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2003-12-20 05:20:25
Just for the xmas season, perhaps these Noble firs you can buy from shop, make them non grabble by imps, or sniffle how can we decorate our idle stops for the season of goodwill and stuff ,. Not that of course we idle but rather sit and err gossip or something!


2003-12-20 11:14:43
Vortex spell. New portal alternative spell for imms that will not be cast over by mortals with portal

we have transfer. :)

2003-12-20 14:06:15
Greater Drow Rings Identify say Modifies Hitroll by 2 then next line Modifies Hitroll by 1. Typo maybe?

builder. it's been around awhile.

2003-12-20 21:18:09
if a new class ever comes along how about an evil class. Something almost like a weak sor

no point in commenting.

2003-12-20 22:40:35
ninja as an occupation *wink* oh guess occupation should actually be the word class, ninja as a class :)


2003-12-20 23:19:40
add color tags after shorts on chat lines, so edited shorts full of color tags don't bleed all over channels

shorts that imms set? the imm needs to do that.

2003-12-20 23:40:38
bring back hunger and thirst

not desired according to recent polls. :)

2003-12-20 23:51:43
allow lords to have three pets


2003-12-21 03:26:31
Barkskin should be learnable by all lords :D


2003-12-21 11:24:12
Planar locate. lord level spell that can locate items across planes. Plane must be specified and object also. Example: c 'planar locate' water bow. would show all items keyworded bow in The Plane of Water. 1000 base mana cost.

I don't think I would implement it that way.

2003-12-21 11:29:01
make imm portals or portals in areas non reformable or make it so they reset back to the imms portal destination after the reformed portal runs out

or come up with a way to prevent their deletion like an anti-magic flag on the room.

2003-12-21 16:29:38
have the casting of vigil give you a vision of what's in your heaviest corpse


2003-12-21 16:35:20
add fatiuge to heigten sences

discussed. don't know yet. Makes sense to me. A free macro spell is what it is right now.

2003-12-21 17:01:18
make players take an iq test and then alter the int stats accordingly *blink*


2003-12-21 19:08:43
[ANGEL INFO]: Felinda has entered the realm. This would be really nice, I often die and await an angel to log on... Just a thought.

up to Tanisha.

2003-12-21 19:23:07
allow clerics to see actual hitpoints (perhaps with a cd skill?) when glancing at a characters health.


2003-12-21 20:15:09
Have "LAGGED" status when using the group command if someone is in spell lag.


2003-12-21 21:21:40
rename wisdom as intellegence per the design site, but keep wisdom as is and have it affect nothing upon lvling like str does.

heh. just have a pointless stat? fun. :P

2003-12-21 22:54:37
fix dark embrace message that everyone else sees. if you cast it on someone else other people see it as casting it on yourself

level 2

2003-12-21 23:06:06
allow mass heal to be cast during combat


2003-12-22 00:44:26
mages get a create staff spell!


2003-12-22 01:22:02
add 'ammo check' as a variable for prompt

I think it would need to be implemented differently.

2003-12-22 01:25:06
rescue for lowmort rogues, theyhave most of the skills to make it worth it like monks and wars do...make it lvl 35ish or so


2003-12-22 01:31:14
split WHO GROUP into tank and hitter catagories, eases the task of looking for specific groupies


2003-12-22 02:29:52
get +1 on stat at start for taking a disease like narcolepsy or manic/depression, image the fun for the alt to randomly fall alseep or be in a frezy then next tic on the ground weeping *cackle*


2003-12-22 04:16:48
Mage spell! Unleash thy fury! Once casted kills everyone logged on the mud. and costs 1 mana so I can cast it countless times. ooo also, it vaporizes your corpse into nothing. only safe place is in Snikt's office. muhahahahahahahahahaha


2003-12-22 06:17:53
there should be a way for creative writing minded ppl like myself, who are not longtime avatar ppl, but know MUDs, etc., to contribute and be rewarded/encouraged.

start up a website. Be creative with it and the reward is the one the imms receive...notoriety. People reading, commenting, and maybe even adding on to your site will encourage you to do more. If your site isn't received well then maybe that's a hint that you're not as creative as you think. :) I could go on but it's up to you to contribute however much you'd like if it's outside the box like you're suggesting.

2003-12-22 06:57:02
if different weapon types affect different mobs, and different spells ect, then let that info show up on bioscan?


2003-12-22 06:59:51
a lord version of anger management, where you can target it at mobs that are not fighting you


2003-12-22 12:10:24
enchanted create light, have the create light spell create lights with a chance of adding hr/dr (hr/dr dependant on the lvl of the castor), would make for creative auctioning and better lights :)

level 4. Create Light randomization/development/enhancement. Open ended development project. Must include an escalation of cost somehow...whether with practices or with mana. This would require new skill/spell development.

2003-12-22 12:10:57
to add to previous idea, raise cost for spell as to make it a reasionable idea

ahead of you.

2003-12-22 13:11:34
sors should also be able to vampire touch (or a similar spell) other lords in their group. but it poisons the lord or something. would be a cool effect


2003-12-22 13:27:26
implement aimed shot for archers, its allready there, but why dont we get it? :p slearn aimed shot...

must be a reason, eh.

2003-12-22 18:24:45
have pets go to the void when the owner logs off


2003-12-22 19:09:38
Need to update the Quest Team help file. outdated.


2003-12-22 19:09:56
Need to create Design Team help file.


2003-12-22 20:16:41
ooo, religion-defined spells. death field for all that worship byss, im sure some other creative ones could be thought of. maybe they dont have to be the most practical (like df) but there could be a lot of fun ones.

not now

2003-12-22 20:43:20
make players able to cast while bashed, like mobs. or change it so mobs can't cast while bashed.

double standards is part of the fun.

2003-12-22 21:25:23
questpoints should be a line is score

No, but if Quest wants a way to access that information, that can be developed. Kariya can review.

2003-12-22 21:47:47
chance of poisoning yourself when moving a poisoned sword around in your inventory.


2003-12-22 22:33:08
Allow clones to cast the same spells as the character they have copied. In-class only.

spec_funs would be necessary. I don't believe we have enough appropriate ones for this to be pulled off. no for now.

2003-12-23 01:32:03
i heard lord sor blood ritual got nerfed. would it be possible to have a potion that lost healing power with time, like 100 ticks and 10 heals every 10 tics -1 heal? d unno how to code so it might not be possible. one of the other things is that a sor alt can make a ton of potions for another alt? well, a sor is evil, what happens when something good drinks the blood of something bad? could have alig


2003-12-23 07:21:44
change psi skills so they can be used in non magic areas as psi skills i believe are formed from the psionisists mind not from some arcane skill

when the way the spells work (mana) changes, then that will change.

2003-12-23 08:05:13
its builder but...make horsie weapons 11 dr, surely there hard enough to get to be more dr than something like barons sword, and make apoc's wield 13 dr or something classy...since its hard to get...


2003-12-23 09:44:34
since lords restore every 100 lvls how about letting hero restore at 500


2003-12-23 11:36:57
psi spell..dart ii..allows you do dart an object at a mob in an adjacent room, similar to longshot..lv 101 spell


2003-12-23 16:28:22
spec_deathdealer - a player fighting a mob with this spec cannot be rescued.

interesting and tempting but no

2003-12-23 16:34:22
a piece of lord gear that is hit but also +int ;)


2003-12-23 19:31:21
spell "Lance" - mob only spell, returns the target to thorngate (or if you want to be ultimately evil...to a random plane), put it on a mob spec_shifter or something

why lance as the name? I don't mind having a spec_fun like this, though. spec_shiftkeeper Possible chance of getting planeshifted to thorngate. Otherwise spec_fun has negative/positive energy spells for damage. Level 3.

2003-12-23 19:36:15
spec_bodysnatcher - when targetted by mob's ability a player will cast a random spell at a random target


2003-12-23 19:38:25
spec_(something...I dunno) - mob can redirect all damage dealt to it for one round to a pc in the room...alternatively it could simply force a pc in the room to rescue it from the group.


2003-12-23 19:38:41
get someone to help Darii with upating the MOTDs. It's taking too long for updates... No offence ment Darii.

ok. I'll figure out something.

2003-12-23 20:45:16
a message for when death field backfires and does damage...i actually got a backfire and i didnt get the THAT REALLY DID HURT! message, thought it was a bug at first :P

level 2

2003-12-23 21:07:14
update help affects: in the paragraph line 3 should be "an effect's duration"; line 5 middle should read "duration of that effect"; line 1 should say "Affects shows" since it refers to the command (a singular noun)

level 1

2003-12-23 21:07:52
change the 'affects' command to 'effects' since it tells under what EFFECTS you are currently existing (cf. helpfile typos above)

affects is how the code is written. The code affects players. The output of the affects is the EFFECT you are seeing.

2003-12-23 21:31:37
config option for autolooting keys from corpses


2003-12-23 22:01:42
Add a new wield or maybe offhand to the Ultimate Nightmares. one of them at least. It is a shame that one of the buffest hero mob(s) has no gear to entice anyone to run them. They are a fun fight, but the detonation scares heroes more then mob hogs.


2003-12-23 22:11:11
if psi's cant have a lowmort travel spell, then sors should lose teleport at lowmort!!! besides, doesnt really fit the concept of a sor if you read the help :P

opinion. no.

2003-12-23 23:31:48
how about barkskin for arc/rangers reduced?


2003-12-24 00:27:03
blood ritual potion dependent on vial. u could have some mobs in areas with special vials or any drinking container and if its a magic vial then a spell is added to the potion like bless or armor or some random new spell (guess they wouldnt be awen spells) but they could be dep on vial and not the caster. like invig or somethin. could have a couple random vials in dif areas, fun to collect and fill.

nah. blood ritual honestly was a test spell to see if I could pull it off. I have a bigger plan in store for the future. The blood ritual spell has reached the limit of its development.

2003-12-24 06:28:23
the enchant armor message when you brill things, the colours totally clash, how about where is says a Brilliant Gold!, just make the |BY|!|N| exclamation mark gold, same with the enchant weapon brill, except bright cyan or bright blue :)

no. I will never please everybody. I'm not going to change things back and forth.

2003-12-24 06:50:14
give warriors a lvl 500 skill to fit in with other classes, something like counterkick perhaps but more warrior related like a cleave ability to break shields .. or perhaps armor, mm swordbreak weapons?

I will not create/change skills and spells simply so that everybody has something.

2003-12-24 09:09:47
beeping from within the Jar doesn't work, but it doesn't show an error message either - just as if the command is unavailable (Say what? and so on)

don't see a problem with this.

2003-12-24 14:19:18
update help create food it reflects magic mushrooms can be created that has changed to meatloaf

level 1

2003-12-24 14:34:50
Be able to change the location of your recall reset. Maybe make it so you can only do it like once every 5 levels. Thanks


2003-12-24 14:37:46
be able to put coins in a purse or bag to prevent it being stolen, then create new rogue skill, cutpurse. Thanks

heh. not now. A later stage of gold development is to require people to own a gold purse of some kind. The kind/size/magic of the purse will determine how much people can hold. Honestly, I need to squeeze the gold out of the inflated status it now holds. It may never happen to the point where this kind of bag is possible to implement.

2003-12-24 14:38:44
a spell so that mages can look through a portal and see whose on the other side


2003-12-24 14:49:17
or if you don't want to give players that much power (recall reset redestination) then you could make special room flags in certain rooms that allows you to set your recall reset location in just those rooms. Like the thief guild room in midgaard could be one. Any outlaw rogue can't really recall reset to aelmon.


2003-12-24 15:11:42
make autorescue an advacnet skill for warrior hero 101 and hero 500 for other classes


2003-12-24 18:05:59
allow when looking at people to see what slots are missing on eq, or allow an argument for it. look name emptyslot or something..


2003-12-24 19:30:35
At help catalog 10-level, please add: Key to your own designed house. In other words, one room of personal privacy like imms have for 800QPS.

quest. I personally disagree with this.

2003-12-24 20:07:41
make is possible to sharpen a once poisoned weapon which poison was removed from


2003-12-24 22:00:09
update help remort spr trl HiE remorts are at lord 25 not 20

level 1

2003-12-24 22:55:35
Have note boards automatically switch to the next note board with notes after you read all your notes on that current board all configurability for people who don't want this to happen

nah. just use 'note scan' to bypass the requirement of being on the board. I know of a mud which does what you say and it can potentially cause misposting if you are writing a note while reading others.

2003-12-24 22:56:25
Oh forgot to add the proper end punctuation on that idea. *adds in a period*.


2003-12-25 00:13:01
gen is no fun... i like the idea of the random chance to get really good stats or really bad stats

you're a minority.

2003-12-25 01:54:51
make imm items like the gods of yor eg aegis etc that heroes can use for a limited time tradable for quest tickets


2003-12-25 11:48:28
Trail social, "Draeger trails %1 in search of blood."

no thanks.

2003-12-25 13:04:01
charge weapon? a pulse sometimes when ur sword hits a mob


2003-12-25 15:11:04
mobs not able to flee when bashed (until they stand up again)

not now

2003-12-25 16:06:39
spell for legend. make a spell macro that does foci/awen/forti in one.

heh. no. I dislike macros.

2003-12-25 17:15:07
limit the amount of quest items/keys each person may carry (ie orosca)..pretty sad when locate object hits it's 75 item limit and you only see 3 different names on the list..my 2 cents, keep the change

We could change how locate object works instead. Have it only locate what mobs have and only locate the area. That was always planned.

2003-12-25 19:23:35
Is there any chance of AP's being reintroduced. itd make running more of a challenge if moves meant something after hero 101.

Moves need to be eliminated and replaced with a new system. It will occur but not until time is allotted.

2003-12-25 22:16:20
Sense Item: lord level psion spell. can detect the number of ticks on the item specified if it has been dropped or lost due to deception, weapon rush, dancing weapon, or fandango. Sets a tick timer in the affects of the psion who casts the spell. Only 1 item is allowed to be monitored in this manner by the psion.


2003-12-26 00:17:46
some races can eat corpses. maybe cool effects could happen. u eat a zombie, u get the plauge, you eat a faire and get a +30 mana regened? or +5 mana for 20 tics. it could also be done with limbs. eat someons head, but it has to be the right mobs head, get +1 wis. itd be cool.


2003-12-26 02:03:05
to build on my previous idea of corpse eating, faerie corpses get rid of faerie fire ;)


2003-12-26 02:14:37
let bioscan show the race of the target


2003-12-26 03:25:45
Mounts, we are playing a fantasy themed mud, who doesnt picture a knight on a shicing armoured hourse when you think of fantasy i think mounts should be introduced into avatar, we already have pets, why should we not be able to ride them ? an of course cavarly have a specific function in an army..they are the strength..mount should add to hr/dr, and make new use of the expression charging into battle

not now.

2003-12-26 03:27:20
mounts continued: like a rog uses backstab, so should a rider be able to use charge, riding would obviously be a skill that is learnt, mounts would be expensive, but should also be available to all

maybe later.

2003-12-26 03:27:20
mountscontunuedagain: (seriously, if you set your mind to learning to ride a horse, annyone could do it)..mounts cush as giant owls might be able to actived to cast fly, mounts like giant chameleons could give a continous move hidden...just an idea(that was a bit long, so sorry for so many uses of the idea commond)

you could have left it at mounts. :P

2003-12-26 04:09:34
A rebuild class for Sorcerer only, Arch-Mage, maybe. This class can put hr/dr enchants on armor, and -AC enchants on weapons as well as regular enchants. Maybe cross enchants get extra levels per spell.

not in this way, no.

2003-12-26 06:13:15
add a lord bow to buy at woe


2003-12-26 12:11:47
remorted characters it might be a nnice idea if lord levels were tiered eg less lord levels if your an existing sprite etc if you want to say go griffon dragon

not right now.

2003-12-26 15:58:53
make Heruta no_steal :P


2003-12-26 17:20:20
let dragons racially change their alignment by -/+1000 with a huge lag period between


2003-12-26 19:06:51
doublesmash, warriors have the opportunity to smash with both wield and offhand


2003-12-27 00:31:57
make all of ultimoose no quit, and or make the tickets no save something needs to be done


2003-12-27 00:56:56
add a paragraph to help immortal role explaining design/quest immortals' special role

design/quest people are not immortals. Quest team has a help but it needs updating...Kariya.

level 1 add help design 'design team'

2003-12-27 00:58:43
an item (a light perhaps) that upon wearing causes a Lord to be a full Lord on Midgaard for the duration of it's light...possibly 2 tics before it burns out...maybe less. Similarly make it a difficult item, on lord plane to get


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