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2003-12-27 02:13:37
fold blade, skill that allows the user to remove sharpness and start anew ( max may raise or lower dependant on the ability to proform such a task) same lag as sharpen, if not more, and possibly works like restring ( ex the tighter looser thing, you can intentionally remove sharpness inorder to resharpen )


2003-12-27 02:13:40
cont on fold blade idea, you have a chance of breaking the blade just like snapping a bow...

makes sense. not now.

2003-12-27 02:31:55
out of curiosity are ALL class ideas being turnned down ?, just wondered, reading through idea list see class ideas all the time but never a positive answer,,, figure im answering my own question here but you must not be accecpting new class ideas at this current point in time, am i correct?

classes are easy to name...the hard part is making the spells and skills for them. Those are the ideas I want. If it's just things like Ninja, Knight, Priest, Barbarian, yadda yadda yadda...those are easy to think of. Filling a class with unique CDs is the part we need.

2003-12-27 02:34:16
allow dragon's racial breath to have the possibility to strike with one of the old breath spells ( to remind us that the mud had some spiffy spells )

I sense a Bitter Billy. I personally think some spells are a bit spiffier than gas breath.

2003-12-27 12:58:36
rage, sor lord spell, +lots of dmg roll, +lots ac


2003-12-27 14:51:33
a config setting that allows u to see the dmg done by spells like mael and fand and assas but not group damage, i find it really hard to follow everything thats goin on when there are more than 12+ people ina lord group

not now

2003-12-27 14:51:38
make an antique emerald necklace no save so people will quit just camping the one ticket!


2003-12-27 15:48:35
orcs remort in to a uraki or how ever your spell it

heh. no

2003-12-27 15:51:15
item - war banner - when carried (as a light for example) increases your maximum group size by a few

cute. not now.

2003-12-27 16:47:07
if a person holding a group follows someone else (at lord..ie one person is holding and one is leading) have the 1 practice given when people level go to the leader and not the holder

you're asking to be rewarded for getting around the grouplimit code. Nope.

2003-12-27 17:54:31
add to the qp catalog the possibility of raising your max leading number

not currently a way to do this.

2003-12-27 19:25:04
How about having it so archers can see their archery mod like -10 for can't hit anyting 0 for base without gear and such and 10 for nevermiss. It would take into account racial mods and archery gear and dex i think it would help archers a ton

not right now

2003-12-27 21:39:04
(Mirlion) hmm being salvationed should force save

level 2.

2003-12-27 22:05:42
lord level psi spell Fade...would automatically remove all flags like an enchant fade


2003-12-27 22:27:49
when using the 'practice' command in the room with a master, since it says "I can teach the following skills :", it should only show skills up to the level the trainer can teach (so with a lord, it shouldn't show skills above level 27)

level 3 if it can be filtered.

2003-12-27 22:49:51
how about a wrait race or how ever you spell it. A lesser dragon that would then remort into a dragon and they would be the only race that could remort into dragons

wraith. no.

2003-12-27 23:43:29
add a new racial for certain races, kzin, griffon, and centaur. Racial-camoflauge. I think thats spelled right. It makes it harder for aggies to detect the character and reduces their chance of being attacked when moving into a room.


2003-12-28 03:52:37
make orosca quest items non rentable.


2003-12-28 12:14:52
can we please make dancign weapon not fall as often?

sorry, no.

2003-12-28 14:58:20
u can cast prayer


2003-12-28 22:02:27
allow all classes to practice barkskin at lord


2003-12-28 22:08:17
Have the nosun scream cause lag for the player


2003-12-28 23:06:20
On telnet, I have a hard time scrolling back to check gains on level. Can we get a last_gains command? show last level acheived gains?

not worthwhile

2003-12-28 23:36:48
password for morph command

level 2 if not already approved. I thought it was.

2003-12-29 00:26:07
beckon arrow like pray but you get to shoot a hollow arrow up in the air that makes a noise and people see it that is in the same area and it calls for help, level 500 archer, oh and angels can hear it too...mmm that would be cool


2003-12-29 00:28:35
make a skin quiver item that makes arrows less weight


2003-12-29 13:42:12
Fix typo in Snikt's room description :P :)


2003-12-29 13:50:42
shurikens or throwing daggers that rogues could use!

not now

2003-12-29 14:12:22
"A repellant Broo Wizard sacrifices the corpse to Buddha!" .... excuse me? so i look at description: "The Broo Wizards control Broo life by leading the other Broos in a series of disgusting rituals designed to please the gods of disease and filth." ie Buddha? gee I guess it should be corrected... *sigh*

heh. already mentioned. I wouldn't catagorize Buddha as a god of disease or filth.

2003-12-29 14:55:32
different classifications for each class at different tiers..ie wars are warriors at lowmort, knights at hero and paladins at lord..mag can be magi at lowmort, wizards at hero and warlock at lord..something different :)

an idea worth considering and it was at one point. No, however.

2003-12-29 18:11:39
note list new, shows a list of only new notes, or note list old for old notes

the note system is actually a gigantic trick. what you suggest is possible but I'm unsure if it is desired.

Level 3. note list <optional:new> List only new notes w/ the extra command.

2003-12-29 18:12:28
undevote, less costly then unworship, only removes devotion


2003-12-29 19:10:27
bless effects should vary by cleric god

Level 3: Curse should vary by god as to power/type. Level 3: Bless should vary by god as to what is produced. Level 3: Sacrifice should vary by god in what spells you can gain. Level 3: Prayer should vary by god as to power/type.

2003-12-29 19:37:50
have a successful earthbind put the mob in a resting position (ie bashed)


2003-12-29 19:55:46
Add a force save after a player morphs regaardless of result

level 2. good idea.

2003-12-29 20:47:50
Possibly add to help rules-names that names shouldnt be registerd trademarks e.g Polaroid

no. although if they start doing chat advertisements every hour, I'll become suspicious.

2003-12-29 22:15:15
how about putting quest points into worth?

Kariya can decide with Cuendillar.

2003-12-30 01:45:21
vary hp gains like mana gains are varied

less, you mean? Nah. People wouldn't like that.

2003-12-30 02:15:13
make spiritlink not block det so lord det runs are run even less


2003-12-30 02:20:46
check the "mystical barrier" spell. It says "Damage upon you from spells is reduced slightly" if that means saving throw... well it's not chaning the saving throw right now.

it means like sanctuary but only for spells.

2003-12-30 11:52:41
A way to tell how full containers are. Maybe add it when you examine the container. Like this item weighs 10kgs it is carrying 230/300kgs

not now.

2003-12-30 11:56:40
new spell mirror image..like the AD&D spell


2003-12-30 13:53:23
when reboot takes over prompt can put %n after prompt change ?

yes. level 2.

2003-12-30 14:28:32
group message when someone sneaks or moves hidden


2003-12-30 14:28:44
*room message is what i meant

that'd ruin the sneakiness. If you honestly saw someone starting to sneak, then they're not really sneaking, eh.

2003-12-30 15:03:55
how about a roof for thorngate square, since it's the primary regen spot it's spammy to see lots of "screams in pain from the sunlight!"

should have thought of that 1050 levels ago!

2003-12-30 15:48:52
take MAR off the slearn as there is no more MAR characters

the class exists until such time as it is modified into a new class.

2003-12-30 15:56:18
how about our riviat statue :)

how about it!

2003-12-30 17:16:20
something like remort, only you can choose a different class at hero or lord 1


2003-12-30 17:47:22
Add a new mob spec, spec_looter, that allows mobs to thief items from the corpse of dead players. I remember a rumor going around that this was implemented already, but I can't recall if it was just a joke or not. Would add a little more difficulty to cr'ing and make the game more challenging.

level 3. Add looting into the spec_thief code for mobs level 50 or higher.

2003-12-30 19:46:16
sponge social. Charname makes a sucking sound and sponges up your experience. itd be so appropriate!


2003-12-31 00:45:14
Message to buddy chann when a player logs out

level 3

2003-12-31 02:24:49
have more int lvl gear at lvl 3


2003-12-31 07:21:33
make stabbing damage weapons usable for vs/bs purposes, they do stabbing, but you cant stab with them? :P

no. stab with spears. pierce with daggers...although it could be argued the other way around. We've picked one already...maybe not the best choice but it's too late now.

2003-12-31 09:02:16
be able to target emotes so only person you targeted can see them. Thanks

sorry, no. I'll do this for you: Level 3: gemote; emote which is sent only to group members. Match the color of the output to the gtell channel color.

2003-12-31 10:34:03
add a message to be shown when comfort is cast

level 2

2003-12-31 11:30:26
arcane arrow allows a mage to embue a brace of arrows with elemental/magical damage types


2003-12-31 12:28:02
give globe of darkness a practical use

it wasn't made for that reason. I'll let you do that when we release the codebase in a few years.

2003-12-31 17:06:05
change HELP RACIAL-HIE' to HELP RACIAL-HIE - you currently need to type the apostrophe to read it

level 1

2003-12-31 20:08:32
make athiest an actual worship option, the worship no god, have to pay practices to 'unworship', make the rest of us the agnostics we are, who are not really sure the gods exist

not now

2003-12-31 20:31:46
Gear sets. If you collect them all the give a bonus

like Diablo 2? No thanks.

2003-12-31 21:40:24
autopull should be showing with the autoexit/autoloot/etc. info.


2003-12-31 22:37:16
allow shields to go up to level 56/130 also


2003-12-31 23:29:52
Stomp - str based skill that would allow wars to basically stomp on mobs while they are down... kinda like a more damageing smash that only works while the mob is bashed/tripped etc

which is almost always in large groups...not now. maybe later.

2003-12-31 23:49:06
have a command to skip your round attack the next round


2004-01-01 00:07:20
with the changes in flash, needed at lord, sorcs need a class definer for level 50 that does more damage

they don't 'need' one. they want one.

2004-01-01 05:55:52
I stabbed a rotting corpse 4x in the leg and it still was fleeing. Can we fix this? i know i didnt hit the same lag 4x and hes limping on one, blink


2004-01-01 10:03:25
the diamond belt ad sapphire sleeves when dropped on ground just say (Glowing) with no other description, they are from abyss area


2004-01-01 10:03:55
ack...wrong command :P

I guess.

2004-01-01 10:06:47
give group leader control over everyone is groups autosac option


2004-01-01 13:18:55
Your last idea log gave me an idea, let's have an Almight Sloth Llama as a quest mob.....don't kill me :P

And so it came to pass when the Sloth-Llama walked first upon the lands of the Rice Chex. Crunchith and crunchith did his clawlike feet lay about the fields, wreaking crumbs of doom upon all.

2004-01-01 14:16:11
a way to redirect a note from board A to board B.

not now.

2004-01-01 15:59:33
in midgaard there should be sneaky hidden routes for thieves to take to different places around midgaard. Lots of secret doors only thieves know how to enter. Its very cool the few you have, but more would be nice. Maybe add on to the underground part that leads to outsiders. Thanks.

I like sneaky stuff like that. The more we have, the more in depth and connected the world will become...builder, however.

2004-01-01 16:46:08
make lag on bs murder and surp all different, it makes no sense to me that bs lag is same as the sneak attack lowmort skill....


2004-01-01 18:13:25
mass dark embrace lord spell


2004-01-01 18:19:59
fix help damage- the only capitalized damage verb is 'Divine'- cap all the rest or lower case that one


2004-01-01 19:07:16
a psi spell that keeps a mob from poisoning you, similiar to scramble except for poison instead


2004-01-01 20:45:10
a lord mage or psion spell.. locate on another plane.. usefull for corpses and stuff.. would be nice


2004-01-01 22:45:29
Have where command locate the nearest mob when typing where mobname instead of first in quey


2004-01-02 01:40:43
allow players to 'consider' other players as if they were mobs. also, incorporate the target's name into the 'consider' output


2004-01-02 03:05:13
a help fodder

didn't know fodder was slang for our mud. I know how I'd use it.

2004-01-02 03:33:29
Give a different message if the person being sent a tell is in the jar/witchtrap.


2004-01-02 05:53:04
It's easy to miss tells. Command "repeat" would be nice to show the last tell you received.

no sorry.

2004-01-02 07:15:53
autopull should go below the main character sheet along with autoloot, autosac etc


2004-01-02 09:10:04
add either random affects to all fountains round mid when drunk example bless or add affects to fountains based on gods and the times of the year


2004-01-02 09:21:31
the ability to create scrolls or short notes, hopefully with weights of 0 so you can place them in chests etc for me im looking at it for the angle of doing quests also could be a valuable tool for teaching others leaving warning messages about dangers ahead

imm perk.

2004-01-02 09:25:20
amendment to scroll idea see a scribe who you can buy the service from also buy a duration length before the hard working imps take it eg pay per leter and then pay a charge for the duration of the note

nod. I hear yah but no for now.

2004-01-02 12:16:10
a more permanant object like the christmas tree at thorn center, where lords can store communal items until reboot

a donation-like object? no. I'd hear complaints over it being imped or something. Sell it and let someone buy it if they want it.

2004-01-02 14:28:49
make the brill msg for enchanting weapons as nicely highlighted as the one for enchanting armor, :)


2004-01-02 14:59:20
with racial sneak you can sneak during melee.. why not with the skill sneak and move hidden?

maybe racial sneak is buggy? Imms can discuss this.

2004-01-02 14:59:25
or should that just be a bug?

don't know...maybe.

2004-01-02 16:22:54
mass improved invis spell


2004-01-02 16:42:09
hero 250 cle cd spell: mass frenzy. little bit lower tics of frenzy, but casts to all in group


2004-01-02 16:45:37
option to turn off caster spam?

level 3: battlespells; toggle for to_room spell messages.

2004-01-02 16:53:02
A compress spell, sort of like vacuum packing or zipping bag of stuff. Lags when you do it, lags when you undo it. But it a) reduces some weight and b) reduces how many item slots the stuff inside takes up.


2004-01-02 18:16:18
cleric 101 spell mass sanctuary

no. notice I don't like mass anything?

2004-01-02 18:26:22
a special room property that allows archers to scout/longshot into a room that isn't directly connected to that room (specified by the room's builder). example, archer is at the top of a castle tower, they can scout/longshot into a specified room at the base of the castle. mobs take advantage of that too.


2004-01-02 18:29:26
i should have been more clear with my previous idea. i imagined archers using a keyword (specified by builders) in place of the compass direction. i.e. "longshot guard window" if the room builder made "window" the keyword that lead to a certain room, even though they can't use the keyword "window" to walk to that room

too complex.

2004-01-02 19:32:17
when calculating xp per kill, make kobolds count as "less than 1 groupie" if that makes sense. in other words, a gang of kobolds would get more xp per kill than the same number of other races. it obvisously wouldn't out-twink kobold tnl, but i think it's appropriate (and humorous) to see a hoard of kobolds banding together


2004-01-02 19:34:32
make the idea command a bit like the note command. so we can "idea +/- suchandshuch" "idea show" and "idea submit"

level 3. good idea. level 3: do_quickidea for those who like the old method. only implement in conjunction to idea command being revamped to be like notes.

2004-01-02 20:55:42
Whine channel


2004-01-02 22:37:12
a count for buddyset at the bottom: "There are currently 9 people on your buddyset" (count invis)

seems silly.

2004-01-03 01:37:29
improve kick damage


2004-01-03 01:37:41
/up it

still no

2004-01-03 01:44:02
When I have counterkick on, and fighting more then one mob, if I am not directly fighting the mob it gives me this: "You're already fighting someone else!" Bug? But when I play my mage, charge shield does not work like this, but acts sort of like a counter. Whatever mob hits it, it fires too.. Bug with the counter?

maybe. imms need to research/discuss.

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