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2003-12-13 02:04:45
a skill called Fiery Heaven or something like that.. sorta like acid rain but a mage can learn it at lvl 50. obviously It shouldn't be as strong as acid rain.. but an area spell better then burning hands.


2003-12-13 05:22:58
two-handed axe weapons

not now

2003-12-13 08:57:46
drgs shoulnt have such high dex, and their wisdom should be higher


2003-12-13 11:14:12
racial scent for dragons

no smells exist.

2003-12-13 11:37:18
[Tanisha] people should only be able to make angel out of their highest alt

Tanisha can decide that officially.

2003-12-13 12:09:36
add occ to help acronyms (out of class) or oocl (out of class lag)

level 1

2003-12-13 12:39:39
we need a mob spec that can immolate pc's

sure. level 4 spec_sorcerer (if it doesn't already exist on the list)

2003-12-13 13:26:48
add a (Tight) or (Strung) Flag to bows, like weapons have (Sharp)

Level 3.

2003-12-13 13:36:17
dagger lore. a Rogue can examine a dagger.. lagging him such as poison weapon/then the rogue can do slightly better damage knowing where the strongest/sharpest part of the dagger is. After a certain amount of stabs the rogue forgets and needs to re-examine the dagger. Can be something like.. hold some object examine dagger.


2003-12-13 13:39:25
a help corpse animator attached to the corpse eater/stomper if not already being done. wink

already done. level 1. Add 'corpse animator' to necromancer help.

2003-12-13 13:40:03
Let me take over your posts for a week.. I got it down.. no, no, no, no, no, you actually wasted your time to post that?, no, no, no, you just wasted 10 secs of my life.. no. wink

Give me good ideas and they'll be approved.

2003-12-13 13:54:41
Hand of God Gauntlets.. a Quest similar to Med quest, but a tad harder. gaunts are 2/5 hr/dr.. when you wear them, they could say SiMMeR's hands flare with power! then fades,.... oops.


2003-12-13 13:55:12
typod.. meant 3/7

2003-12-13 16:16:31
allow 'gemstone' to be a keyword when depositing gemstones, so we don't have to type out the full name of each individual gemstone


2003-12-13 16:18:26
a racial for elemental mobs and similar "mindless" races, which grants them immunity to psionic spells

coded differently already. builders can utilize now. builder problem.

2003-12-13 16:48:02
a day, for 8 hours, once every other month where cen, gar, drg, grf, hie, trl, min, gia, dsd all get 1k tnl.


2003-12-13 17:12:46
on slink misdirection helps, it doesn't state whether or not the skill is automatic or if you have to type something, I'm assunimg its automatic if you have sneak on and flee but I don't know for sure. Could use some clarification, thanks.

level 1. clarify the slink misdirection help.

2003-12-13 17:21:15
ermm I just tried to identify something at edmuntillion with demonbank on, I had enough in the bank and it gives me the message I don't, so i go withdraw the amount it tells me and when I identify it now, it has the demonbank percentage charge when I have it identified. The demonbank doesn't actually work with edmunt.

level 2. fix do_identify code w/ demonbank. It looks like it is checking for gold on hand regardless of whether or not you're using demonbank. The % charge when you identified it the 2nd time probably is because you still were using demonbank at the time. This should be verified as well.

2003-12-13 18:14:26
monks should get whirlwind


2003-12-13 19:56:38
tone down statloss expense it's a char ruining evil


2003-12-13 21:09:36
vs murdur and bs brills after a while


2003-12-13 21:24:40
there should be feet watershapes.


2003-12-13 21:29:44
allow a c 'charge shield' shieldname discharge, which removes all charges from a shield but carries a chance of causing massive damage to the caster

not now

2003-12-13 22:13:58
can't sleep in water

verify whether or not you can sleep in water. If you can sleep in water, level 2 is to make that not possible. Add msg. If you cannot sleep in water, level 2 is to make a message as to why.

2003-12-13 23:10:46
longrange, works like longshot ( well more like surge or quicken) draws castor's mana plus spell cost to cast a spell up to one room away in any direction


2003-12-13 23:22:21
give headbutt to warriors at hero 250 after being a warrior for so long your head gets denser and you can hit stuff with it blah blah

Stick to skill ideas...I'll decide who and at what level. It's typically based upon need rather than desire.

2003-12-13 23:30:51
cancel the fiery heaven thing.. forgot about Firestorm


2003-12-13 23:49:42
mute, sor spell, mob cant cast spells, essentially the same as scramble but i feel like it follows sor capabilities

not now

2003-12-14 00:22:20
if battleother is on, give a to room message for dodges/shieldblocks/etc

level 3. Fine tune battleother for room messages of skills.

2003-12-14 07:01:28
allow pets to be able to carry objects and pssibly the ability to learn limited spells


2003-12-14 08:53:11
update the maps in the Grand Cathedral..


2003-12-14 10:01:04
allow dragons to totaly by pass the -1 con -1 str minus for killghers *inno*


2003-12-14 11:03:08
a non-speller class lords, maybe the skils that they have at 95% should go up to 98%? since u can tingle spells but not skills.


2003-12-14 11:04:41
new spell lodestone..allows casters to track mobs similar to the track command


2003-12-14 11:27:07
RSS on outland.org and the design site would be superubercool.


2003-12-14 12:45:21
How about a message shown to the room if you fail trip, like throw has.

level 2.

2003-12-14 13:01:16
a kobold special remort race would be interesting, don't need to be twinky, just a little special


2003-12-14 14:06:40
the bug which was leaving people in void seems to be leaving people in the conference room after they $exit, as opposed to returning them to their original location.


2003-12-14 14:18:11
How about a config to remove all the 30 lines of "(Translucent) (Flying) (White Aura) (Sneak) Lord/Lady is here." when ur following a big crown run around. cuz about 20 lines/ 30 lords is a lot of spam

Level 3. Add autolook. Default is on. When you move room to room, you autolook at the room and its contents...or you don't. Depends on the toggle.

2003-12-14 14:22:15
Be nice to have a command to config -spell casts.. spammy even with config -battlenone cause you still see the maelstroms/brimstones/comforts

if it was that easy, it'd exist.

2003-12-14 14:23:35
hrm.. how about config -scan too? :p like 10 grpies scanning every sec is spaaammy too. *still on same run*

not now

2003-12-14 15:41:48
automatically $help when joining a conference, so newbies stop getting stuck in them


2003-12-14 16:05:24
"Teacher of the toad style sacrifices the corpse to Buddha!" evil religious mar artifact, must be changed! since when does buddha accept sacrifices, anyhow :p

level 2. spec_fun change...change god to Gorn.

2003-12-14 16:08:57
on who group be able to list the positon you would like to be like group me tank or group me hitter etc. would be nice to be able to go on who group as a tank so people would know. And wouldn't just assume your looking to hit.

no. put it in your title.

2003-12-14 16:30:26
when you eat holy wafer during combat it doesn't work and it tells you you have bless when you don't

level 2. check in do_eat first for casting. Cross-reference with do_drink. The bug does exist. Eating pills should not use cast code but obj_casting.

2003-12-14 18:42:19
spectral_anti-diety that go after specific diety's worshippers, ie, will aggie those who worship tul before shiz

not now

2003-12-14 20:39:15
a Help mortally wounded file.. explaning the -hp and why you can't do somethings for lowmorts. It could be linked to help cr. wink

don't wink. It makes your presentation come across with a sarcastic too-clever tone which I find annoying.

Level 1 help mortally wounded.

2003-12-14 20:44:56
balefire beasts color bleed


2003-12-14 21:21:35
make it so when mobs "can't stand and face someone", they actually... don't stand and remain resting


2003-12-14 22:20:33
if you perform the killing blow in combat with a spell, chaos channel doesn't kick in for that casting

level 2. have chaos channel cost be applied prior to cast execution.

2003-12-14 22:43:24
have action descrips for create food items


2003-12-15 14:49:02
lord donation room..I need a new hangout on Thorn :-)


2003-12-15 16:54:32
Fix wizlist. DaWiz shows up twice. :P :)

he's special.

2003-12-15 17:07:39
minds eye should have an ac penalty instead of a regen penalty.


2003-12-15 17:36:25
torch should be surgeable


2003-12-15 19:23:51
crawling chaos should be a psionic caster


2003-12-15 21:06:32
add A shiny red apple, a fuzzy peach, a cluster of blackberries, and a rotten plum. to the list of forage findings. would add some variety to things I use when i cast blast bolt on my lowmort psis.

not now

2003-12-15 23:31:59
morph at 999token: an amulet that increases mana and hp regen by 5%. No other effects.

quest. I'd rather have a quest to morph be required where the end product is an item. Upon completing the quest you get the item and you automorph.

2003-12-15 23:48:30
Make it so you don't fail bash on bashed mobs.


2003-12-16 00:48:58
New goddess for the drow. Lloth. If needed, I can make a bigass description of her and what she stands for (she is the Drow patron goddess)

Don't use 'bigass'. I've heard the name before. She's the goddess of sloths or llamas, right? Didn't really understand why drows wanted to worship llamas but I'm not a drow, eh. Or maybe it's a freaky big sloth-llama crossbreed that hangs upside-down in caves acting all llama-like. We don't want to use established gods. Any similiarity with our current pantheon and established gods is incidental.

2003-12-16 00:59:11
since sprites are so small.. they shouldn't need a key.. they should be able to fly inside a key hole and unlock the door.. perhaps a mob inside the key hole.. to fight to "unlock" the door.. Special doors would have huge mobs.. DROOL.. I can see it now. "Can someone Cr me? My corpse is in a key hole." Giant replies, "No can do."


2003-12-16 05:02:49
Reinforce: warrior skill, same as sharpen but used for crushing/smashing/blunt weapons. chance to break weapon instead of dulling.


2003-12-16 06:03:29
Fortify: sharpen for crush/smash/pound weapons, chance to break weapon instead of dull (realized to late Reinforce was used for a spell :P)


2003-12-16 07:43:02
immunity to disease for lizard race


2003-12-16 08:01:03
an "are you sure?" prompt when etching gear for that occassional typo :)


2003-12-16 08:24:33
critical backstabs for hero if you devote torr


2003-12-16 11:28:26
at a certin point let any class remort into a diffrent class that way if you get o say a human cleric remort to a dragon cleric then want to be a dragon war.


2003-12-16 12:15:43
when a marco spell falls it could just say Your awen fades ... less spam and not as hard on the dsl connection spaming each spell droping


2003-12-16 14:19:17
Minotaurs being able to control their berserk at high levels? (Eg. racial-control, holds berserking til after duration)


2003-12-16 21:49:10
Typo of sorts: In the example in the help whois file, the example listed is a bit outdated since it doesn't include the slots for worship.

level 1. update help whois example.

2003-12-16 22:16:38
make help macro be a keyword for awen fort foci helps

level 1. create a seperate help macro. have it see also established macros within the game.

2003-12-16 22:47:34
Make it so when a person gets killed by thier own death field it says bhyss kills them on death info ;) that would be so cool heh

not now

2003-12-17 00:14:59
update the map in the room Darii's Kitchen to reflect the changes in the world, it shows at least 10 grandfathered areas

builder. consider it a collectable.

2003-12-17 00:15:43
the same map is also in the room Mendek's War Room, 1d from Darii's Kitchen

well yeah. it's the same map.

2003-12-17 01:48:35
minds eye does not show up on the 'spells' list, as well, it mentions that it modifies immunities by 512 instead of seeing while sleeping (or whatever you want to call it)

After trying the spell myself...I see that the affect description for minds eye is odd. Level 3. Change the immunity values into words.

2003-12-17 02:24:37
revamp statloss code costing me too many pracs; random chance isn't random enough

it's pretty random. no.

2003-12-17 02:49:55
die self command echo's in bright white. like the new fake rep.

level 1. change die self color to |bw|

2003-12-17 08:34:36
on the welcome screen, add a separate prompt for creating new characters. Then if someone puts in an existing name you can tell them that it already exists and to choose a new one. Now it just asks them for the password and disconnects when you dont know it. Someone coming along for the first time won't know what names are in use and can get a bit discouraged if you keep making them reconnect to check na

level 3. research and make a user-friendly creation process so players can pick names without having to relog. level 3. research and create a random name generator option for new players to get them. This can be done really random, it can be done with the traditional 'supply certain words so we can shuffle them' method, or it can be done by drawing out of a dynamic database of names which can be added to and removed from by imms. The sex of the character will have to be asked prior to the name in this case.

2003-12-17 18:31:31
the last locked door in citadel arcadia does not open even with the corresponding key... keyfinder says there IS no key, which is rather odd, since it used to work.


2003-12-17 22:04:38
in minds eye affects it doesn't state anything about mana regen reduction, maybe it should like how regenerate has the regeneration affects in it. thanks

level 3. make minds eye affect like regeneration. It is probably hardcoded instead of using the affect modifier.

2003-12-17 23:27:43
have 'join' with no args show how many ppl are in a given conference ... it just shows a list.


2003-12-17 23:35:38
a message on screen to the archer player when they have 50 arrows left on held


2003-12-18 00:38:41
make doomgiver do piercing damage.


2003-12-18 00:39:35
if you say no to my last idea... Your not getting any naughty girls for x-mas.

dude. my wife probably wasn't going to get me any of those regardless. no loss here. Say no to preverts. And no, that's not a typo.

2003-12-18 09:11:24
help pr mag makes reference to reading help races for statistics on the other races as something which would be very advantageous when creating a mage. Help races doesn't say anything useful with reference to mages, and doesn't have any pertinent statistics regarding mages either. Could something be added to help races to show some useful statistics?

we aren't going to tell people what race to pick. we hint at intelligence within the racial descriptions.

2003-12-18 10:25:05
when an item fades, it should say glows |by|brightly or |bb|Brightly then fades, oops. I like a good tease. |by|wink

Frailty, I hope this is the last innappropriate tagline for your sake. No, because now you're starting to bring the bad vibes. Thanks.

2003-12-18 13:36:13
mon skill at hero 250. Gorn's Strength. Allows monk with this skill learned, capable of scooping up a mob on the ground and throwing it.


2003-12-18 13:42:57
code it so one alias can trigger another


2003-12-18 15:26:28
clear unworship when remorting..

not now

2003-12-18 15:36:19
Make lord mobs aggie slower, rogues don't need to use triggers to assassinate. Instead make some mobs instant aggie leavers (people leaving the room) to avoid speedwalk abuse in wrong places.


2003-12-18 16:52:47
A social idea. You type dare (person) then the emote pops up. I.E. Crom double dog dares (Xandrian).(That is what the people see). Then, You double dog dare (Xandrian).(That is what you see). What Xandrian sees is Crom double dog dares you to.

level 1. social dare. It won't be a progression of emotes. (won't say too)

2003-12-18 19:13:26
make Belag 's description come true! It says the person who has slain belag has special powers to summon him, why not make it so you summon an ultra strong belag that has gear better than the symbol of darkness :D


2003-12-18 20:01:15
Check if a bounty that is too heavy to carry (money) goes to bank automatically. If not, try to make it so plz.


2003-12-18 20:42:56
We need more funny responses on your no's crom, that's the entire reason I read the logs, must have more witty banter! :P

I am not an animal!

2003-12-18 21:52:15
New mob spec: sees ONLY invisible [n]pcs. Possible name: spectral.


2003-12-18 22:25:10
Allow the expire command to work when drowning.


2003-12-18 22:25:25
Scratch that last idea, how about we just rework how drowning works? blink


2003-12-19 00:33:46
tiered levels of damage for magic missile spell..as the mage grows in power, allow him/her to cast multiple missiles.

no because mana cost doesn't increase. This reminds me of baulder's gate where they had magic missile do this...it was one of the best spells in the game as a result because it never capped and the cost didn't increase significantly. Our code doesn't allow for variable mana.

2003-12-19 01:32:38
Yet more lord gear imped due to very short imp timers this time from decept and weaken. I beleive its near imposible to reshift after mass death to fetch anything. we need a interplanar fetch of some sorts :(

Without something to make your heart beat faster, the game seems boring. Need more risky things, not more crutches.

2003-12-19 01:36:49
Interplaner fetch for lords. A ritual perhaps. Led a group tonight to lodestone and a groupie lost a shackle because everyone was weakend and couldn't pick it up. Another option could be to extend the imp counter on lost lord gear. Despite our best efforts to respell and make it back to area in under 15 ticks we were unable as this feat is nearly impossible.

it is nearly impossible given the situation you were in. No.

2003-12-19 14:23:26
make some remort race for kob, or allow kob to remort to hob at a bit higher level than gob

no. maybe they'll remort into sloth-llamas who worship Lloth. I've heard that sloth-llamas have heat rays that come out of their eyes. The dreaded SLHR is something to be feared, they say.

2003-12-19 15:29:07
if you cant land after having fly cast on you then you shouldnt be able to go visible after having invis cast on you

different spells for different smells.

2003-12-19 15:59:57
racial frenzy for Ogres


2003-12-19 16:01:20
Reduced xp penalty for rogs fleeing?


2003-12-19 16:11:54
make adescr work so that when you enter a portal you get an action description

that's a builder option.

2003-12-19 17:27:57
magic meatloaf doesn't have much of a ring to it. change it to mystery meat?

no. I like magic meatloaf. I even paid for some advertising you should see soon on your local cable network. The jingle is something like: "MMM! Magic! MMM! Magic Meatloaf! MMM! Magic! MMM!" I know that doesn't look impressive, but it sounds great! Very catchy.

2003-12-19 17:57:23
make a spell that acts like regeneration for mana dbls mana regen but cuts hp and mov regen in half


2003-12-19 20:42:11
IRL channel, accessable at lv 11. discuss IRL stuff, movies etc. spoilers should be allowed to some extent, as it's an optional channel


2003-12-20 00:35:07
make special portals for occasion so that they don't get casted over

builder option. create a portal in a no-cast room. Would possibly still need to tweak nexus.

2003-12-20 00:44:30
A note alias for Quest trackees, along with one for coders, builders, and design. Would help players direct notes on board to the appropriate groups.


2003-12-20 01:04:09
have bioscan tell the caster the mobs level


2003-12-20 01:21:31
either add a 'help quest-qitems' or update 'help quest points'

quest job.

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