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Newbie Tip
Creating an alias can help you get all of your gear from your corpse. For example if you are standing one room south of your corpse, and there is an aggressive mob guarding it, try 'alias getcorpse north: get all corpse: south' You will often be able to get your gear with no trouble. - Locqui
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2003-05-24 04:07:30
increase the duration between the message you realise you are drowning to the time when you cant do anything, it would be nice to have the option of taking an air pump from a container and wearing it before your incapacitated.

The whole thing needs to be redone/rethought.

2003-05-24 12:19:32
change a few mobs to archer instead of warrior in divide, would be nice to have a chance of picking up a usefull bow mid run :)

Bad reason for an ok idea. Builder decision.

2003-05-24 13:43:43
I think it'd cut down on the junk spam in the message boards if messages cost money to post. :) One price for general mail, another for personal hehe.

Not for now.

2003-05-24 14:09:29
using stuff in containers could lower weight overall for a percentage, after all, carrying 40 swords is easier to carry if you have a bag to put them in, and not just carrying them in your hand


2003-05-24 14:09:56
on death info, show area name

Fine. Approved Level II.

2003-05-24 14:11:09
when a character reaches level 24, put up a message like is done with worshipping, but regarding herothanks, i find that alot of people didnt even know these things exist, and end up getting swindled out of them

Approved Level II.

2003-05-24 14:12:27
keep us updated on the status of rangers, in motd...


2003-05-24 14:14:17
at level 50, reduce the exp loss on death, loosing a bunch of exp when your about to hero stinks :p


2003-05-24 14:15:32
when changelings morph, let the mobs have the same gear, but it vanishs when dead, like oddity cloaks, itd be pretty cool...wouldnt know if its real or not :)


2003-05-24 14:15:38
rogue clones backstab


2003-05-24 14:15:45
archer clones longshot


2003-05-24 14:17:40
mud wide restore at hero 500, OR mudwide restore everytime 999 is obtained...


2003-05-24 15:17:33
It would be very nice if there was an archive of AVATAR helps on the web, instead of the single-page versions I see on outland.org and Aejase... Maybe have 3-5 archives, password protected depending on level? I.e. Lowmort helps, hero helps, lord helps, angel+ helps separate.. Probably wouldn't take much effort to just tar/rar/zip the current helps from the server..


2003-05-24 15:17:33
oops! two hero 101 or lord cleric spells which would respectively cure all poison and disease on a target character

I do not know why this wasn't already done. Approved Level III.

2003-05-24 17:17:36
Can me have the gear given to lowmorts upon death to be toggelable? I usually just donate it and think it might confuse others who pick it up.

Don't donate it then.

2003-05-24 17:30:53
reduce weight on purple potions


2003-05-24 17:41:33
Allow rogues to take gear off mobs in which they have blackjacked - Should be easy to remove a ring or hat if the mob is knocked out.


2003-05-24 19:35:34
I was so happy I figured this quest out. but is it suposed to take another of what you gave it out of your inv? it takes 2 of that and 1 of evertyhing else.

Seems to be an area/ticket bug. Builders need to check it out. Reference this note for full details...it had secret information.

2003-05-24 19:42:25
Have infirmary be toggleable, so you choose wether you want to recieve infirmary benefits

You already choose...you choose to be in the room.

2003-05-24 20:10:15
separate overlords from regular lords on lordlist, like super- and unsuper-heroes are segregated on herolist

Not at this time.

2003-05-24 20:13:33
remove mv points, since all they seem to do is discourage lowmorts who don't have many


2003-05-24 21:13:50
it would be nice if there were a way/spell which would make it impossible to cast enchant armor/weapon/harm/ward on it, that way there is no chance that one will mess on nice gear on accident

No on spell. Approve Level III - anti_magic item flag which cannot be damaged by magic spells and cannot have spells cast upon it.

2003-05-24 21:14:02
keep track of average and longest uptimes (append it to count, maybe)


2003-05-24 21:53:26
for the someday-forthcoming automated auction system, it would be cool to have the ability to run a 'mystery auction' in which only the item's level is shown


2003-05-24 22:08:04
Add 'not' to who. IE: 'who group !afk' would return who all was was on who group, but was not afk.


2003-05-24 23:37:50
each class should get a skill at superhero (lvl 500) just like archers.. eg, warriors should get bloodhound or somethin

It's a new development, give it time. No point in shuffling stuff around just to use it.

2003-05-25 00:06:01
allow multiple etches on an item, with a certain limit overall..


2003-05-25 01:59:24
monks can't learn riposte anymore (if they ever could) help file probably shouldn't reference them anymore.

It's fine how it is. Some people have it grandfathered.

2003-05-25 02:11:25
hero 101 cleric spell 'create bandage'


2003-05-25 02:11:33
ability to c poison food or drinking vessels


2003-05-25 02:11:51
rogue skill to throw ("fling"? "hurl"? "toss"?) currently wielded weapon at a mob; chance of object falling to ground; more likely to succeed if nothing in offhand

Already discussed.

2003-05-25 02:13:48
kill comcast

Approved Level IV.

2003-05-25 02:14:24
ability to throw ("lob"? "drive"? "impel"? "heave"? "launch"?) a potion at a mob; chance of hitting contingent upon dexterity (otherwise falls to ground and shatters); glass shard damage done on contact + chance of spell being cast on mob + chance of splatter onto others in room

already discussed.

2003-05-25 02:30:22
remove xp loss when fleeing/recalling from a fight with a player in arena


2003-05-25 02:38:19
a rebuild class with strong physical attacks but a pathological aversion for magic; resistant or immune to spells cast at or on them (including beneficial ones); at a detriment when using enchanted armor or weapons (or maybe anything with magic flag); but with potent physical attacks and decent defensive ability


2003-05-25 04:14:47
disable trip, throw, disarm and gear damaging spells during short playerkilling quests (zombiefests, mass bounty, etc)

No. Participate at your own risk.

2003-05-25 07:06:49
A helpfile for increasing a percentage point in something due to repeated casting of it, aka "tingling" would be nice. :)

Approved Level I. Help tingling.

2003-05-25 10:59:52
auto combine like arrows in inventory

It should already do that...I'm going to guess they're not as alike as you think.

2003-05-25 11:21:37
a smell social...something like "You sniff the air and look for the stench", or "You sniff the air around soandso, assuring yourself its him"

Approved Level I.

2003-05-25 12:31:03
to compensate for smash missing alot, boost damage due to wield weight slightly


2003-05-25 13:10:27
make blood ritual cap out at double div potions for hero, but allow lords to be able to make up to a comfort potion


2003-05-25 14:15:23
looking at the remort races, should a demonseed be allowed to worship a 'good god' since they are inherantly evil. same with high elf and the 'evil' gods. just a thought.

Everbody has choice. A demonseed could be good...the racial stereotype does not have to be enforced this much.

2003-05-25 14:24:39
with the new gold caps and changes especialy now that nobody can even loot money mobs anymore we should beable to train hp, mana, and mv with gold now

A bit early for that. no.

2003-05-25 14:45:03
To address the point that if breath damage is hour based...and people love to go afk to ramp up hours... I agree that hours is a cool way to do the damage, any way that hours could actually go *down* while afk or voided? encourage active play?


2003-05-25 16:22:55
stance watcher, allows cleric to stand outside of combat, where they do not contribute to fight, but can be hit/targeted by spells, allows to monitor 5 targets on a second prompt (cle config +prompt2 to see)


2003-05-25 17:11:16
give help files on each arrow type, stating what they do, and the draw backs or good parts of each type

Help arrow. That's all we're planning on supplying as far as info. Suggest it to somebody at Aejaese.

2003-05-25 17:31:13
when restring snaps a bow, the restring lag shouldnt occur because the bow doesnt exist

No. There is a pause as you weep over your broken bow.

2003-05-25 17:53:30
reboot the mud more often, im getting horrid exp off of some of these mobs, like half what I normally do :p

We're trying to make ourselves crash-free. We cannot do that if we reboot so often we don't crash.

2003-05-25 18:34:21
typing remort to show the same screen as rebuild....required level for race ya want

Approved Level II.

2003-05-25 19:10:37
remorting/rebuild should reset your herothank as well.


2003-05-25 19:13:25
How about either a) the River Tunnels eq is removed from the help starting gear/help leveling gear. Or b) The River Tunnels is moved to an easier to get to spot for lowbies? It's hard to get to now which adds alot of confusion for every new player

Approved the removal of river tunnels from help starting gear. Level I.

2003-05-25 20:14:01
with demonbank on, have split gold also get taken by demonbanker

No. That was on purpose.

2003-05-25 20:39:44
when a tank is being hit by multiple mobs, allow groupies to target bash

No for now. I agree but no.

2003-05-25 20:49:36
instead of large piles of gold being unobtainable, allow us to take up to our alloted ammount in available weight via str

Eventually. Not now. Approved Level III -> Improved get/give gold logic to allow for partial pick-up.

2003-05-25 21:54:42
let augment count for movement spells


2003-05-25 22:07:37
could the "affects" output be changed to list the level of spells as well as duration and modifier?


2003-05-25 23:32:39
allow a channel -gtell so i can run lord with ease!

Heh. No.

2003-05-25 23:46:29
put in a phoenix race


2003-05-25 23:57:27
make races with racial sneak/hide not need to practice the normal version

The skill is necessary to learn new skills. A natural doesn't have those skills...in fact they may be able to sneak in a completely unskilled way. No.

2003-05-26 00:04:07
on the [B]ack,[H]elp,[R]efresh, or [C]ontinue]: parts, would it be possible to put a %n in there somwhere? I get things like this on my herolists: [B]ack,[H]elp,[R]efresh, or [C]ontinue]: 61: heal

Annoying. I agree.

Approved Level II. Add a carriage return to the end of the pageinate line.

2003-05-26 00:07:00
would it be possible to get a message when someone fails rescue on you? I end up getting mad at people just to find out that they failled...

I believe this is already approved. Approved Level II otherwise.

2003-05-26 01:17:04
let lords be able to silence some one for half an houre when an imm is not logged on/invis

No. They have other options.

2003-05-26 01:48:19
ability (with significant lag) for warrior to forge own weapon, armor (for certain slots, say breastplates and helmets and maybe shields); maybe require a base material ("sheet of metal")

Not right now. Maybe one day.

2003-05-26 01:51:05
you shouldn't be able to recall/sanc if you have 0 mv. [alternately, could just disable mv entirely until a more sensical system is in place]


2003-05-26 02:48:44
make death shroud give a (grey aura) flag

Spammy. I considered this already.

2003-05-26 05:27:17
upon reading double parry, it occurs to me that if a scholar can double wield a single staff, why cant war's double hand wield a single weapon to strike harder?..just a thought

That would require more skills, eh. Skills warriors don't have yet.

2003-05-26 12:00:59
when you land a critical hit on longshot, show damage?


2003-05-26 12:47:45
when you dont have awareness, and you type it as if trying to get it up, it gives you a fail message, would it be possible to just tell us the same type of message with trip? "you have to practice awareness to raise them"...

Fine. Approved Level II. Add a check to see if the player has learned awareness and give an appropriate message.

2003-05-26 13:33:32
make gems that pop on the ground worth something...pleaseeeee? :P


2003-05-26 13:48:10
spell mass sancturary


2003-05-26 14:15:06
lessen racial frenzy fatigue, too long


2003-05-26 15:06:27
sprites nightmare in veil should have racial berserk, as should the minotaur in morte, seeing that they're both min


2003-05-26 15:46:34
a new macro! full of +ints, +wis's, and more hr, more dr, and more -ac mods....make it ranger only? O.o


2003-05-26 15:53:24
can we change dance other to something else? Would be nice to not romanticly waltz with someone, just a dance :P


2003-05-26 17:04:03
superheros should get permanently heightened senses


2003-05-26 17:31:51
I think the lag should be abolished if a person does not need your rescue.

no. you still tried.

2003-05-26 18:16:53
Majority of this mud has lorded are are striving to become lords and yet this mud still focuses on the lowmort and hero game while holding down the lord game. If lord needs more improvements, restraints lifted, and more areas to run. The lord game is losing its luster fast.

i won't comment about my feelings for lords at this time who feel they deserve appeasement more than others. Builders are continuing to build. Coders are continuing to code. Get a grip. I believe Lockers were coded with *LORDS* in mind. I expect to see a thank you note from you within 24 hours, Riott.

2003-05-26 18:43:30
could the "group me" command not be a toggle anymore? that is, could "ungroup" be used to take someone off of who group?

Hmm. Unsure if that will improve spam control. Imms can debate.

2003-05-26 19:16:52
hero clones should give exp based on sublevel


2003-05-26 21:59:25
having a skill where using the same weapon type slightly increases attack, but different weapon types hinder


2003-05-26 21:59:46
(re: last idea) this is for when two weapons are used

Not right now. A good idea but overly complex at this point.

2003-05-26 22:14:06
a chance to re-be created, but with extra racials, eg, racial breath, or racial frenzy, at a certain lord level...sorta like rebuild

what you currently have in regards to remort is it until it gets an overhaul.

2003-05-26 22:30:19
Racial-kick....for centaurs and other hooved races (like min, etc.)


2003-05-27 00:01:48
waking/sleeping/looking should cost moves

Yes, but not right now. AP cost is toggled off.

2003-05-27 00:33:22
make 'earth' a valid target for shifting to earth realm


2003-05-27 01:38:39
allow longshot in arena, wont work atm: "Wouldn't you rather find a nice mob to attack?"


2003-05-27 05:25:18
make morph so that not each new lord needs a gen, raise min stats a bit

blah. Snikt's coding again...he can fix if he wants.

2003-05-27 09:31:31
we have explosive arrows why not have a bomb that when used on certain wall reveals a door or opens into another room, and make that the only way to enter it (no pasdoor/keys/bashdoor) it would actually be a wall and wouldn't even show up if you typed open north or whatever. Yoiu know what i mean.

We'd have to have doors which can only be blown up. I'll have to think about it but I suggest waiting until bombs are implemented beyond arrows.

2003-05-27 09:40:46
(quote)Everyone knows you smash the vial upon drinking...it is tradition.(/quote) Make it say, 'You quaff whatever then shatter the empty vial against the ground.' Basically because I didn't know I did that everytime I quaffed a vial...

Spammy. no.

2003-05-27 10:05:56
have some way to see the room number of the room your in. I think it would be neat, maybe i'm wierd..

You don't need that info.

2003-05-27 11:28:15
Reduce the mana cost of earthquake for clerics..since the damage/affect are disproportionate


2003-05-27 11:35:54
'dreamwalk' similar to astral proj. but maybe a cd for psions/clerics. A toggleable skill when sleeping to project ones spiritself to different areas of the current plane you reside. You would not have a form, and could not affect/be affected by anything, because you aren't really there. This is mainly an exploratory skill would serve no purpose other than maybe an advanced scry.


2003-05-27 11:38:22
create-a-pet similar to my create furniture spell, but creates chosen pets with random generated descriptions or maybe even give caster choice of description..would be funny. Again no real purpose in this other than player amusement, but thats all pets are good for anyways :p

no for now.

2003-05-27 11:42:35
similar to setmin and setmout 'setmspell' replace spell with the spell you wish to change the action description on. I see alot of people with aliases to add their own little spell desc to certain spells. Some of these people are really creative. I think it would add a great bit of mystery and creativity to spell and the mud in general. e.g. setmfly With a force of energy Mindesto propells himself in to

no for now.

2003-05-27 11:50:00
'sunburst' or 'smoke screen' enables the caster to create a bright light perhaps blinding the mob while said caster flees. Or a smoke screen confusing the mob and destracting it while caster flees. I would suggest little lag on this seeing as its for fleeing. Maybe make it cd's for a couple different classes.

We don't want escape that easy.

2003-05-27 11:53:07
I was reading through old idea logs and saw a lot about brownie points - penalty points. I would to see some help on these subjects if they are even currently imped. Should explain possibly desired and undesired player behavior..maybe even have subhelps with each imms pet peaves/honorable views on this.

If/when they're implemented...helps can be added. No point if they're not in existence yet.

2003-05-27 12:01:42
if someone adepts map lore, could they see the area name when they cast scry or examine a portal/nexus?

Heh. I disagree.

2003-05-27 14:45:16
a table, light help highest, telling who beat UD and at what level they beat UD at might be nice

We're going to start this on the design website, I believe.

2003-05-27 15:27:21
frenzy fatigue fade at death


2003-05-27 15:41:31
reduce racial frenzy fatigue...


2003-05-27 16:04:08
allow heighten to go up mid fight


2003-05-27 16:07:27
player shops 'list player' Player would be able to put things for sale on their person for a price they choose. Would work just like a shoppie. Anyone could type 'list mindesto' in the room I'm in and see a list of the things I have for sell if any.

Well this is an interesting idea. I sort of like it. Approved Level IV. Shopkeep Commands. Allow players the ability to set up shop with items which are in their inventory. This would require players to be able to flag items as for sale, a way to set their markup price compared to what the item value is, and a way to make people aware that they have things to sell. This is an alternative to the auction system which is already approved.

2003-05-27 16:37:11
add 'better damage' arc mod to killing gloves


2003-05-27 17:06:24
change the high5 social to hi5? Easier to type when running and something happens and you want to hi5 someone :p


2003-05-27 20:24:57
doubble xp when someone heros or lords


2003-05-27 20:25:07
doubble xp hogs !!!!


2003-05-27 20:25:13
draconian race!


2003-05-27 20:25:17
samurai class!


2003-05-27 21:29:42
show god in who


2003-05-27 22:21:12
have a seperate exp counter that counts the exp you get at hero, and doesn't just stop when you hero.


2003-05-27 23:08:51
how about a spell for lowmort casters (around level 5ish?) that reinforces the timer on temporary lights. it could add 4 ticks or so, up to the light's normal maximum. or it could work like recharge does, not certain which is better


2003-05-28 01:09:55
exp gained on level is not carried over to the next level.


2003-05-28 01:36:25
have herothanks give boost, max gains


2003-05-28 02:41:38
some method of distinguishing the message that others see when an item is transmuted so you can tell if it's brill/regular and heavy/light

No. Those are fine details only the caster can tell.

2003-05-28 05:13:30
can you please put a race selection into help highest so i can do help highest gar without having to scroll through four pages? and why do gars come last anyway :P

No unless Dawiz wants to do it.

2003-05-28 05:19:50
config option to keep invis people from sending you tells. lets the invis 'teller' know that they need to be vis for their tell to go through. ignored for immortals.


2003-05-28 05:25:19
keep the identity of a person hidden if they use the

forget command while invis or hidden and the 'forgetee' wouldn't normally be able to see them

I agree with this but the coder who designed it didn't want it a secret. I'd rather be perceived as logging out than in shunning someone. But I'm a coward.

2003-05-28 09:06:03
teleport behind ( magical back stab)


2003-05-28 09:13:52
under help ideas maybe add the fact that ideas are posted to the forum weekly and mention the design website maybe? I know I would check help ideas frequently only to find it hasn't been updated in a long time. I would of subscribed to the forum a long time ago if I knew they were being posted there...

Good idea. Approved Level I. Update Help ideas.

2003-05-28 10:16:48
Because off the close connection between rogues and warriors i know thaat we would love to be able to learn each other sabilities at anytime, all the people i have asked about this subject hav been very enthusiastic towards because i know myself i would love to learn murder and rogues would love to learn smash, if it if everyone wants it, why deprive them of it i was just wondering if the imms would take it into consideration?


2003-05-28 10:33:23
off of acerus' idea for throw possibly throwing mobs into furniture, maybe have it also have a chance of throwing into another mob in the room and have them start fighting group as well. I think this should be added to bash too. Possibly even throw/bash in to next room. Anything that makes fights more real is cool in my mind.

Heh. You're getting too carried away. Great roleplay stuff but not practical.

2003-05-28 10:44:31
kys glue spell could possibly be called bind?

We are using bind for something else in the game already.

2003-05-28 10:57:01
changes are awesome all for more changes, the more the better. However, changes can be tedious for the coders, no? Well how bout lettin players help with tedious tasks? I don't know how this would work but might help speed up neat ideas. I would be willing to volunteer some time to help with tedious tasks, then maybe players might get a taste of what the coders actually go through and maybe a new respect

If it was tedious to them, they wouldn't be coders. Coders like tedious stuff.

2003-05-28 12:17:38
several places taht were gold piles before, have ben replaced by gemstones that pop on ground, however those gemstones ident as val 0 and when try to deposit them you get nothing. when imms got time, perhaps these could be corrected... ?


2003-05-28 12:23:54
I found something strange with the command 'look'. Well, let me show you my log :p

You're stuck with this bug.

2003-05-28 12:36:23
a line could appear to the group (if they're running with config -battlenone) that could indicate when a rogue has had their quickstrike distracted, ala mobs area spell or being attacked


2003-05-28 12:52:11
change tor devote stats BACK to what they used to be!

Make me.

2003-05-28 14:22:15
I appear to have maxed con completely naked. So do quite a few others though I'm not sure if its everyone since I haven't asked everyone. Str : 20 (20) You are 103 years old (172 hours). Int : 16 (16) You have 7229/7229 hits. Wis : 16 (16) You have 1171/266 mana. Dex : 21 (21) You have 4222/4222 moves. Con : 21 (25) You are carrying 87/186 items. You are carrying 432/500 kg. Exp/TNL: 72875/1381 Level 51(707) Troll Rogue. Gold : 3343 You have 234 practices. In Bank: 6392264 You have wimpy set to 0 hits. AC : 60 You are barely armored. ***This seems to have affected anyone who had fortitudes on when the problems were fixed (I believe Cuen said it was a gsn problem). The fortitudes spell said 'reserved' rather than 'biofeedback' for a while after Snikt's gemstone code was rolled in. When DaWiz(?) fixed the problems, anyone who had fortitudes no longer had an affect that said 'reserved' or 'biofeedback'. This clears itself on death.

Done. Just die.

2003-05-28 14:56:37
let lord sors use globe of darkness in midgaardia. where's the harm in that?

Spoken like a true sor. No.

2003-05-28 19:34:26
can we get 'doorflags' that would require flying to use that exit, like if you're stuck in the bottom of a pit but can't climb out, if you could fly you could fly up, but neither room is an 'air' room requiring flight for movement

The area can be designed for this. You have 2 rooms for the pit. 1 is the air above where the doors are, and 1 is the pit itself. We need code to allow people to walk into thin air and fall for damage...anyway. I'm on a tangent. I disagree w/ the door thing.

2003-05-28 21:02:46
gemstones should replace coins in wooden lockboxes

They can augment the coins but not replace. Approved Level III. Add gemstones into the shuffle for lockboxes.

2003-05-28 21:04:11
help map needs to be updated, since we gained mt durr :)

Approved Level I.

2003-05-28 21:13:12
ignore command


2003-05-28 22:49:07
a 'bbanzai' social? banzai with a bow...not a sword. >:)

Let's just do this... Approved Level I. Remove reference to a sword in banzai social.

2003-05-28 23:20:17
ability to see treasure-type item condition with gem lore practice

Gems and Treasure are two different item types.

2003-05-29 01:07:03
could racial frenzy perhaps be altered by god you worship? Maybe more hr/dr from melee gods, as opposed to maybe bhyss/sith who would be -1 hr/dr, or maybe a normal? Just a thought, sounds neat :) No. All these racial frenzy ideas make me think that frenzy is popular

without the need to change anything.

2003-05-29 01:15:46
with the lag at 1:14am (sys time) Would it be possible to turn on no fight for 5 minutes?

Dawiz needs to think about this situation.

2003-05-29 01:22:36
I've noticed devs new minotaur area (bloodsong?) sucks moves like crazy, would it be possible to lessen the AP, or whatever its called? I have like 3k moves and they are almost all drained out after no time, with full spells.

No. Type sleep.

2003-05-29 03:24:29
make death shroud self only. sors are way to greedy to care how much someone else loses from death

You'd think so...but you didn't realize that the death shroud makes the person really ugly. Sors like that.

2003-05-29 03:25:47
make it so sors cant have sanc cast upon them. or at least holy aura, holy armor.. ick.

Sors will abuse the cleric stuff as much as they want.

2003-05-29 03:27:23
give dragons lower dex. they're gigantic, how can they hop around better than a human?

I agree. Snikt disagrees.

2003-05-29 03:37:31
make hr/dr a bigger part of rog skills, or something so that the gear they wear makes a bigger difference in the effectiveness and success of their skills. they shouldn't be able to bs/assassinate in ac gear. how do you sneak up on someone in a chestplate?

honestly it would depend upon material type...which does not currently exist.

2003-05-29 05:02:19
magical bags with a mod to reduce the carried item weight of the items within it

Considered that. On hold for now.

2003-05-29 14:37:24
I dont know if this has been thought of.. Or if it has and is considered fine.. but, the possible loophole with lockers has to do with UD quest. a hero could kill UD get the quest prize..lord..and lvl to a desired remort lvl put the UD quest prize in a locker..remort and lvl to hero.. That would give you a hero at lvl 1 with a legit UD quest prize.. I doubt that is a desired affect..but i could be wrong.. Just saw it was a possible loop hole :) Thanks for your time :) Kupo!Kupo!Kupo!

It was thought of.

2003-05-29 16:32:34
A way to see when locker was rented/last renewed would be great, or have it referenced in helps if that already exists

Approved Level III. Have a locker command to check account status anywhere in mud.

2003-05-29 16:34:09
add a new spell at level 999 hero that can't be practiced by lords. it should just be something small like a self-only spell that gives 10 ac or so. the main purpose is to inspire people to run to 999 before they morph and it's a bit of a bragging thing

Fun idea but I'd rather just give a fun little item. Approved Level III. Award someone who successfully morphs from 999 with a small token of appreciation in the form of an item which would be flagged as owned by player.

2003-05-29 16:41:53
When you go linkdead, mobs shouldn't be able to attack you and all fighting stops.

If life was perfect, sure.

2003-05-29 16:58:28
change the room rescription in sanc center room to reflect what is north and up (UD viewing room and lockers respectively) Approved Level II. Sanctum Center Description needs to reflect recent


2003-05-29 17:29:38
as day and night affect drow and other races, why not have certain months/years/days of avatar hold special significance to different diety worshipers..which will enhance prayers or other such abilities boosted by those gods

This is already considered...there are problems with time.

2003-05-29 18:57:52
have deposit all deposit all gemstones in your inventory in addition to all gold on hand


2003-05-29 19:35:53
the "rent cost" command should be mentioned in help rent

Approved Level II.

2003-05-29 20:21:30
let golden strike work for ALL unarmed attacks...kick included


2003-05-29 20:23:56
I would love to see a percentage for prompt for mana, like the HP one. PLEASE :)

Approved Level III.

2003-05-29 20:44:40
new direction to travel in: 'inside'/'outside' -- would lend more credibility/versatility to new areas [and it's a whole lot more in-theme than 'ana' and 'kata'!]

Builders can use portal items to replicate and disguise them such that you won't realize they're a portal. You could potentially enter a cupboard using a portal w/ a keyword of cupboard.

2003-05-29 21:48:45
Since gold has been reduced and all, how about reducing smith costs as well.

Uh. It was.

2003-05-30 01:20:33
sinc regenerate is no longer in the game, can we get rid of it entirely? I would like to be able to slearn regen :p

People still have it.

2003-05-30 02:56:03
in the grtz to hero maybe put in prac sneak first thing so they will do it


2003-05-30 03:51:00
allow selling of items by certain mob shoppies to take place at all times of day (perhaps charge a higher price for inconvienancing the shoppie while he's trying to sleep?)

Shop times is a builder option.

2003-05-30 05:07:02
fix genesis help file to reflect the fact it does not reroll your practices.

Approved Level I.

2003-05-30 08:51:27
spell enchant item the ability to place a spell youve learnt on an item


2003-05-30 11:53:53
a message that is different when racial frenzy falls.......something different from reg. frenzys message :)


2003-05-30 13:00:28
config option to be able to keep others from casting spells on you. similar feature for summon - ability to toggle being summonable.

Approved Level II: Config +can_summon;

2003-05-30 13:50:27
let poison type be shown with archery lore on fangs... If I can poison with them, I should know which type :P

Approved Level III. Poison Lore. Add this to examine logic.

2003-05-30 14:29:18
sor with death shroud on will not set off death info


2003-05-30 17:20:03
sor's should have to cast gurney to lose taint


2003-05-30 17:24:56
since cle/war/psi/sorc/mag have item creation class defining skills..why not give monks one as well

Great reason. No.

2003-05-30 18:05:07
Skill idea for clerics. They should get a different type of recharge, for only heal spells on staves.


2003-05-30 19:14:11
make iron monk cost like 5 mana less...


2003-05-30 22:21:25
make all girths b12, and a random chance at b13. Its a hard quest, nothing lower then b12 should pop from it


2003-05-30 23:31:05
Increase lag on sorceror potions for non-sorceror quaffers

There is no distinction to the potion once made. No.

2003-05-30 23:49:28
you should restore the realm when remorting...


2003-05-30 23:51:13
popcorn social, Whoa starts to boo and throw popcorn at you

I draw the line at popcorn. No.

2003-05-31 01:17:19
you type withdraw (amount) gemstones. and the bank auto takes out that many gemstones worth and gives it to you

Approved Level III. Withdraw <gemstone> <amount>

2003-05-31 02:08:26
shouldent the prompt for dancing weapons while in the water be soandso's weapons dance through the water instead of the air?

A tad too rare a circumstance to warrant code. No.ance through the water instead of the air?

A tad too rare a circumstance to warrant code. No.

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