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2003-12-06 02:37:29
at hero 500, or lord, make the racial tranquility toggable, or get rid of it at this level, or possibly allow the spells that it used to block to be casted for a chance at mental breakdown resulting in mana lost?


2003-12-06 02:40:16
eventually, would be nice to trade tnl for racials, sort of a buying thing.. ex: take an extra 300tnl for this racial, would only be from a pickable list tho


2003-12-06 06:16:50
map of a evil or good city where mobs aggie only good or evil aligned players

not now.

2003-12-06 10:24:41
samurai or ninja class ( its relavent, gotta have some cool new skills that make people think "wow they are too powerfull" but at the same time not nearly as powerfull as it seems)


2003-12-06 10:26:43
for quest team: collectable tolkens that allow you to trade in for a prize ( sort of like qp, or just a qp system?.. ) ( maybe already exists *shrug*)

tokens. quest, however, can answer.

2003-12-06 10:33:29
since rangers are gone, make Blood Scent/Blood Trail a cd for rogues. Since they'r sneaky. Crom, I fear you are underestimating the sneakyness.

sneaky sneaky, sir. no.

2003-12-06 10:34:52
make healing spells hurt undead?.. or is it allready?

builders need to first add more undead to the game. we don't nearly have enough dungeon-crawl areas to justify it which contain undead. Request again after we have a significant amount of undead.

2003-12-06 10:50:44
sponge race nuff said


2003-12-06 11:49:16
change the gold the gold guardians in the house of bandu to have gemstones instead of unlootable gold


2003-12-06 14:36:25
Implement demon remort from dsd at lord 150-200.

There should be 1-2 steps prior to demon. no until remort is redone.

2003-12-06 16:33:47
the ability to purchase individual spells at lord specifically the invinc and steel sounds daft might help small groups


2003-12-06 16:46:09
in the insure list command, could we get a numbering system? #1 ... 231936818

[ LeMans Family Seal ]

2003-12-06 16:46:24
...err, hit enter. Something like that would be nice to show how many left/taken


2003-12-06 17:36:07
since lord psi's throw with their minds both their wield and offhand, they should be able to begin to learn balance, maybe lowmort skill at lord, etc


2003-12-06 18:18:19
if you ever change portal/teleport around to fixate on rooms instead of mobs (which makes more sense) You should make the caster have to have been in the room atleast once before they can portal/teleport there

impossible to realistically code. areas, maybe. individual rooms, no. Even with areas, you'd have to track every single area. Maybe that'd be worthwhile...

Level 4: Code in a way to track what areas players have entered and save that information. You can then add an area list option which only shows areas you've actually gone to. Another list can only list those you haven't ventured to. I believe it would require that we number the areas within the AREADATA. Something we should do regardless.

2003-12-06 22:21:23
Goblins should be able to remort into kobolds. If it can evolve, it can also devolve surely.


2003-12-06 22:56:46
cell adjustment could be permanent (in reality it prolly would) immunity to a disease/poison... (i know its kinda a powerful spell if that happens though)


2003-12-06 23:43:20
here's an idea that will make everyone happy..everyone is always whining about not being aboe to get gear or enchants or spells and snikt needs money for the mud..so how about giving people incentive to donate..lets say for instance 0 gets you an imm bless..0 gets you a piece of non quest gear..5 and you get an imm enchant..its a win win situation.. :-)


2003-12-07 03:04:41
noticed a bug when you try and group with someone that has no room to group you. it will stat your name. easy fix would be just to say GROUP IS FULL or something generic. shrug

ok. level 3. Dawiz has already begun looking at it.

2003-12-07 07:18:47
spell banshee wail (area spell), you create a copy of banshee scream inflicting damage on every mob in room and can couse them to flee in terror

abusive. I can't approve.

2003-12-07 07:21:24
absorb, self only spell, some combat spells cast on you can be absorbed turning them into a bit of mana, like a mob casts on you disintegrate, and there is a chance that you absorb the spell so instead of damaging you, you receive like 10 mana


2003-12-07 07:27:24
give clerics a new set of mass spells like party heal, party divinity, party bless etc so instead of blessing everyone in room you can cast bless on everyone that is in your group

no for now.

2003-12-07 07:31:27
chaos weapon spell, a spell for mages to remake a weapon of their choice into a new one, old weapon would be erased and new would be created with max damage greatly lowered, same stats, but with fire, acid or ice spell attack, can be even timed weapon that is gone after * tics


2003-12-07 09:31:56
Isn't the version command at least slightly redundant now, since everyone has version 18, we don't reaslly need to be told that the version is 18, and we're running 18, since we know we've been updated...?

is everyone really 18? are there holdouts? possibly. What about when I want to do version 19 and rebuild you all into toadmen?

2003-12-07 10:56:23
with the new factor of gods into damage factors.. Would it be possible to Have a +str item that is worn on body, for hero hit gear? Possibly a 1st tier hit slot, and remove the hit roll on it (keep the dr), and add a +1 str or +2 str to it? With new gods, unless you use the very specific group of weapons that add str, your screwed. And using a -str wield with devoting werredan or tor is out of the questi

uh. no.

2003-12-07 11:10:54
gemote, lets you use socials globally, gemote smile riv...will let me smile at Riviat :D


2003-12-07 14:51:06
mass bless costs me 12 mana...mass invis costs me 17... Shouldnt it be less for invis, since I have it in class? :p


2003-12-07 16:23:46
a big library where spellcasters can buy magic books and scrolls :)


2003-12-07 16:57:05
Speed factor, which varies depending race and class, that effects the order in which players and monster's auto-attacks occur during combat. Would prevent the relogging loophole to get the group's attacks to happen before the mobiles.

it's complicated. Order of attacks should be determined by level, dexterity, skills and speed-effecting enchantments. How to do that in the code is the tricky part.

2003-12-07 18:52:48
a mage spell at hero 200, or 101, that quickens arcane knowledge lag for a mana cost,


2003-12-07 19:31:32
laughing buddha for monks should be learnable at lowmort for them..


2003-12-07 20:13:04
There should be a command to modify system time for the client to show as their time, like time +1 for 1 hour ahead

having a global time helps when telling people to meet. Meet at 13:30 sys time means the same to everybody.

2003-12-07 20:22:05
Bug: if you disint a mob and get a term while your not the tank, it takes mana from you as if it is not chaos


2003-12-07 20:22:43
bug: If a tank is fighting a mob, and you disint it, your not tanking it, someone else does, but you still dont get chaos channel reduction.

always or during first round only? You're the first to mention the bug so please verify. I don't want to spend 20 hours to find it isn't a bug.

2003-12-07 21:18:59
Make genesis castable on self at any level to benefit clerics who were level 100+ when clerics were made genable.


2003-12-07 21:34:01
in regards to what are mind spells (request by dawiz) i meant all the spells that tranquility prevents again (ie that a fail message is required for)


2003-12-07 21:38:12
warrior of the fates, in cavern of fates does not have warrior as a keyword


2003-12-07 22:56:00
been seeing a lot of quests lately which is a good thing but how about a quest that doesnt center around killing huge mobs..how about a riddle/puzzle quest..my 2 cents..keep the change

quest. personally, be grateful you get any and run a riddle quest yourself.

2003-12-07 22:56:22
bag/containers develope holes and drop random items unless well maintained or a special spell is cast upon them some bags would be naturally staunchy of course and could take a lot of beating.

no. this would never be an implementable feature.

2003-12-07 23:06:21
a spell that functions like bashdoor for casters. With possible damage to pc/mobs in both connecting rooms. You could call it explodarama...just kidding, but seriously, no caster is worth their salt if they cant make a door fly off its hinges with their magic. sounds like fun.


2003-12-08 00:35:08
Invite command: invites a person on who group to join you, and if they "accept", they join your group whether in room/not

it would bypass the whole restriction. people would use it to get around the restriciton...no

2003-12-08 00:43:23
Bring back herothank, and each time they're used they need to be authorized by lords or imms, and maybe just 1k xp instead of a level... which is abuseable for dragons.


2003-12-08 01:08:01
chain socal, you need one of those.. you know, chain em up on the walls, you chain yourself and lost the key type thing


2003-12-08 01:46:33
when you remove an "uncarryable" amount from a lockbox have it go directly to the bank, or simply have the lockbox produce a gem of equv value...

level 3: lockbox revision of treasure allotment

2003-12-08 06:21:22
hm .. About Snikt's idea of removing triggers or he doesn't code - change is not always good. Maybe coders shouldn't be in such a hurry.. not that we'd stagnate or anything.

we do stagnate and have done so for month-long periods. People start trickling away because a game which doesn't evolve isn't as interesting to most people as one which does. People start trickling in when we are on a developmental curve upwards as well. Change is change. Good or bad. Nobody's in a hurry.

2003-12-08 09:48:34
ban selling of gear..make people barter or donate or sell to shoppies *cackle*


2003-12-08 09:49:05
err last idea should have stated auctioning of gear..stupid giant


2003-12-08 11:21:28
i thought this idea was approved, but i coiuldn't find it on the site: be able to see which direction your group is going something like, you follow tankguy east.

level 2. add direction to follow message.

2003-12-08 13:45:27
what if onoma's message about not having the object in question when you typo the object name didn't come with the full lag and mana cost, similar to other object-related spells?


2003-12-08 17:26:25
Skill for warriors: Charge <target> <direction> lets em charge into a room and attack mob right away

level 3. Charge skill. gain initiative. groupmates will not follow automatically with this skill. may trip on way in and end up getting pummeled for failure.

2003-12-09 00:08:18
an 'auto move' property for some rooms, that would move players into another room after a duration. for example, if the room description is "falling in midair," the room might move players (who don't have fly or levitate on) to the next room down, every 5 seconds or so. could also be applied to "river" rooms. ideally, players could backtrack if they're fast enough.

no for now

2003-12-09 00:39:23
display on who/whois what characters are wearing on their legs (ie pants, skirt, nothing)

no. don't ever suggest something this insane again.

2003-12-09 05:18:33
Make Entity's pfile where he can't morph!


2003-12-09 06:21:16
give kobolds racial n0_sun so their tnl can be lowered!!!!


2003-12-09 10:37:54
woe should be able to buy items at least as high a level as we can wield.

no. you have to go elsewhere for that.

2003-12-09 16:46:19
Have a 'boo' social, could be 'Sypher boos and hisses in disagreement.'

no for now

2003-12-09 16:54:58
There should be a gold transfer command for mortals, seeing as we can only withdraw very small amounts at a time.


2003-12-09 20:35:27
"help archangels" doesn't work for me while "help ARCHANGELS" does. Bug?

it's not case-sensitive. try it again.

2003-12-09 20:40:50
Err. I'm happy to report that "help archangels" works now, even thought I spelled it exactly the same the first time. It never worked before I tried using caps, but now it works all the time... Am I going nuts?


2003-12-09 20:48:43
Add a new mob spec that allows a mob to cast dispel magic midcombat occasionally. Would be kinda fun and add a little spice and danger to runs.

level 3: negative magician spec. dispels and casts spells which have a negative magic spectrum feel like disintigrate.

2003-12-09 21:53:18
make a program to scan incoming ideas for the keywords 'area', 'gear', and area name if there's an array of area names so those ideas can automatically be refered to builder


2003-12-09 22:06:45
remove wisdom have set pracs/lvl for each race add new stat like luck or size or stamina


2003-12-09 23:00:27
You should be able to brandish any <held> item with a magic flag for a random result (ie explode and do damage to everyone in the room)


2003-12-09 23:04:40
in game toggleable trigger that laughs at archers when they miss.


2003-12-09 23:55:29
rogue skill: Feign Death. Rogue will not be attacked while using skill, but cannot do anything but look/scan. Corpse eaters, however, will attempt (succeed?) in devouring the prone rogue. To other mortals, the rogue appears to be his own corpse.

heh. no for now.

2003-12-10 05:11:54
show who is AFK in your group list


2003-12-10 16:11:38
a war class definer called duel. a warrior can use this to start a duel with a mob, meaning that no other mobs will assist the player, but also that no other players can begin fighting that mob. swordplay skills like parry, riposte, and shield block are improved for both the player and the mob, but less sporting skills like smash, bash, and trip are worsened. mobs that would have aggied would attack afte


2003-12-10 16:12:51
(whoops) ... improved for both the player and the mob, but less sporting skills like smash, bash, and trip are worsened. mobs that would have aggied would attack after the duel ends. add a tick or so of fatigue to prevent obvious abuse of the skill

don't agree with the concept.

2003-12-10 18:40:41
I'd like to report Ezekial for camping amorphous orbs. *blink*

ezekial will now be watched...

2003-12-10 19:15:25
is quickstrike blind working? mobs hit the same next round and same round right after a blind quickstrike

maybe they're just uberpowerful megabeasts.

2003-12-10 20:21:33
dhurai should run mega's deck quest.


2003-12-10 20:24:15
just a thought. we have personal notes, why not have a buddynote system so we would be able to do a ( note to all buddy ) ? thanks for your time. ~Kumbassa


2003-12-10 20:51:45
putz social

no. look up the word before posting social suggestions.

2003-12-11 00:55:29
make created items have no worth.

level 2. obj->cost = 0 on all created items.

2003-12-11 01:19:05
Class: Shapeshifter. Learns new, increasingly powerful forms as level progresses. Does not learn spells/skills per se, but relies on those skills inherent to certain forms. Perhaps eq could be downplayed if a costly TNL were included since armor would not be suitable for a being that changed its species regularly. May also be suitable skills for a druid-like class.


2003-12-11 05:24:43
A message on failed quicken

level 3

2003-12-11 07:00:47
Private screening of UD: as i under stand there are open and closed stands for watching UD, i think that you should be able to elect Private stands where only selected people can watch :)


2003-12-11 10:33:39
how about a jeweler on Thorn for etching and such? :-)


2003-12-11 13:04:59
there should be a command similar to etch that allows us to remove keywords from eq.


2003-12-11 13:41:45
make smash effectiveness depend on level


2003-12-11 13:47:14
Sponge social 'Erfende points at Laucian and screams "SPONGE"'


2003-12-11 15:11:16
A type of mob that can copy the appearance of players, but that doesn't change its stats. (like a spy) I imagine a wandering invis mob. When it finds a target, it changes its appearance, goes vis, and follows the target. Spy mob is sneaky, so no room message when it copies a target. If it's aggie, it waits a tick or so to attack.


2003-12-11 15:56:50
the kobolds north of the meadow should flee more often


2003-12-11 21:13:05
New HogAThon, instead of +20k to hrdr, full spells (awen foci fort steel invinc x) x being imm defined. Benefits: less lag, more grouping, more variety, lords can participate.


2003-12-11 21:13:20
cont1 Counter arguments 'i group during hog' (using a caster as a portal monkey) 'I like my 80kxp/hogday' (you clean out areas so fast the rest have to wait for repop; don't be greedy).


2003-12-11 21:13:36
cont2 Specifics: The spells last forever, AFFECTS list is cleared on quit, IMMs can customize HoGs by editing the array of spells cast on the players that type hog.


2003-12-11 21:13:53
cont3 If not used to replace hog then use as another hog-like command, i think it would be cool because they could be more frequent since its not as twinky and if the idea is considered i'll volunteer to write the new help.


2003-12-12 00:32:41
give all the mobs with keyname "smith" the smith ability


2003-12-12 01:16:45
add brt to help acronyms!

level 1

2003-12-12 01:18:11
make counterdisarm work without a weapon

it should. nobody obviously mentioned this as a bug. need verification.

2003-12-12 01:48:08
Firestorm/area spells. add a check.... if no mob in room... make it say that there is no one to attack

no for now

2003-12-12 03:49:03
why can charmies no longer be allowed to drop all ? :o

shrug. noticed this myself. needs a coder to verify whether a new bug has been created as a side-effect or whether it is intentional. I know a way around it so I don't mind. :)

2003-12-12 09:58:03
a help stack commands, could go along with help cr explaing how to stack commands with avatar fuction and/or create aliases to retrieve corpses. Might help in players trying to retrieve their own corpes more often

level 1

2003-12-12 11:13:51
Hero Mage/Psion spell: Breath of Shizaga - A 'cyclone-like' blast of wind that knocks a target creature into an adjacent random room. Can also be a mob spell to knock a player away from his group. Small amount of damage comes with the spell (just for realism.)


2003-12-12 11:17:43
Hero Cle/Psi spell - Aura of Tul-Sith - Gives target player 33% resistance to any affects spells. Short duration, similar to Sanctuary. Would benefit players from having faerie fire, weaken, overconfidence, scramble, etc. Would also apply to players re-sancing themself, frenzy, etc.


2003-12-12 11:22:45
Hero Mag spell - Shudder - A moderate damage spell, less than disintegrate, probably equal to dessicate, but would have lasting effects of additional damage every round, similar to poison. Probably a hero 101 or 250 spell.


2003-12-12 12:37:29
not sure if this exists or not but I think it would be neat of you could take certain items to a smith and have him make a piece of armor or a wield..could be done via mini quests to gather the items or something

this can be done via fake items ala tickets. quest.

2003-12-12 13:28:32
Fix monitor. If the monitor goes invis, or your hei falls, it gives you a number thats huge. 114k hp out of 114k hp is what I had on my monitor..

It's a problem. There isn't an easy solution. I have to think about it.

2003-12-12 19:53:27
for death info, if the killer is identical to the killee, display the damage type instead of the damage dealer.


2003-12-12 20:27:10
Typo in help acronyms: afiak should be afaik

level 1

2003-12-12 20:35:46
allow note reading during sharpen/restring lag

level 4: create 4 types of lag. combat front lag, combat rear lag, noncombat front lag and non-combat rear lag. Rear and front require additional coding, however but they could be implemented prior to the other code.

level 4: create 2 types of position. combat position and game position. Combat position would consist of on_back, on_butt, on_knees, fighting and standing. Standing is non-combat. game position would be non-combat stuff including standing.

2003-12-12 23:39:33
have a who cor show people with a corpse on the ground or substansial amount of gear on groun


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