reset kills, deaths, arrests.

2003-05-19 03:06:05
make movement points completely separate between shadow and nonshadow like hp and mana are

Movement's dumb.

2003-05-19 07:52:52
when the alias command lists your current aliases, have it put colons(:) in between commands instead of equalsigns. this way you can just copy and paste the command when editing aliases. rather than having to copy, paste, replace replace replace all the equalsigns.

Convenient. Approved Level III.

2003-05-19 11:27:30
sharpen lag should be less than 6 ticks


2003-05-19 12:26:42
Foam doesnt seem to have a directed emote.. you can foam at the mouth... but what about "You look at someone and begin to foam at the mouth"... etc?

Investigate and expand. Approved Level I.

2003-05-19 12:40:30
no stat loss for failed morph. if you're not gaining power, why should you have to lose stats? sort of unbalancing.

The price of failure always is.

2003-05-19 13:33:06
How about a messsage that informs you when a trip or bash round is over.. like something saying " A mob hastily scrambles to its feet... " etc...

Invites botting. No.

2003-05-19 18:03:57
Right now, some commands require quotes around multiple arguments and some don't. ("practice" vs "spell" for example) Could the necessity for quotes around arguments be standardized? I'm actually thinking of this specifically for aliases, which require quotes when the commands they execute don't.

Always use quotes and you should be ok.

2003-05-19 19:06:26
allow for failed morph gains again, to a total cap of 20% of total hero levels that can be done (200 levels of gains)


2003-05-19 21:31:23
when someone else racial frenzy's self, would be nice to see 'soandso enrages themselves' instead of just seeing "Soandso fills with rage"

That seems like the same message to me. No.

2003-05-19 21:53:38
would it be possible next time you guys imp a hero area to add a hero quest/skin mob/big mob with a 5/0 light? Or maybe 5/5? Just suggesting :)

Defer to builder.

2003-05-20 00:14:49
cell adjustment should work against the new poisons as well as medicine does.

Approved Level II. Cell adjustment needs to be upgraded similiar to the other cure poisons.

Approved Level IV. Mental Points. Point total for a player is based upon level, class, race, and intelligence. It is independent of sublevel and level gains. (implement it as unused for now but something which is saved in pfiles.)

2003-05-20 00:59:14
characters should have the object of practicing corruption and the evil skills if they want to choose to be evil

They do. Rebuild into a Sorcerer. That's their choice.

2003-05-20 01:21:07
Update help music to reflect the purpose of the channel ((Merck) and the discussion of anything musical)

Or remove music channel for being only viewed by a select few and actually used once a month...

Approved Level I. Help music should express the thought that discussion of music is also ok on this channel.

2003-05-20 01:48:30
add the weight of a container and the items inside it to examine and/or identiy

already approved.

2003-05-20 03:23:46
allow money collected from infirmaries to count towards MOBA total

i believe you'd rather it count towards the shopkeeper total...which it does. MOBA's total is essentially gold you'll never see ever again.

2003-05-20 04:25:37
sprites die a lot but can no longer pick up treasures because of our limited strength. Perhaps some could be converted to gems that we could carry so we don't have to use our limited practices to retrain our stats.

They have been.

2003-05-20 09:40:13
although the weapon rush helpfile says 'attacks your current target once', it does not specify that you must be fighting like the dancing weapon helpfile does. Change the weapon rush helpfile to include 'This ability must be cast after combat has already begun.'

Ok. Approved Level I.

2003-05-20 09:41:55
The torch helpfile does not specify that the caster must be in combat either

Approved Level I.

2003-05-20 15:43:10
increase the odds of darking a lord level item with harmonize and decrease the odds of darking a hero- item


2003-05-22 08:55:37
a hero, say, 51 skill sort of like med 3/2 doesnt increase mana regen directly but removes the cap on it...


2003-05-22 12:22:57
a spell to change your alignment


2003-05-23 15:47:29
a lord version of devotion, changes stats dramaticly, no return...or EXTREME unworship costs

Changing stats dramatically would be to unbalance dramatically. No.

2003-05-23 15:51:33
lower ogre tnl to 1.2k something


2003-05-23 15:51:43
lower kzn to 1.3k, not a very usefull race. *duck*


2003-05-23 16:22:47
let longshot be able to be done during battle (when the archer isnt tank)


2003-05-23 20:25:37
Be nice if disease/virus and poison had distinct messages.

Approved Level III. Give distinct messages for suffering under disease, virus, poison. Add variability to the messages as well. Let's see some vomit, green tinged skin, sweating, glazed eyes, puss ridden skin, etc.

2003-05-23 21:47:07
a more specific help highest command, eg, help highest orc, or help highest sor, can be listed by class OR race..


2003-05-24 00:26:49
how about a food item vendor in the UD Viewing room selling stadium fare?

Silly. No.

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